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Giving 200%

Ahh, man. All the different ways I could word my apology! I have plenty of reasons, excuses and explanations for why there hasn't been a word out of me in forever. But maybe I'm just flattering myself that people are waiting? I mean lets be honest. I wouldn't hang around this blog, either, dead as it's been.

Since I've started dancing gain, I've (joyfully!) let ballet consume my life. Getting back into shape is a painful, time-consuming process, but I've been thoroughly enjoying it anyway. Even if it has pushed things like blogging, novel-writing and book-reading to the bottom of the pile.

But hey! Enough about the past. I'm blogging right now! Yay!

So, I thought I'd talk about something - just briefly - that I've been learning to do in ballet and that (as I so cleverly thought, while I was trying to decide on a blog post topic) realized can apply to writing, too. Actually, it can apply to any passion you have in life, that you want to do well at. And that is giving 200%. Giving your all. Every last ounce of your strength and willpower, and then some. Doing the best that you can, simply because you love something, even when it hurts. Even when you feel like you're failing. Even when the sweat rolls down your back.

Heard it before?

Writing takes so much (emotional) strength and willpower. Maybe it's not as physically exhausting as something like dance, but it will still make your brain hurt! It can make you cry and ache in a different way. But still, like any art form, it's something we do because we're passionate about it, despite the pain. Because we enjoy it. We love it. Right? If you're shaking your head, then maybe you need to be doing something else. I can't imagine what would motivate you to slave through the writing process but pure, raw love for the art of it. The experience. The reward. Whatever it means to you, personally. Unless it's money.

And in that case, maybe you need to be doing something else, too. But that's a different topic entirely.

Anyway. That love and passion is how I feel about dance. It's what motivates me to lift my leg just an inch higher, to point my foot a smidge harder, to put a smile on my face even when I feel clumsy and not-good-enough. That love for the art of dance, the expression through movement, is what motivates me to give 200% of myself. And then some. To mean it.

I firmly believe that THIS is the mindset that will carry you to your dreams.

Continue to give your best and give your best. Take correction, absorb encouragement, don't forget to breathe, and above all keep pressing forward. Because one day you'll meet your small goals, and then your bigger goals, and you'll be where you want to be, living life how you want to live it.

And until then, enjoy the process.

Enjoy the drafting. Enjoy the revising. Enjoy the editing. Enjoy the polishing. Enjoy the tearing, the shredding, the tears, the laughter, the disappointment, the success, the failure, the excitement, the raw passion. Because you love this. And you can do it.

I believe in you.

Give 200%.

And then some.

I'm done. Have wonderful Wednesdays, everyone! Enjoy the sunshine if it's sunny where you are, and the rain if it's raining where you are. And talk to me in the comments! Tell me what's new, how your novels are going, if you have any weekend plans. It's been forever.

Best part of today: Cold weather, warm sunshine.
Currently craving: A warm drink.
Music pick: "Time" by Hans Zimmer (Inception soundtrack)
I'm reading: "Reckless" by Cornelia Funke (it's so-so, in case you were wondering)
WIP: Drafting Survival (32,638 words)

4 epic comments:

I saw your tweet, and I was like 'OH MAH GAH WUT' and I came. So here I am. XD Also, part of me is going, "Nooooo you can't give 200%, that's mathematically impossibruuuuu!" but I'm trying to ignore it. XP Anyway. Yes. This is exactly it. You've got to give 100% *cough*, or you're never going to make it. Even if your 100% is a lot less than someone else's, given work, school, etc. It all matters. ^_^

Also…I've been putting off answering your email with more questions until I finish revisions and send my revised MS off to Taryn. So you should be expecting an email in the next day or so. And if you aren't, you are now. =P


Also also, I'm commenting on this at 10:20 AM my time, so it's like…I'm sending messages to the ~oOo~FuTuRe~oOo~. XD


@Amanda Hahaha. Yes. I feel the same way. XD LOL! Sure, you can be all logical and mathematical about it. I'm just tryin' to make a point. XD *coughcough* But yes! Especially what you said at the end there, about 'even if your 200% (*cough*) is a lot less than someone else's' is particularly wise. *nods*

And that's okay. I actually forgot I was waiting for a reply. Yay! Now I get to look forward to it! Although... wait... did you say MORE questions? O_O *moment of silence* I'd better prepare myself.

Eep. Taryn. Good luck! Hehehe

Ooooh. So you're BEHIND me in time? For some reason I always thought you were ahead. I'm so brilliant. Geography's really my thing! ^^


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