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Exempt from final!!

It's the happiest day of my life!

Not really. And it was technically yesterday. But my goal has been met! I succeeded!


Let me explain, if I haven't already. (Because sometimes I feel like I repeat myself.) On my syllabus it says: "Seniors with straight A's are exempt from final." It's one of the first things I saw in the beginning of the year, and being a senior, it was like magic; a goal painted itself before my very eyes, and I knew what I was going to do.

I was going to get straight A's.

And I did.

I challenged myself, and rose to that challenge, because if there's one thing I hate, it's a test. Of any kind. And finals are just from hell.

So when my teacher sent me the words 'you're exempt!' via email yesterday, it was like Christmas came early! Or more like summer came early. Because I won't be among my classmates trudging in to the last-day-of-classes in-class hour-long final exam.

I'll be at home. Celebrating.


I thought I'd share my little joy with you all, since I've done my fair share of complaining about Chem on this blog. Hope you're all having stellar Thursdays!

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The Effects of Facebook

So, I'm taking a little fast from Facebook this week. Why, you ask? Well, I hate to admit it, but I feel like Facebook has become something of an addiction in my life. When I find myself opening a tab and typing "fac" like it's a reflex, I know something's wrong. And a week may or may not fix this problem, but I'm more than willing to try.

You might be wondering, also, why I think this is a bad thing. Maybe you view it like I'm just a good friend-- staying in contact with those I don't see often. Or you might just think I'm a crazy stalker. In that case, you're probably right, since I read more than I contribute to the timeline. But hey, we all stalk, right?

All that said, I think now's a good time to talk about my views on Facebook in general.

First off, as a kind of disclaimer, I think the idea behind Facebook is great. Brilliant, even. A way to connect people across the globe through photos, statuses, and even face-to-face video chat. Doesn't get much better than that, from a communication standpoint. I'm on Facebook. (Stating the obvious.) I have almost two hundred friends and hundreds of statuses (and pictures) for those almost-two-hundred people to read/enjoy/browse through. I use it primarily to contact people I don't otherwise have contact with. Clearly, I'm not completely against it.

Yes, there is a but.


I think Facebook has a negative side, and something that's seriously worth considering. And no, I'm not talking about bullying, or relationship drama, or eleven-year-olds pretending to be thirteen. I'm talking about something I've felt the effects of myself, and while others may disagree, I think it could be a really big problem for Facebook users worldwide. Affecting everything from how we view our own lives and relationships to our overall happiness.

In general, it's our instinct as humans to compare ourselves to others. We compare our clothes, homes, technological gadgets, stories, talents, faces, bodies, boyfriends/girlfriends, cars-- you name it, someone's compared what they have to what someone else does.

So when you have a website that's literally packed with people posting pictures, statuses and videos of their STUFF and their THINGS and their LIVES, it's an invitation to comparison! 80% of the time, these 'news feeds' are positive. To name a few:

"Check out my new car! [Photo]"

"Welcome to the world, Baby Jane! [Photo]"


"Just got accepted to TheBest University!!!"

"Dinner with the fam. [Really sweet photo]"

"Check it out. [Photo of Awesome World Destination]"

"On the beach right now. [Temping photo]"

"Thanks, mom! [Photo of awesome birthday gift]"

[Photo of person living their dream]

[Photo of person having a great time at a party]

[Photo of person with lots of friends]

[Photo of person with cute cat]

[Photo of a book signing]

[Photo at a concert]

And the list goes ON and ON. (Sorry if a lot of those are teen-ish. You may see something different if the majority of your FB friends are in another stage of life. But you get the picture, right?)

You can imagine, for someone who's even the teensiest bit insecure, or someone who's dissatisfied with their life, or even just your average Joe, this list of positive stories and photos can be really depressing. That's because Facebook has the ability to paint a larger-than-life image of people's lives and experiences that could potentially have very negative effects on others.

But here's the twist. That picture of Your Facebook Friend with their 50 Friends at that Awesome Party at the Very Cool University they got into (where they're pursuing Big Dreams) is very likely not how it looks. Maybe that person's struggling with depression? Maybe someone in their family died that night? Maybe those aren't their REAL friends, and it's all fake? Those are a bit extreme, but the point is that you don't know. To the casual Facebook Stalker, it's going to look like a lot of fun. Definitely more fun than your night was-- catching up on laundry and cleaning mildew out of your shower.

You know what they say. The grass is always greener.

By this point, you've probably figured out that I'm drawing this from my own experiences. And you're right. I'll be honest. I've experienced 'Facebook depression.' I've been in places where I haven't been happy with my life, and I think a lot of that stemmed from scrolling through positive story after positive story.

I've compared my life to the virtual, honey-coated "realities" I see on Facebook. And let me tell you, it's not a cool place to be in. I'm a big believer in simple pleasures. In being thankful for what you have, big and small. So when a site is making me feel dissatisfied or unthankful, then I know it's time to unplug. Get off. Go outside and breathe the fresh air.

Well. That's me and Facebook.

I have lots of mixed and conflicted feelings about it, which makes me anxious for your feedback. Have you ever experienced Facebook Depression/Facebook Envy? Do you agree or disagree with what I've said (which in a nutshell is that Facebook can be a really toxic environment, especially for teenagers/young people who may be going through a time of questing who they are and their lives in general), or not?

Let it all out in the comments! I can't wait to discuss.


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Say something clever, me

I'm sitting here, trying to think of something to blog about. You steady bloggers probably know how pointless that is. But I'm hoping that if I just start typing, something will come.

Er, not coming.


I think I'll just let you know what's up in my life.

I've put Blink aside, again, after getting back a crit from one of my #1 CPs. The stuff she said was really good, but I'm not sure I have the energy or willpower to do anything else to this novel. Maybe I'll want to one day, but right now? Nada.

At the moment, I'm doing some last-minute edits on my travesty of a NaNo novel. Then I'm going to order the CreateSpace paperback copies to cringe over for the rest of my life. Been working all weekend, and ready for a break. Ready for a break from school, for that matter, but since I graduate in just over a month, I think I can hold on just a little longer. A little. Enjoying lots of beautiful weather-- ish. Yesterday wasn't so great.

Aaaaand, that's about all I have to say. Thus concludes one of the lamest blog posts I've ever done.

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday, everyone!

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Having No Voice

So, I came down with a cold this weekend. Not fun. It was even bad enough yesterday that I had to call in sick, and miss a night of work, which really sucks, since I was going to hostess alone. And when I hostess alone, I make the best bucks.

Anyway, whenever I get sick, it seems to right to my larynx. Without fail. In other words, I always -- and I mean always -- lose my voice. No matter how small the cold, or how brief, I have to deal with a couple days of sounding like a smoker, or just being downright mute.

That's me, right now. Resting my voice in the hopes it'll return. (Or at least, that's me today, on Monday. But you won't read this 'till Tuesday. Sheesh. This scheduled post business is kind of weirding me out.)

Whenever this happens (losing my voice, that is), I'm always struck by how many things I say. How many words fly out of my mouth, completely unchecked, without a hint of forethought. It's not until I can't say them, and they're stuck in my mouth, that I can really taste them, if you know what I mean.

And some of them are just... not nice.

Not necessary.

Living with four siblings, more than one of whom bug me on a regular basis, there's no denying that I'm not always the nicest person I can be. If someone's annoying me, chances are, they're going to hear about it. Or at least have a sarcastic comment or two thrown in their direction.

But when I'm voiceless? There's just not a choice.

I have to be silent.

And it really hits me how many things I shouldn't say. How I could be a kinder person, if I'd just think about my words. It's a good lesson for all of us, and really thought-provoking. Is everything we say uplifting, kind, encouraging, or positive in one way or another? Of course not. But are we striving for that? Basically, thinking before we speak?

It's way harder than it sounds. But I'll bet, with determination and perserverance, we could be better people. I certainly want to try.

Food for thought!

Let me know what you think about this, and if you've ever experienced the same thing-- being mute, and having some not-so-nice words on the tip of your tongue. And have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Week #2

I did it! I blogged twice last week. Here's to the next 7 days and another success! *raises tea* Oh, wait. I don't have any tea.

I should take care of that.


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Am I a real reader?

So for those of you who don't know already, I'm on Goodreads. Yep, that link goes to my page, so feel free to head over and add me as a friend. It's painless. All you'll have to do is answer a simple question. Hint: It involves super powers.

Anyway, Goodreads has a 2012 book challenge that I decided to take part in. I set myself the wimpy goal of 30 books before the year's out. It's early April, okay? And I've read a whopping 5 books out of the 30. In 4 months!?

What's my deal??

I have only a couple things in my defense. One, school. That's always life-sucking (and soul-sucking). Two, my job. Many of my weekend evenings go into money-making. Three, writing. If I have some bookish time to spare-- hey! Might as well spend it creating a story of my own.

All that leaves little to no time for me to read. But still. You'd think that, were I dedicated enough, I'd still get it done. Be dedicated. Show some determination. (After all... how am I finding time to watch videos like this?)

I'm disappointed in myself. And I guess that's at the root of this post.

I've always considered myself a reader. Since I ate books like food as a child, and still love few things better than diving headfirst into a fantastical world, it made sense. But then I get on Goodreads and see people who read hundreds of books. HUNDREDS. And they're still reading hundreds. On top of being moms or published authors or full-time college students.

And I feel like such a slacker. I don't feel like a reader anymore. Not a real one.

Whatever real means.

So help me out here. What do you think defines a real reader? How many books should you read, and how consistently should you "be reading" to qualify? And do I qualify, with my measly 5 books this year? (Don't answer that last one.) (Just kidding. Answer it.)

By the way, I'm sure that number will up in the summer. I'll hit 30 books yet. I'm sure of it.

I'd better.


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Revisions ARE possible!

It's a topic I'm not a big fan of, but it's pretty much dominated my spring. Yep, you guessed it! Revisions. From my 4th draft of Blink (which I finished, by the way), to where I am now, doing final fixes on my NaNo novel before I order those CreateSpace paperbacks, I've been doing a lot of revising.

As you probably know, I'm NOT a fan of revising, editing, polishing-- basically anything beyond drafting. I  like plotting. I like planning. I LOVE drafting. But I hate everything that follows. Or at least, that's how it's been for pretty much all my writing "career."

But what I've learned the past month or so is that revisions aren't all bad. The key (for me) is getting past your overwhelmed place. Move beyond the "I can't do this" and the "This novel's a train wreck" and hang on to your passion for dear life-- the reason you wrote the novel in the first place. Because that's what's going to carry you through.

And one more thing? It's possible. Yes. Even for those of us who hate it, it's possible to revise something and see a better, slightly shinier manuscript when you're done. And trust me when I say that the accomplished feelings that follow make it all worth it.

I've written about staying true to your novel before. If you haven't already, go ahead and read it now! It compliments what I've just said pretty well.

Hope you have amazing Wednesdays! I'm off to enjoy a pumpkin cream cheese muffin.

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Umm. I did it again. *hides* I failed to post 3 times in one week. Enough's enough! I'm switching it to 2 times a week. Once I can consistently meet that goal, I'll up it to 3.

My only excuse is that hey... it was Spring Break week! I had a lot of relaxing to do.

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!

Spring Break Week!

After failing to blog 3 times last week (I mean, what the heck? How hard can it be?), I'm starting over this week with fresh oomph. My only excuse, really, was being out of the house most of yesterday. I'll just leave it at that.

It's Spring Break! All the fun starts today. No homework. No ACT. No college or school ANYTHING. Just lots of working, since many fellow employees are out of town for spring break, I'm taking a lot of shifts. Hey, it's fine with me. I'm thankful for the extra money.

And that's not all.

No schoolwork means time to write. YES! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. I'm hoping to wrap up my Blink revisions this week, send it to a (some?) beta(s), and then begin drafting a new novel. Just because my fingers can't stand still and these stories are absolutely shredding their ways out of my brain right now.

So, I'll wrap up this mini-post with some questions for you. When is your spring break, if you're on this side of the globe? Even if you aren't having one, how will you spend your week?

'Till next time!

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