Twin Moment

Writers. Twins. Biologically unrelated. Laughing at
ourselves (and each other), listening to amazing
music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
Prepare to be astounded.

Tomorrow is NaNo!

Well, tomorrow's a big day! Tomorrow, it all begins.

As you all know, I haven't written anything since my big revisions on Blink. And now suddenly I'm faced with a month of pretty much nonstop writing-- unless, of course, I manage to finish To Save Them before deadline. 

In any case, I wanted to throw out a couple links to you guys just to make sure we're all plugged in. "All" being fellow participants.

I'll be tweeting here throughout. Half of them probably won't make sense, but the other half will be at NaNo buddies. We're all going to hold each other accountable and keep each other sane. Well, partially sane.

I'll also be hanging out here, in the Write On! support group. (You need to be a teen to do this)

My NaNoWriMo profile is located here, and please don't hesitate to add me as a buddy. (You do not need to be a teen to do this.) 

To those of you who will be with me, good luck! I believe in you all. You're totally going to rock.

Happy writing!

Best Part of Today: Umm. Jazz?
Currently Craving: Hot chocolate. (Or ice cream is fine. Chocolate, please.)
Music Pick: "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble
I'm Reading: "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater + "Beowolf"
WIP: To Save Them (NaNo novel -- not started yet)

Writing Prep a la Procrastion

Ah, the smell of rain in the air! 

The feel of Jack Frost poking a toe into East Texas!*

The sight of...nonexistent subplots... >.>

So I'm obviously excited for NaNo, but I'm clearly avoiding my subplots. And I nearly forgot about doing character descriptions for my lovely characters, too. And then there's...

You get the point. There is a lot involved in writing, and in the prep for writing especially. I've been working hard on all of it. (That or avoiding. What, you thought this blog post was just cause I love y'all? ...Well, I do. But don't be fooled! This is totally me in full procrastination mode.)

But the one thing I haven't worked on (or avoided, really) is my characters––their personalities and relationships with each other, at least. Because I really feel like I know them, even though all I've done is decide what they're going to be like, and make some of them music playlists. Barely any work. Maybe I'm totally wrong, and I'm actually really awful at characters. But at least I enjoy them. Characters really make a story for me. That and dialogue, but for the most part you can't pre-prep dialogue.

What's you're favorite part of writing? What do you think you do best? Are they one and the same?

I'm off to procrastinate with a new activity!

*Objects in photo are less existent than they appear.

Twin Moment of the Day: We both took lovely walks today.
On my Mind: Should he be blonde/black/brown???? Character descriptions.
Listening to: "Masquerade" by the Backstreet Boys (It's actually one of the theme songs for Defiance, so it's been on repeat.)
Grateful for: RAIN! Temps below 60 F!
Wanting to: Nom on some chocolate
Writing: Prepping Defiance for NaNo

A Package! (And A New Favorite Novel)

Excuse my chipping nail polish...
Guess what the mail man brought me! (Constance: The US postal service is speedy these days!)

Okay, so packages (and letters!) in the mail are among the things in life that never fail to brighten my day. I've been so excited about these amazing arm-warmers a la Constance, that I may or may not have been peeking out the window every day when the mail man comes to see if he brought me the long-awaited package.

Well, he did! And WOW.

I only jokingly said to my Twin that I wanted her to make me some "arm warmers." And lo and behold, she took me seriously Well. You said you wanted some, and I had no other plans for my next project. Why not? and magically produced these beautiful, ocean colored wonders! Just look at them! Okay, you've already seen them, I know... (And they're ten times prettier in person, too!)

Not only am I amazed by how quickly she picked up the knitting thing, but also I'm feeling so special and loved, that she took all that time to bother with something for me, just randomly! And yeah, it was a lot of time. (And frustration, methinks! I don't have the patience for this sort of thing.) It had its frustrating moments, I admit. But methinks you're totally worth it.

I think I owe her a month's supply of chocolate or something. Well, if you insist.


Okay, enough gushing! On to part two of this post.

I have a New Favorite Novel! And I couldn't resist adding it to my I'm-afraid-of-the-internet friendly picture. In case you can't read it, it's "Between Shades of Gray" by Ruta Sepetys.

It's so up my alley! I just love books like this, and I love this book, and I love her writing and-- yeah. It's a New Favorite Novel. Hands down. I would proudly put it on my book shelf next to Hunger Games if Taryn hadn't lent this particular copy to me (oh so kindly!). I'll definitely buy my own ASAP!

I seriously recommend it! I haven't put it down much since I started. It's that kinda novel for me. Gripping. Emotional. Realistic. Awesome.

I have to resist going to the library RIGHT NOW. Anything you love that much must be good.

On that note, I'm off to finish it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Best Part of Today: Hangin' out with horses! (a.k.a mucking stalls) I LOVE horses.
Currently Craving: Milk! Okay, ew. A milk-based drink. With vanilla.
Music Pick: "Mon Pays" by Faudel
I'm Reading: "Between Shades of Gray" by Ruta Sepetys
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Developing To Save Them (NaNo Novel)

Knitting! 3 in 1

So I've been sitting on some pictures for a while, of the last two knitting projects I finished––some fingerless mitts & a hat, both for two AWESOME people.
I was gonna wait to post the pictures until I'd actually sent off the gifts, but, uh, I haven't yet, and I know I'll forget if I wait any longer. I figured the finishing of my latest project was as good a time as any to share. Now, in order of project, we have... (Maggie, I know you're reading this. Close your eyes for the first two pics so it's still a surprise!)

Maggie's fingerless mitts
...Aren't quite long enough to be arm warmers
Yup. I definitely didn't make them long enough to be arm warmers(which was the original plan). And the cabling was a fail. But they're still pretty and full of LOTS of love. <3<3<3 (Excuse the mushy moment, y'all.)
Project #2 was Taryn's hat.

Too short? Yeah, I thought so too.

I did it twice. The first time it was too short––I didn't compensate for using a thinner yarn than called for. In my defense, it was the only yellow I could find. Taryn specifically wanted yellow. (Strange girl...) The second one is a bit long, but the edge can be folded up, so I was satisfied. I almost don't want to send it to Taryn, despite it being bright yellow. The yarn is UBER soft. <3

And project #3, which I finished all of an hour ago, is a snood and/or a baggy beret. The pattern called for a thicker yarn, but I wanted it to look a little bit more lacy, so I went for a 2 ply (instead of a 10 ply). I 'm really happy with it. ^_^ I have lots of extra yarn; I think I'll make a scarf to go with it.

As a snood.
As a baggy beret.
You can't see it here, but it has sparkly silver woven in the yarn. *sparkles at the sparkles*
Also, as a side note, I think the snood should win an award for the world's weirdest name for an article of clothing/accessory. I mean, really?? Snood? What kind of name is that?!

Oh, and GUYS. I finally thought of a name for my NaNo novel. (Some of you know how that was plaguing me. xD) Thanks for the help, André!

Twin Moment of the Day: I haven't talked to her AT ALL today. ;(
On my Mind: Food!
Listening to: "Gus: The Theater Cat" from Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats musical.
Grateful for: Cooler weather
Wanting to: Go do some character development
Writing: Prepping Defiance for NaNo

Timed Writing

So, today has been a full day for me. I started by waking up late, and nearly DIED, since today is Midterms Day for two classes. O_O But I made it to both, and I think I did pretty good. Following that up with being almost done with reading an MS someone sent me (not to mention the knitting I shall do tonight), today's a day of Things Getting Done!

Buuuut anyway. Someone should poke me when I start getting sidetracked. *pokes self*

My second midterm was for English, and we had to write a timed essay. It made me think of NaNo (also "timed", for those that have been living under rocks like the guys from that Geico commercial).

What is so magical about timed writing, eh? It's used frequently in our society, for both happy reasons (NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!) and tests (...midterms...). I see where both are coming from; for NaNo, you hope the tight deadline will produce results, despite their probable crappiness. For tests, the prof is hoping a deadline will force you to use your brain, and that such a test will show your level of... something. Okay, so maybe I don't get it in the test case.

Ahem. But what I do get is this: the two different uses of the same method have the same magical non-fail solution! And that is...? Come on, guys, say it with me! Yup. Pre-prep. Doing as much as you can beforehand so you spend less time later staring blankly at the page. What does this involve? Outlining. In fiction's case, world/character/plot building. In essays, thinking your thesis statement and all your arguments through till they're as tough as nails. You do whatever you can to be as ready as possible to start throwing your words on the page, to form thoughts and pictures, when the timer starts.

Can you think of any other instances where you've had to do timed writing? How about what you do to prep for such a task? Hope y'all are having a fantastic fall in your part of the world. ^_^

Twin Moment of the Day: We loves us some Dad time.
On my Mind: The MS I'm reading. I almost missed my midterm because I lost track while reading it. >.>
Listening to: "Suddenly" by Bo-Kyung Kim. Seriously, I have this song on repeat I love it so much.
Grateful for: No more midterms!
Wanting to: Do many things, like knit, read, or go poke a random stranger.
Writing: Selfish [on hold for NaNo prep]

Fall Break

Happy Monday!!

This week is one of the beautiful things in a high school -- or really any -- student's life: fall break.

While you might think I'd be utilizing every free minute to write, I'm currently on break. Yep, I'm not writing. If you don't already know, I'm doing this for two simple reasons:

  1. Total burnout. (Whilst revising Blink, this happened.)
  2. NaNo is next month. Ever heard of "conserving energy"?


So I'm using my fall break to just chill. And so far it's been great.

Your turn! What's up this week? When's your fall break? Or are you already out of school/college? (You lucky thing, you!)

That's the end of my mini-update. And I totally posted this without adding my fill-out. Sorry if you receive TM via email! I'm afraid you had only 3/4 of the post. :P

Best Part of Today: Erm... fall break?
Currently Craving: Pineapple.
Music Pick: "Skydive" by Jason Reeves
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Planning/plotting/developing To Save Them (a.k.a NaNo Novel)

Rock On! (a.k.a Childhood Dreams)

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rockstar when I grew up.

Okay, I actually wanted to be a lot of things. A dancer, a mommy, an actress, a writer. But there was a specific season of my life where I was dead serious about it: I wanted to be a rock star! I wanted to play a pink electric guitar (that changed a little later to electric blue, after I saw one in a music store) and I wanted to sing and-- well, rock out! It appealed to me somehow.

Now, "all grown up" as I am, I still love rock music. I play the guitar. (Er, well, I have a guitar!) If I had the time one day I'd still very much love to learn to play (and own) a blue electric guitar! But I don't still want to be an all out rockstar.

I think it's part of being a kid; having dreams and aspirations. We've all had them. Some of them came in seasons, and faded as we matured and changed. (Actress? No thanks!) Some of them stayed steadfast, and are still in place today as goals. (Writer? Dancer? Mommy? Count me in!) And some of them faded into the background, yet still exist, living on in our hearts until one day we pick them up again. Or, at least, I hope we pick them up again.

My question to you today -- I'm dying to know! -- what were your childhood dreams? What did you want to be when you grew up? What are your dreams today compared to then? And which dreams have you fulfilled and which are yet to be fulfilled?

Hope you're all having an awesome Thursday!

I am. Today was my last chem class until after fall break. Wooohooo!

Best Part of Today: The gentle rain. (Or the amazing cookie from my chem teacher... She's the best!)
Currently Craving: Hot chocolate!!!
Music Pick: "Lullaby" by OneRepublic
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Planning/plotting/developing To Save Them (a.k.a NaNo Novel)

The Balancing Act: Where I Go

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday.

This is a quick post to let you guys know I participated in the lovely Brittany's "Where I Go" series over on her blog. Just click right here to see my submission.

Leave her (and me!) some comments, and maybe give her a follow on the blog (or her Twitter?). In the mean time, I'm off to have some super yummy dinner.

Hope you've each had a wonderful day!

Best Part of Today: The chilly weather.
Currently Craving: Hot chocolate.
Music Pick: "Mon Ange" by Jena Lee
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Planning/plotting/developing To Save Them (a.k.a NaNo Novel)

Love _____

I realized it's been 7-Twin posts since I actually did something around here... *cough*

First, I have realized I love world building. It's so much fun! Creating a world, having people poke it till it slumps, and re-inflating it to awesomeness (I'd say perfection, but that could come back to bite me). Sooo much FUN.

But anyway. Aside from an excited frenzy of NaNo prep (which Twin totally already covered, but, still. Who's excited??), let's get down to the meat.

I just read two very interesting blog posts about love triangles and love "teeter-totters". First thing that came to mind––after appreciating the brilliance of both posts––was how there was one scenario missing: the love lines.

                                                                   <3's                  <3's
Greg ––––––> Sally ––––––> Carl

This is a painfully familiar situation, actually. You have Sally, the MC, and Greg, her best friend/other guy she's not interested in Like That, and Carl, the true love interest. Sometimes the author will spice it up by throwing in a lil bit of doubting on Sally's side over Greg––"Maybe I do love him...?"––that makes it seem like a love triangle. But really, they are just friends/acquaintances, and always will be––in Sally's mind (Greg's a different story).

And then there are love circles, which you NEVER see. 

                                                                            v–––Carl <–––^
                                                                     Tammie   O  Sally
                                                                          v–––> Greg––^

(Excuse how bad that diagram is. O_o)

I have to say, if I saw this in a book, I'd buy the book purely because I would be tickled. Seriously. That much unrequited love? Ah, angst FTW!

Anyway. Have any other love shapes you know of you'd like to share? I'd love to be enlightened. ^_^ And have a FANTASTIC Saturday.

Twin Moment of the Day: Uh... we're both getting ready for NaNo?
On my Mind: NANO!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Listening to: "Lucky Me" by Chris Brown
Grateful for: Sleep-in Saturdays
Wanting to: Get back to plotting/world building
Writing: Selfish [on hold for NaNo prep]

From my fill-out, can you tell what's taken over MY life? :P

Finished Blink Revisions!

This is a quick, celebratory post to say that I've finished my first official round of revisions on BLINK!


I feel pretty good about it. I now have a rough draft 3, and after a bit of cleaning up, it's off to the next reader (that'd be Taryn! Woohoo!!). Then I get to shove Blink in a drawer and focus purely on my NaNo novel. I've got some characters to develop! (Which is gonna be so. Much. Fun.)

In this moment, I'm just loving being a writer. Sure, revising is so draining and time consuming and brain exhausting, but hey, every bit is worth it! Because I believe in this story, and I want to see where it'll take me. It's worth the agony.

Besides. I had chocolate.

Thanks for being here for me!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best Part of Today: Finishing Blink revisions!
Currently Craving: Sleeeeeep.
Music Pick: "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Planning/plotting/developing To Save Them (a.k.a NaNo Novel)

Gearing Up for NaNo!

I'd be happy to share my photo. Just don't steal it.
This November will be my first time participating in NaNoWriMo. I know, it's crazy. But in my defense, I didn't really step into the online writing sphere until early February this year, so I never heard tell of it 'till then.

I'm totally game, and I fully expect to meet (and possibly surpass) the 50k mark. In other words, finish a novel. It might be a little crazy, being the school year and all, and with Thanksgiving and relatives visiting, but I'm going to do it. Even if it's midnight and I'm exhausted, I'll be getting words in every day.

I already have my story beated out ("beated" meaning "beat-sheet-ed" -- if you don't know what I mean by a "beat sheet" please ask! I want to share the love!) and, while it might be a bit hard to let go of my revisions/WIP, I think it'll be fun to write!

Also, just as a side note, my wonderful, kind, attentive, loving (I could go on!) mother bought me chocolate today. Boy have I needed this!

The picture is just to make you jealous.

On that note, I'll leave you with a fill out and some questions: Are you doing NaNo? Have you before? Won or no? What are some pointers you can offer to a newbie?

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Best Part of Today: CHOCOLATE!
Currently Craving: Tea. 
Music Pick: "Something To Talk About" by Badly Drawn Boy
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Blink Revisions (Chapter 19/23)

Pullover Hoodies

Happy Tuesday!

It's been particularly chilly in my corner of the planet lately (er... does the planet haver corners?) and it's had me thinking about one of my recent obsessions. Maybe obsessions is too strong of a word, but I know for a fact that all I want to be wearing this winter is pullover hoodies.


[Add any photos here of graphic pullovers, generally showing upbeat messages like "LOVE"]

Ahh! HEAVEN! If I could reach my hand into my computer and pull each of those hoodies out, I so would. (Including the imagined graphic pullovers).

I think it's very possible that all I will buy for myself, clothing-wise, this autumn/winter will be pullover hoodies. I also think it's possible that's all I'll wear all winter!

That and winter hats.

And my fingerless mitts.

So. Your turn. Favorite things to wear? Little obsessions/can't-live-withouts?

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Best Part of Today: Laughs in chem class. (Who knew?)
Currently Craving: Tea. And CHOCOLATE.
Music Pick: "Invisible" by Skylar Grey
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Blink Revisions

A Lesson on Revising

The past few days have been a series of lessons on revising.

What I've learned (so far):

  1. Revisions + Chocolate = Better Revisions
  2. It's not going to be easy, so you might as well approach it fully prepared. 
  3. Even when you get burned out, you may or may not experience a driving need to continue.
  4. There will be those inevitable days when you feel like a failure as a writer.
  5. You'll want to throw the manuscript out a window at least once.
  6. There'll be a grand moment when you see it all coming together, and you start feeling pretty good! (At least until #4 or #5 choose to repeat themselves...)
  7. Revisions + Something Yummy = MUCH Better Revisions
  8. It's important to take breaks in your revisions and do something that doesn't involve your brain. Like watching a movie. Or riding your bike. 
  9. Be ready for anything.
  10. Be ready to finish an entire round of revisions and have to start over.
  12. A good friend revising at the same time (and holding you accountable in a chat box) makes it easier and better in so many ways.

The list actually goes on. But I'm going to stop there since twelve is a cool number. And also because I've got to go... do something. Like, revise?

Best Part of Today: Revising! *cough* Or cream cheese.
Currently Craving: Tea.
Music Pick: "Wild Horses" by Natasha Bedingfield
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Blink Revisions!!