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About Maggie

Hi! I'm Maggie. I love and enjoy so many things, I won't be able to fit them all in one about-me. I'll start with I'm a dancer-- ballerina to be exact. I danced for seven years, took a break in the middle to correct my Scoliosis, and am now pursuing it again full force. I hope to make a career out of it.

I wrote my first novel at ten years old, and haven't stopped writing since. My first goal is publication, the ultimate goal to change the world and people's lives with my stories. Horses, tea, beautiful weather, cupcakes, long letters, and the ocean are just a few of my favorite things. I couldn't exist without the love of Jesus Christ. Feel free to send me an email or tweet me at will! I'd love to hear from you.

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Completed novels:
  • Through The Gates of Montyl Crune (a.k.a Book #1)
  • Lilony
  • The Half-Human's Ring (oh boy...)
  • Resistance - MG fantasy
  • Sylvia's Magic Plant - MG fantasy
  • Darkblood (written two complete versions) - YA fantasy
  • Xiomara - YA science fantasy
  • Blink - YA speculative fiction
  • To Save Them - YA paranormal
  • Aqueous - YA fantasy
  • Survival - YA adventure
Completed (but editing):

Aqueous - YA fantasy

2534 / 60000


Fire - YA post-apocalyptic - PAUSED
1324 / 60000

In development:
  • Shared - YA contemporary fantasy
  • Subaqueous (Aqueous Book II) - YA fantasy
  • Darkblood (complete re-write 3) - YA fantasy
  • Our Voyage - YA fantasy
  • UNTITLED (Blink Book II) -- YA fantasy
  • Phoneix - YA historical adventure

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*Half-anonymous? Skye isn't my real last name. I'm in the process of making the switch to Real Me-- so stay tuned!