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Writers. Twins. Biologically unrelated. Laughing at
ourselves (and each other), listening to amazing
music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
Prepare to be astounded.

Describing Yourself

For whatever reason I've been filling out a number of "About Me"s the past few days. It lead me to think about the art (because it really is an art!) of About Me writing. It can be ridiculously hard to write a one-liner about yourself. Or even a whole paragraph.

Maybe that's just me. Maybe it's easy for you. Maybe it's something you never thought about.

For me, it isn't too hard anymore. It was the first time I ever wrote one (for Facebook). I just sat there staring and tweaking and then tweaking some more. Nowadays, I know myself much better, and I've had a some practice. I can quickly give you a mini-411 on me.

Hi. I'm Lizzy*. I like to write, read, dance, take pictures, and play guitar. I'm learning French. I love tea, chocolate and music. Email me sometime!

That took me about a minute to type, and just a second longer to make italic. *smile* Now, I could fuss with it plenty (I'm not just learning French-- I LOVE it!), but the fact remains that I have the skill of quickly filling someone in on myself. If that is a skill. It's something I think we as authors -- and perhaps just as people in general -- should learn how to do. Particularly authors. Especially authors.

So it's your turn. In the comments, trying to take as little time and thought as possible, give me a quick 411. I'm interested to see if you struggle or not. And if it REALLY bugs you, you can tweak it beneath your original. But I want to see the quick 411 first.

Three. Two. One. GO!

*Lizzy isn't my real name. So technically, I lied.

Best Part of Today: The banana smoothie I made.
Currently Craving: A good, long day on the lake. In a motorboat. 
Music Pick: "Make A Move" by Icon For Hire
I'm Reading: "Stravaganza: City of Masks" by Mary Hoffman
WATM: To Save Them (5,876 words)

Glow Worms and Lists* (*Not in that order)

I should stop writing posts when I am sleep deprived. For y'all's sakes.

Three things are plaguing me at the moment.

One, school starts Monday. I'm excited, but I'm also terrified. I'm especially terrified because I haven't been in a formal class room setting in... 4 years? (O_O <-Me at the thought) And what will these classes (and homework that comes with them) do to my writing and/or Twin time?

Two, my new glow poi. This is a good type of plaguing, mostly. So Daddy just got me some now glow poi, and I'm very excited about them. Hopefully they won't break like my last glow poi did. The only sadness is that it's entirely too hot to spin outside, even late at night after it's cooled off some, and the ceilings are too low in my house. *glares at ceilings* But I braved the heat to try them out earlier, and I pretty much love them to pieces. I can't wait to learn some new tricks!

Three, I think I'm getting sick. Again. I've never been one of those I-get-sick-every-other-week types, but I've gotten sick quite a few times this year. My thoughts on this: Hmph. Bleh. Grrr.
(Very deep thoughts, I know.)

Also, I've been writing lots recently. I'm having SO MUCH FUN with this story. Irish Mob FTW! I'll be sad when it is done, I can tell you that.

I'm going to bed. Maybe my sleep deprivation is what is making me sick. (Insert an "I told you so" from my mother here. >.>)

But first, answer me this:
Does "Optimizing Your Illuminated Lifestyle" sound like a guide to glow poi or a self-help book for glow worms?

Twin Moment of the Day... We both had some quality Molly time today.
On My Mind... What a self-help book for glow worms might be titled.
Listening to... "Downpour" by Backstreet Boys
Grateful for... My sister Kirsten. She's just sort of awesome. If you knew her, you would wish you had one too.
Wanting to... Sleep.
Writing... Selfish!! :D

The Autumn Bug

Copyright (c) Lizzy Photos
Okay, guys, it's official! I've got the autumn bug. Well, maybe it's not totally official, but I know for sure that lately I've been ready for the summer heat to end.

I'm one of those people that love each season as it comes (winter being an exception... I love winter for about three weeks).  So even though it's been a great summer and I love wearing summer clothes and could go for the beach right about now, I'm still to that point where cooler days and sweaters are starting to sound nice.

I want crisp leaves and apple cider. I want family picnics and the lovely mix of summer tops and long jeans. I want to go for a walk at night and see my breath for the first time, but then have it warm enough to pick pumpkins the next day. (Do you like my clichés?)

Yep, I'm pretty much ready for autumn.

So do tell me. What's your favorite season, if you have one? Are you ready for autumn? Why or why not?

Best Part of Today: Would it be awful if I said I don't know?
Currently Craving: Pineapple!!!! Okay, and maybe white chocolate.
Music Pick: "Preparing for Patrol" by Michael Kamen
I'm Reading: "Stravaganza: City of Masks" by Mary Hoffman
WATM: To Save Them (3,912 words)

Wanting To Write

Okay, this title might already have you all up in arms. After all, if I want to write, the answer is to write, yes? Especially since I finished my first round of edits on Blink and am giving it a rest. I've got all this open space to plunge into something now, right?

That's my problem. I have nothing new. So I'm just drumming my fingers waiting for the Next Great Idea to come.

Actually, I have several ideas written down and ready. I love them all, and I'm sure they'll make great stories one day, but it's not what my heart wants to write right now. And I don't need to tell you that your heart must be in what you're writing!

All that to say, I'm hoping for some serious inspiration SOON.

What do you do when you're waiting for inspiration?

Here's a fill-out.

Best Part of Today: Hmm. I want to say talking to Constance.
Currently Craving: PINEAPPLE.
Music Pick: "Longer I Run" by Peter Bradley Adams
I'm Reading: "Stravaganza - City of Masks" by Mary Hoffman
WATM: NONE! *tear*

Liebster Blog Award!

Well, well! Our blog has been awarded. Okay, okay, maybe it's not that big of a deal, but I'm excited in any case. This award is specifically for blogs with less than 200 followers and it's designed to help said blogs grow! A lovely idea, really.

Without further ado, I'd like to thank Amanda for awarding Twin Moment. Here's what she said:

1.) Twin Moment -- This is the recently begun, shared blog of two of my WriteOn freends, Constance & Lizzy.  They're not really twins, but they both write, they're around the same age, and by a random stroke of fate, they have the same Meyers-Briggs personality type. =)  They're both super awesome, so go check out their blog!

*pause to beam and sparkle at Amanda* Thank you! You're super awesome too. Truly.

And for the rest of you, go check out Amanda's blog! I've linked all her names just to make it extra easy for you.

According to Liebster tradition, I must now list five blogs, which is going to be SUPER easy. Trust my word that all the blogs below are awesome enough that I return to and read them more than once (for me, that' means they're awesome!).

1. I Am Writer ... Hear Me Roar! -- I don't know much about Gracie, but I know two things for certain: One, she writes. Two, she's awesome. Gracie is a sincerely creative writer, reader, and glue-gun wielder who just happens to blog. There's a great personality behind the writing, which makes it totally enjoyable to read. Trust me when I say it's worth your time!

2. Write On! -- It goes without saying that if you meet any of these criteria: writer, reader, between the ages of 13-19, like awesome people-- Write On! is for YOU. I mean it. Write On! isn't just a blog (stuffed with the awesomeness of Authoress), it's also a community. And, astoundingly, it's under 200 followers! While I don't think it'll pass the award on, I thought it deserved a shout out. (I can break the Liebster Rules, right?)

3. The Not-So-Daily Diaries of A Writer Gone Mad -- It's true. They're not-so-daily. This is the blog of my friend Mad -- writer, reader, Criminal Minds worshipper, aikidoist, and overall rockstar at whatever she choses to do (like overcoming algebra!) -- and an automatic Check This Out on my list, you're sure to enjoy a well-thought-out post... whenever she actually posts one. Maybe if she gets some new followers it will prompt her to blog more?

4. Matthew Dodwell -- Okay, Amanda totally already awarded him, but I'm going to go ahead and do so also, because Matt's worth two awards. Matt is a(n aussie!) thriller writer who blogs quite regularly. I enjoy his posts a lot and almost every time have something to say in the comments because he has a way of raising irresistible questions at the end of his posts. While I don't see an actual list of followers anymore, go check it out and comment for him!

5. My Life As A Teenage Novelist -- BRIGID! I love this girl. While I don't read her blog half as much as I should (do I see an interview with a published teen author up now!?) I know for a fact that it's a delightful blog, well worthy of MORE than 200 followers. And it only makes sense, since Brigid is truly awesome and creative and talented and all that jazz. (I happen to be reading her work right now! #proud) Consider yourself kicked in this blog's general direction. It is what the title suggests, and then some!

So there are my five. There's no pressure to award anyone else. Do so if the fancy takes you. I thought it was fun, so I did it. And besides, all these blogs earned the shout outs. (Except maybe Mad's, since it isn't really a blog, but rather a row of sad, neglected, dusty posts).

If you so choose, pass on the blog love! You might just make someone's day. Or their 200th follower.

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

Yes. Have bloggity-blog... fun. That's pretty dorky.



Happiness, Thy Name is Constance.

Cake for everyone!!!!! :D
I am BACK. And it makes me so happy I could dance and sing all day!! ...If I wasn't so busy writing. ^^
You guys know how in-a-rut I was. But last night, I sat down, and I started to write. I didn't write all that much, because I was tired, and it was late (even for me). But I was excited about this story. And even better, I woke up excited to write.

Take a moment and absorb that.

Yeah. Even when I love my story, I have never really woken up excited to write it. I'm not a morning person. I don't wake up excited about anything. Period.

But I did today. And I spent my whole day writing and talking to Twin and having an epic, magical day. *sighs happily*

And guess where the story idea came from? Yes! Twin. Partly, at least. I'll give virtual cookies to whomever can guess which part was inspired by her (it's in the one-liner under "WIP" in my About Me. And it's pretty obvious. Come on, guys, you can do it.)
Twin is AMAZING. My inspirations rarely come from (living) people. They come from things I read, things I watch, places I visit, things I listen to. But people? I've had... one other time when I was inspired by a person, and I ended up burying that story idea, anyway. Which means Twin must be pretty epic, to be the inspiration of a story that not just wants to be written, but one that begs me to write it. (Quite successfully. With puppy eyes and everything.)
Or... maybe I'm just biased, on both counts?
Nah, couldn't be that.

In other news, East Texas is drought-ing like crazy. I could very well lose my job if it doesn't rain in the next week; the city is considering shutting down pools to help conserve water. Which is good... but it means I'll need to find a new job. Oh goody. If you have rain, PLEASE send it my way. I don't love my job to pieces, but it's not bad, and it is certainly better than having to find a new one.
And, you know, I'd just sort of like to not shrivel up into a crisp in the dry oven that is Texas right now.

And you guys are all AWESOME. People are not told that often enough. So I thought I would tell you. And even better, it is totally true. So celebrate your awesomeness with some of that pretty, rainbow-y cake. It looks tasty, yes? But, uh... The blue is mine. You can't have that part. O_o

Twin Moment of the Day... As Twin's rereading (and sharing brief snippets) of old journals has shown us, we have been twins for YEARS.
On My Mind... Many, many things. Happy things. Like writing, and watching something, and wonderful friends.
Listening to... "Pompeii" by E.S. Posthumus
Grateful for... Twin again. For being the inspiration source for the shiny story that wants me to write it. ^_^
Wanting to... Eat. I've realized I missed dinner (which makes it about 12 hours since I've eaten). >.>
Writing... Selfish/Selfless

Summer Memories

My, we are posting lots today.

This one is prompted by Lizzy's question at the end of her "Summer's End" post. And since I can always do with some reminding of good stuff, I thought I'd compose a list of my top five favorite memories from this summer.

1. Finishing Gumiho. It was the first book I stuck with all the way through, and when I finished it, I was so proud of myself. I couldn't even believe I'd done it. None of my family were terribly impressed (I mean, they were... but they didn't really get it, y'know?), but that was okay. Because I knew I had done it, and that was enough for me.

2. Sea Base. I went to the Florida Keys at the beginning of summer, to the Boy Scouts of America's camp called Sea Base. I can't describe how amazing it was... I really can't. It was incredibly hard, especially since I was crew leader and that fact terrified me... But I'll remember it forever.

3. All the conversations I've had with Lizzy and André and TEO and Kaye-friend and Taryn and all my other writer friends. I've always been something of an introvert, but for the first time in my life, I have enough friends that I can't count them all on two hands, and that's only if I'm counting my Write On! friends, not including my few Real Life friends. And that right there, that is awesome.

4. The few moments when one of my 3/4/5/6-yr-old swim students looks over at me mid-lesson and says, "I love you" even though they barely know me.

5. Learning Korean. Okay, so I'm really weird. But I enjoy studying Korean so much. Maybe because it embodies so much hope for my future and what I'll do one day... but seriously, all it takes is a good hour of Korean studying to make me ridiculously chipper for the rest of the day.

I'd say it's your turn, but you probably already did it on Lizzy's... But if you didn't, list a few wonderful things/people from your summer. It will make your heart smile, I promise. (Or your face, if your heart doesn't smile. Though I don't know why it wouldn't. O_o)

Twin Moment of the Day... We are both dolts sometimes. *cough*Bangladeshi*cough*
On My Mind... The Korean drama I'm about to go ask Mommy if she wants to watch.
Listening to... "Before The Dawn" by Infinite
Grateful for... Twin. She makes my life so much sparklier.
Wanting to... Give someone a hug. (Seriously, this list made me super happy)
Writing... Hopeless (I hope, soon)

Finished My Novel!

It's a celebration!
I know it's my second post for the day, but this is a big moment, and I think it should be blogged.

I just finished Draft 1 of my latest novel, Blink. It's 'complete' at  50,067 words. It will be longer after I'm finished shredding to bits, without a doubt. But the important thing is that I've written the basic story down.

Now I'm going to set it aside and work on something else until it's time to return and start the shredding process.

Yay! I love writing.

Summer's End

I shouldn't live where I do. Summer ends too quickly.

Tomorrow is my first chemistry class of the year. UGH.

Let me back up and explain. While I am educated at home (who likes the h-word anyway?) there are some subjects that I simply can't teach myself/have a parent teach me. Like the sciences. I mean, I'm not exactly the kind of person to mail-order preserved rats and earthworms to dissect at home for biology. I mean, EW.

It's my senior year, which is quite a relief. I'm done with maths forever (unless, of course, I go to college) and all I see is the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. But first I have to cross just a couple more milestones, and one of those is chemistry.

I'm taking a chemistry in a classroom outside of home, which is great. I don't have to do any grading, I don't have to create my own schedule. However, the downside is that I can't begin my school year when I want to. I must begin when the class begins.

Thus, it's only early August and the weight of an extremely difficult subject is already on my shoulders. I am dreading tomorrow.

Thank goodness for things like Write On! and novels and books and Constance and chocolate and friends and family all around to help it be a little easier.

I could ask when school starts for you, but how lame and downer would that be? Instead, I'll pick something cheerful.

What's one of your best summer memories from this year?

And I'll leave you with an extra-colorful fill-out to make up for the blah-ness of this post.

Best Part of Today: Peanut butter, honey and ripe banana circles on toast.
Currently Craving: Pineapple!!
Music Pick: "Concerning Hobbits" by Howard Shore
I'm Reading: "The Seer and the Sword" by Victoria Hanley
WATM: Blink (48,237 words)

Writing From Experience


I feel like I've brought this up before, because I probably have. I find the subject of 'writing what you know' has so many different angles you can look at it from. It makes for awesome discussion topic amongst writers.

Personally, there are some things I'll write that I've never experienced first hand. Death, killing someone, driving and crying, riding a dragon, etc. Some things you know enough, have seen enough, heard enough, and can guess enough to pull off writing. Likewise, there are some things I just won't write, because I feel like they cross the line and step into the realm of Can't Pull This Off.

Like kissing. Falling in love (as in, legit love). A first-person novel where the MC's parents get a divorce. There are just some things I'm waiting to experience (like love) or some I don't know enough about to actually write realistically. At least, not as far as my MC, since I'm in his/her head.

Sometimes third person helps. Sometimes not. Sometimes lots of research is the ticket. Sometimes not even that is quiet enough. I think it really depends on how much you can imagine (dragons, mythical creatures, killing someone, etc.) and how much you can research to pull something off realistically that you hope to never experience (divorce, a drinking problem). There's a balance. While there's no doubt that a scene written from your own experiences and emotions might way outshine a similar scene written from research and imaginings, I think if you think you can pull it off, and there's a good chance it'll work, you should try.

My question to you is, how picky are you about writing only about what you know? Where do you make exceptions? Have you ever written something and felt like you didn't pull it off, or had someone tell you you aren't pulling it off?

Just something to muse this Thursday. 

Best Part of Today: Lots of new words in my novel. 
Currently Craving: Pineapple.
Music Pick: "Whisper" by Evanescence
I'm Reading: "The Seer and the Sword" by Victoria Hanley
WATM: Blink (46,277 words)

Writing Lethargy

This is my worst day. I know many of you have already heard this, and I would shut up for fear of sounding whiny, but more things just keep happening. Losing my voice, swimmer's ear, alcohol in my eye, tongue-burning... Today is just not goin' well for me, y'know? Not to mention the 109 degree oven that is Texas.

Okay, I'm done being a baby. At least online.

I haven't written much in the past week; I blame the sickness lethargy.
I'm a terrible sinner.

I'm determined to write every day, but that oomph and inspiration is sapped outa me by 11 am, which is when I get home from work this week. I'm starting to worry that something is wrong with me. Maybe it has nothing to do with my being (Look, a gerund! I think...?) sick. Because every time I get to where I am ready to start the actual writing process, I... don't write. It's happened twice now. The first time I didn't have the "I'm sick" excuse.

It's not like I don't absolutely love my story ideas, because I LOVE both of them. Lots and lots and lots.

...And I paused in the blogging to switch the song I was listening to, and I totally lost my train of thought. Fail.

So I guess I'll end with a plea. When you love your story idea, have an exciting, fully planned plot, and developed characters, but you still can't seem to write... What do you do?

Twin Moment of the Day... We both looove horses.
On My Mind... A irrational fear of what terrible thing might happen to me next.
Listening to... "다시돌아와" (I think that translates to "Come Back Again") by Infinite
Grateful for... My mommy who is wonderful when I have awful days (When I have good days, too, but especially when I'm having a bad one)
Wanting to... Write
Writing... Who knows?