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Writing Time

G'day, everyone! I'll spare you the spiel about how it's been a long time. It has. Let's leave it there.

Since I was last around, I've had a birthday, yay! I love birthdays, even not-my birthdays. Hehe. I also highlighted my hair. It was initially very traumatic because it was the wrong color, but it's all good now.

I want to present y'all with a question. I have a giant chunk of time right now (which would be why I'm writing this, heh) that I could, theoretically, be using to write. But I'm not, because whenever I try to write in the middle of the afternoon without some sort of motivation (word wars, for example), it fails epically. Two hundred words in an hour? It pains me. I'm very much a night person, and that is when you'll find me pounding away at my keyboard.

What time of day do you write best? And when you can't write in your favorite hours, how do you motivate yourself to write?

Also! I hereby promise to not be a lazy slacker anymore and to post again soon.

Twin Moment of the Day: Downton Abbey. We loves it.
On my Mind: the nap I am NOT taking at the moment.
Listening to: "Straight to You" by Josh Groban
Grateful for: No Latin homework!
Wanting: chocolate-covered bacon, anyone?
Writing: Defiance

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I write best in the evening/night, or earlier in the morning. I'm not talking EARLY, but like between 8 and 10, or 11, when it's the middle of winter and still dark. I basically just require the sun to be in some state of setting or rising or plain gone. The sun and my writing have an avoidance relationship…unless of course I'm doing a Word War. That provides enough motivation to get something done while the sun can still see what I'm doing. XD

Which reminds me…would you like to start word warring on a schedule, starting in March? I need to get The Song of Ariadne done before June to hit my three-book goal, so I need to get on that, regardless of whether I've finished polishing The Night. And I miss word warring…I miss US. X'(


Ha! I think we are twinkies. xD

YES. ABSOLUTELY. I am so completely behind schedule for Defiance. >_> Scheduled word wars is exactly what I need. Let's discuss. =D


My best writing time seems to change every few weeks. Sometimes it's early in the morning, sometimes it's at night, and sometimes it's between both. The only thing that stays the same is the way I have to write, which is in complete darkness, with tea and really loud music.

Sometimes I can do without the tea and the music, but I really hate writing in bright places. But there's always a time when I really have no choice and then the only thing that gets me motivated is visualization. I could do this for hours. I sit back and close my eyes so I can't see what going on around me and I dig down deep for my characters. That's all the coaxing they need from me to come out and play (they're always more eager to write than I am). Scenes start to pop up in my head and it's like watching a movie of my book. By that point I'm grinning like a fool and itching to start writing.

When I open my eyes the light is never as unbearable as it was before.

Hey people, what's word wars? It sounds productive and maybe a little dangerous.


I write best at night, and if I can't write, I either do nothing about it, or I force myself to write down the first word that pops into mind!


I write best either in the morning, early, or late at night. Which kinda sucks. I'm able to discipline myself to write in the afternoon when I have a word count to meet, but the going is much slower. Or at least, it's harder to actually sit down and BEGIN, and then to stay focused. *shrug*

How do I motivate myself? Err... sometimes it's people, sometimes I'll post something on Twitter about writing and the fact that it's there motivates me. Most of the time it's just my love of the story, and my want to be in that world in some way or another. I don't really know. I just kinda do it. And sometimes, I don't. ^^

Chocolate-covered bacon sounds pretty terrible, but my brother's been dying to try it. *rolls eyes* And that's a WONDERFUL Twin Moment, and... yeah.


I guess my best writing time would be at night, but I also write at other times. I don't really motivate myself to write that much - I'm either in the mood to write, or I'm not. If I force myself to write when I don't want to... nothing gets done.

Also, I love Downton Abbey. I can't wait for Season 2 to start in Australia. It's painful.

Also also, what the heck is chocolate-covered bacon?? It sounds kinda gross...


@Brittany- That is awesome! I like writing in darkness as well. If it's not totally dark, at the very least I can't have any lights reflecting against my screen. It bugs me to no end.
Word wars! Word wars are great. It's where two or more writers write for a set time and see who can write the most words. Even if I'm warring against someone way faster than me, it helps immensely to turn it into a competition sometimes! You should war with me sometime. :)

Taylor Johnson- Hehehe. When I write the first word that pops into mind, I end up with some crazy random things. xD That's a good idea, though. Thanks for reading! ^_^

Maggie- You like writing at night? Color me surprised. I've never tried writing in the early morning. Might have something to do with how slow my brain is working, and simple things like, "drink water" and "get dressed" are complicated enough, much less complex things like writing. xD
For the record! The chocolate-covered bacon wasn't terrible. It wasn't super exciting and I was a bit disappointed, but it was okay.

Matt- That's mostly how I am. It just so happens that my mood-to-write time is always late LATE night. It's very hard for me to motivate myself if I'm not in the mood to write, but when others motivate me, it works wonders. Maggie did it last night, in fact. xD
Oh man oh man, season 2 was GREAT. =D I feel sorry for you that it hasn't started yet and I hope it does soon.
Chocolate-covered bacon: it's...bacon....covered in melted chocolate. xD As I told Maggie, it wasn't that bad. Not terribly exciting like I hoped, but not bad.


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