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music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
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The Trip

In lieu of pictures of Twin, since she is still partly anon, you can have the very first picture I took, on our walk to the grocery store.

So, I admit, I totally wanted to do a post while I was with Twin and be all, "We are TOGETHER!" But that failed. I was entirely too busy being with Twin.

I had so much fun with her, guys. She's pretty much just as amazing in real life, which makes her WAY AWESOME.

We rewatched all three Lord of The Ring movies, extended versions, and we agree that neither of us like Frodo, not even one bit. Sam's the real hero. <3<3<3
We went on lovely walks, and drank delicious tea, and even wrote a bit. We painted our nails (mine are colorful! :D) and listened to music we both loved. We made chocolate truffles, and attempted chocolate sauce twice with varying success. We read the same book at the same time. (That was an accident, but interesting.)

After the first awkward moment where her siblings all stared at me, I got along with her family famously. Her little sister, Molly, even declared that she loved me, and wanted to be my best friend. I have the picture she drew and "home steeple" to prove it.

Don't I look mysterious?
One of my favorite moments––which is an inaccurate statement, because the whole trip was my favorite moment––was right at the beginning. When I arrived at the airport, I called Maggie and told her I was there, then I pulled on a lovely hat and my "fake glasses"(reading glasses from the dollar store with the lenses popped out) before heading to the baggage claim. As soon as I saw her and her mom, sitting, I forced myself to keep my eyes off them, and I slowly walked behind the pillar closest to them. It was all I could do to not squeal and launch myself at her. Or collapse on the floor, because my legs go cooked-noodle when I'm nervous, and I was so so so so nervous. Once behind the pillar, I took a moment to not have a meltdown, drew a deep, not-as-calming-as-I-could-hope breath, and walked around behind their seats. I was sure they would see me and Maggie would instantly know it was me.
At least, until I grabbed her shoulders and made her jump.
I am quite proud of myself for successfully sneaking up on her.
Her? Not so much. She was a little ticked.

Another favorite moment was when I went to the bookstore with Maggie, her mom, and her sister. This may not seem so big to you guys, but I've never gone to the bookstore with like-minded readers. It was thrilling. I bought a beautiful copy of Beth Revis's A Million Suns. It's quite lovely. *admires*

So many other things happened. I had balance difficulties once or twice. (In my defense, sliding across hardwood floors in socks is the funnest thing EVER.) We went spelunking. (spelunking = my new love in life <3) I actually finished a pair of fingerless mitts for myself (those in the above photo) and I'm very pleased with them. They fit and they're wonderful and they make me happy. *^_^*

The best of the best, though, was undoubtedly talking to Maggie face to face. Just...being in the same room as her. Knowing beyond doubt she's not a figment of my imagination or––as several family members have suggested––a creepy old man.

But now I'm back in Texas, and aside from being forgotten at the airport, I'm safe and sound. I've just begun the unpacking process, which is the real sign that my trip is over. *tear*

The trip was a blessing. Maggie is wonderful, and her family is unbelievably kind. I admit I was so sad I had to leave that I shed tears while waiting for my plane.

Now back to school and work and daily life. I'm glad to be back home, but I definitely can't wait 'til I get to see Maggie Twin again.

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I agree. Sam is way better then Frodo. Besides, Sauron would have won if it weren't for Sam.

Glad you all had a good time!


D'awwww. This post made me so happy just reading about your trip! I'm really glad you two were able to meet like this...and you got un-forgotten from the airport. O_o Sorry I wasn't able to answer you on FB yesterday, by the way. I was hard at work on my bio lab (my class has a facebook page where we discuss things/help each other).


…I like Sam & Frodo equally. They're pretty much a package deal, imo. 'Cause Frodo had to deal with all the ring's crap that whole time, so I can forgive him for making mistakes, haha. =)

And…feeling much visit-envy. But it will happen! One day…one day… *vanishes into the mist with must mystery*


Awww, TWIN! This made my heart burst! It was such a wonderful time for me, too, I feel like I should blog about it also. :P *refrains* And for the record, I was only ticked because you did not WARN me, and I wasn't going to scare YOU because you said you hate when people who's faces you can't see sneak up on you... so I wasn't going to. And then YOU did. And it was all so unfair. XD

Anyway. The truffles were amazing. You forgot to mention the river, methinks. And ... how you came in to see me my first night of work... and... and... POI!! You didn't mention how you spun POI and awed my whole family. *COUGHS*

*HUGS* You should come back soon. Or I should buy a money tree and come to you soon . Or... something.

@Amanda Must mystery? XD


Wow it sounds like an awesome time... it's cool seeing how these online friendships turn out in real life. :D


Yay! Haha when I first picked Taryn up at the airport in Utah last summer, I remember saying, "You're really lucky I wasn't some creepy old man posing as a seventeen-year-old, because you'd be screwed."

Oh and is Maggie still anonymous? I didn't realize. Although I guess the writers in your family are rather fond of their anonymity :).


@Maggie—Ugh…that looked totally fine at 4:30 in the morning. X( That's what happens. My fingers type similar words that AREN'T what I mean at all. MUCH MUCH MUCH. I meant much. =(


@Amanda *giggles* It's okay. I SO understand. I've typed words that aren't even CLOSE to similar when I'm tired. That's when I know it's time to shut the computer and SLEEP. O_O


That's what a trip to the grocery store looks like? When I go to the grocery store it just looks depressing.

Was the whole trip this beautiful?


@Tyler- Exactly, Taylor! Thanks for reading. :)

@Lyla- Me too, me too. And that's fine. I was just super excited cause I went to a Korean restaurant with my dad and wanted to tell someone all about it. xD

@Teo- Meh. I still don't like Frodo. :P But yes, it will happen. ^_^

@Twin- Oh, please. I SO warned you. I think I need to dig up the chat transcripts so you won't try to say that anymore.
I didn't want to make the post into a short story, Twin. Goodness. xD
You should work really hard, and then come visit me. :)

@Gracie- It is! It's fascinating what things I noticed about Maggie that were different from her online persona. (Very little, actually. ^^) Thanks for reading! :D

@Kate– Hahaha! That's great. Taryn was very lucky indeed. xD Thanks for reading!

@Brittany- I thought it was. It was cloudy a lot of the time, and Maggie fussed about it, but I was simply too happy being there to find the cloud cover ugly. Thanks for reading! :)


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