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Christmas Knitting

So Christmas is long-since gone, but...we'll ignore that fact. These are pictures of the things I knit for people for Christmas. ^_^

Doctor Who TARDIS laptop case for André
My friend André is a huge Doctor Who fan(proof: he bought a trench coat that looked like the Doctor's. Yeah.) and so when I saw this TARDIS Kindle case pattern, I had to make it for him. Of course, it took a lot of restarts, because I had to adjust the pattern so it would be laptop-sized and I was just going hit-and-miss until I found the right size.

Also, I hate embroidering letters with a fiery, fiery passion. I think it was the worst part about the whole thing. Grr. But aside from that, it was a fun pattern, and not actually that hard. It's my first encounter with two-color knitting...which, considering, went pretty well.

Cush pillowcase for Maggie
This was so. Much. Fun. Seriously, when I was done, I considered keeping it, because it's so soft and chunky, and put in the pillow and it's so soft and amazing and––I love it. It's really hard to see the pattern on the case in this picture, but it's there. This pattern is SO keeper.

Scarf for Taryn
This scarf used up the rest of the gosh-awf––lovely yellow yarn I used for Taryn's hat, and was ridiculously easy. Not very thick, but then, the yarn wasn't very thick. Easily remedied if I ever make it again.

Mug Cover for Renée
Ft. Link Action Figure from Zelda
Mug Cover for Amanda
aka, "Button, O Button"
These two were...interesting. The mugs were the slanty-type, so I had to add the strap above the handle so it wouldn't be stupid. These are wonderful 'cause they can be used for other mugs, and they are wonderful for allowing you to hold the cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate when it is steaming. This is another pattern I'll keep. One of these days I'll make myself one and my hand-burning tea days will be over! Muahahaha!

That's it. I did knit my brother a stocking, because he tried to..."claim" mine. O_o And I gave my sister a hat(another pattern I love so it will probably appear again) but it was technically for her birthday, not Christmas. And I didn't manage a picture. Alas.

How about you? How go non-writing/non-school hobbies?

Twin Moment of the Day: She is on a plane now...and I was on a plane recently? (Yeah, I know, that's stretching it.) 
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Oh god I've never seen anything so brilliant! A mug cozy! I've made it my goal to learn to knit this year. A few days ago I was sitting on a crammed bus and the women in front of me was knitting. I almost lost it! The whole ride I was leaning over the back of her seat, watching her hands and the needle thingys and the yarn. Either she didn't mind or she must have thought I was crazy and didn't want to say anything, but either way I think it was a sign that I need to start knitting right now.

How should I go about starting to knit? Or more importantly, where exactly do I start?


@Brittany- Yay, that is a GREAT goal! ^_^ I would get right on that, so you stop creeping on poor strangers on the bus. xD

First, you'll need to get needles/a pattern/yarn. You can go to your local craft store(Hobby Lobby is the only one near me) and find the needlework section. There will be oodles of yarn, and a fairly good selection of needles too, probably. If you want help finding a pattern(which you should do first, so you know what yarn/needles to buy), email me at, or maybe if you have gchat we could IM about it, for easiness's sake.
As for actually learning to knit, I googled it. xD I mostly use if I have a question––the free videos are sorta weirdly organized, but super helpful––and if I can't find what I need on there, I google it.

I hope that helps! Knitting is wonderful in so many ways. ^^


That TARDIS laptop case thing is awesome. =) And the pillowcase looks amazing! *wants one* ^_^ Scratch that. *wants to learn to knit*

As for non-writing, non-school hobbies, I'm figuring out some cool stuff on my guitar via the capo. It's really fun. =)


@Amanda- Thanks. ^_^ You SHOULD learn to knit.
And I want to video chat to see this cool stuff!


Weeeell…would tomorrow work for you? (video chat) =)


Sure. Shall I see if Twin can come? :D


It might be a bit late for her, when we're available(after 4 our time at the earliest), but sure, if she wants to! ^_^

(lol, I feel like we keep making jokes about her non-night-owl-ness… XD)


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