Twin Moment

Writers. Twins. Biologically unrelated. Laughing at
ourselves (and each other), listening to amazing
music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
Prepare to be astounded.

Kinda been forever...

Wow. I've really, really dropped the ball on blogging lately. My excuse is life-- it happens, and it gets busy, right when you don't need it to. And, of course, there's laziness, too. That tends to get in the way more often than I'd like.

Since I don't have much to blog about, and it's been a while since we've talked, anyway, I'll just fire a bunch of questions at you!

How are you? What's new in your life? What have you been up to? Any new, awesome posts on your blog that I haven't yet read/commented on?

Share away!

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting for you guys soon.

3 epic comments:

Hey I was gonna do this today. WHY DID YOU BEAT ME TO IT. =P


@Twin Aaahh! You SHOULD HAVE! It probably would've been better than this. But I was desperate!


I've really dropped the ball too, but I'm not even sure why! But I'm going to try to stop neglecting my poor blog.

I haven't been up to much. I've been trying to learn German, and been watching way too many movies at the cinemas! (Okay, so the final Batman film will be my third in 3 weeks, but it's still way more than I usually see!) Why does all the good stuff have to come out at once?!

As for new awesome posts on my blog, isn't all my stuff awesome? All right, maybe it's not (I do have a knack for quantity over quality, it seems) but I recently posted on what we can learn from watching the new Spider-man film, and I posted a review of the Amazon Kindle earlier this week.


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