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Sewing and Paddling

Hello darlings. I got a bit of chewing out from Twin dear for not posting while she was on vacation... *cough* >.> So I thought I should probably post before I go off and vanish from the face of the internet earth for two weeks. So here I am!

Anyway. I told you last time that I have taken up sewing. Well, I thought I would share what I've made.

This is a pillowcase I sewed for my friend Bennett. 
And the other side.
He is Canadian. I found great amusement in giving him such an American present. *grin*

Here is my first clothing item:

It's actually a tablecloth––saved me having to hem it––and I just cut a hole in the middle and added a waistband, basically. Very simple! And very happifying. It swishes. Which you obviously can't see in this lame photo.

Anyway. I've made a few other things (a bag I LOVE and a blouse I don't) but I do not have pictures of those. But yeah. I enjoy sewing. ^_^

I want to hear how all you darling people are, even though I am leaving and won't see or manage to respond until I return. I'm going on a canoeing trip! In Minnesota! In border waters! HOW EXCITING. Contrary to popular belief, I won't get eaten by bears. Just mosquitos.

Twin Moment of the Day: Vacation time!
Reading: "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldredge
Listening to: "Memory" from the Cats musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber
Grateful for: R&R from work.
Wanting: Some time to actually relax
Writing: Guilt

2 epic comments:

Awesome pillowcase!

I'm doing all right - I have one more exam on Friday, then I'm free until I go to Germany in September! Lots of writing time!

Have fun canoeing!


Those look really good. Well, I'm kinda re-writing, though I actually haven't finished my novel yet, but it's making progress. Currently obsessed with the music by Two Steps from Hell, which is excellent for writing, so I think I get away with it quite well. :P


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