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iPods, Visits, and Jobs

I apologize ahead of time for the randomness of this post, but I have a few things to unload, all positive, and one with a question attached. I'll just start with the biggest.

CONSTANCE ARRIVES IN TWO DAYS. She'll be here Thursday night. "Excitement" doesn't do how I'm feeling justice. I. Can't. Wait. I mean, she's my twin. And she's awesome. She's also the one who spent all the money on the plane ticket. I hope that I can make up for it by feeding her yummy food and taking her cool places.

Second, and almost equally exciting, is that I just landed a job. After lots of waiting and praying and jumping on opportunities, I'm in at the place I've wanted to work at from the start. I start training next week. It's kind of like living a dream. (Okay, slight exaggeration. Though maybe not. I really, really did want this.)

And finally, you're probably wondering what the iPod bit is about in the title. Well, here goes. I've had my heart set on having an iPod touch for the past couple of weeks now. After learning some of its features, and hearing other people (*cough*Constance*cough*) talk about theirs, I gave in to my underlying technology addiction and I'm now pretty much obsessed with the idea.

One tiny problem.

I really don't like spending money. I would be happy to squirrel away every dime for the rest of my life. Okay, there is the exception of giving it away; I love to buy other people things. So, modified: I really don't like spending money on myself. If I were to buy a gadget or a piece of technology that falls into the Costs-Hundreds-Of-Dollars category, for myself, it would have to be a computer. Or a phone. Or something useful like that.

I'm not sure an iPod fits the 'useful' bill.

Try to refrain from smart comments.

Thus, I was thinking maybe I should invest instead in an iPhone. When I turn eighteen I'm going to want my own phone anyway, since I'm sharing with my sister at the moment. As I'm a devout Apple follower, the iPhone seems like the natural thing to do. Plus it does have a music/iPod feature. And YouTube. And Facebook. And anything else I need to properly waste my time.

All that to say, I need some advice! Do you have an iPod touch or an iPhone? Would you say one is better than the other? Any advice on what NOT to buy? I'll totally listen.

That's all for today! For the comments, what's new in your life? Talk to me. It's been a while.

Best Part of Today: So far, planning for Constance's visit.
Currently Craving: A walk through a wheat field.
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4 epic comments:

I'm exactly the same way. I save EVERYTHING, except I occasionally go on a shopping spree to buy clothes then feel guilty about it afterwards.

I think they're both awesome choices. I'd say go with the iPhone, but remember that you'll have to pay for verizon's service, and a smartphone adds an extra $30 per month to your plan for internet access. So if your parents are willing to pay for that, iPhone all the way. If not, maybe consider the iTouch instead.


Oh, and congrats on the job!!!


Hah! Same here. I only buy clothes when my mom says it's absolutely necessary. It's like I need the confirmation or something that I'm going to HAVE to use money. o_O And yes, I always feel guilty about it.

Hmmm. Okay, thank you! I'll ponder this. And my parents won't be paying-- I'll be paying. So I'll have to REALLY consider what kind of money I want to spend.

Thank you! =) I'm so excited.

Thanks for reading!


HELLO. Thursday AFTERNOON, not night! Goodness. :P

If I was choosing between an ipod and an iphone, I would choose an iphone. But both would be useful––an ipod can do nearly everything the iphone can do, minus make calls. Good luck deciding, Twin. :)

WELL. I'm going to visit a friend tomorrow. It's gonna be AWESOME. You should be jealous, because she's super amazing. xD


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