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Writers. Twins. Biologically unrelated. Laughing at
ourselves (and each other), listening to amazing
music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
Prepare to be astounded.

5 Free NaNo books!

I've done it. *headdesk* I payed $5 shipping to have 5 once-edited (poorly structured, plotless, etc.) copies of my NaNo book sent to my doorstep. Honestly, I'm not sure why I did it except out of curiosity, hating to turn away anything free, and the decision that I should have some kind of physical proof of my first NaNoWriMo experience ever.

I wrote on the last page "May this bring laughs well into the future." And it's a play on words since ... well, it's about a girl. Who sees the future. Aren't I clever?

So, enjoy the prettiness! Because I do think they're pretty. And even if I never read them again (aside from the occasional skim-and-cringe fest) I will enjoy looking at them, that's for sure.

And yes, I blacked out my last name because... well. We've been through that.

FYI, there is, and may never be, a "Seer Trilogy" -- I just needed to fill that space, and thought it looked cool. 

Can you imagine when this is the real deal!? *dreaming*

Er, I should probably get it off CreateSpace now... *wary look at barcode*

That's it! Just a quick little burst of mid-week excitement. Well, almost mid-week. I can dream.

Best part of today: Five free books!! Or my new, ultra-bright striped socks...
Currently craving: Ice cream. (Hear that with a mournful tone...)
Music pick: "Sunset Glow" by BigBang
I'm reading: "Incarnate" by Jodi Meadows
WIP: Preparing to revise Aqueous (all other projects ON HOLD!)

*NOTE: I've decided to schedule this to post tomorrow, since Constance just posted this afternoon. So it was written and intended to be read on a Tuesday, but you won't see it 'till Wednesday. 

3 epic comments:

Very nice!


THEY'RE SO PRETTY!!! =D Seeing yours makes me really want my CreateSpace books, but my WIP is nowhere near done, and it won't be ready to preserve in physical form by the 30th, so I think I'll wait till next year. *envies from afar* =P ^_~*


Sooooo here is what has happened. I TOTALLY wasn't gonna comment because I was going to bombard you in our chat with begging and coaxing to get you to send me one, but I keep forgetting. So just know, Twin. I have my eye on these. I am determined to one day at least SEE one of these. *determined stare*

They're pretty. ^_^


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