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Well, I'm 18 now

Ahh, man. I've done it again. It was pretty bad this time around. I don't even remember the last time I blogged, though I've thought about it often the past week, and how I really should... you know. Blog?

Two Wednesdays ago, you may or may not know, was my 18th birthday. (insert sarcastic cheer here) I have mixed feelings about crossing the threshold between childhood (or teenhood, really) and adulthood. There are the exciting things: checking account! more privileges! Google+! And the not so exciting things: bills, responsibilities, LIFE.

It's interesting how the majority of your life you spend as an adult, but I've only just begun that part. "Childhood" has felt so long. If I think back to the night I wrote the first chapter of my first novel, which was only eight years ago, it seems like a lifetime ago. Like a different me, in a way.

Anyway. All that slightly-downer stuff aside, I want to show off the wonderful gifts Constance sent me, especially how far she's come with her knitting. (Did you see this coming, Twin? You should have.) So without further ado, I present, PICTURES!

Isn't it adorable!?

According to Constance, it's hand made. (!!!)

Please excuse the bad picture.

Amazing, right?? You can probably guess what my new favorite necklace is, nerdy as it may appear to some.

Well. That about covers what's new and big in my life. I'm going to try to get back to two blog posts a week, and I already have an idea of what my next will be about.

For the comments, what's new in your life? I feel so disconnected.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

Best part of today: The cool morning breeze and exuberant birdsongs. 
Currently craving: Hmm. Ice cream.
Music pick: "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers
I'm reading: "Incarnate" by Jodi Meadows (in its finalmost, published form)
WIP: To Save Them ([so close to being done] revising)

7 epic comments:

Happy birthday!

New in my life? Counting down the remainder of days until I graduate. (11) And school days left (2 + finals) Seems crazy, right?


Haha, yay! Looks like you had a pretty good birthday (with cool presents ^_^) ...yeahhh I was kinda mehhh on my birthday, too. I didn't really feel any different and nothing really changed. But I just got my own checking account, so yay? xDD


You Greedy Gus, I already said happy birthday. XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ^_^

And WOW that hat is amazing! Constance used one of her very first knitting attempts as packing material, so I have that to compare it to. =P She's come so far! =') And that necklace…so pretty…*likesalot*

In my life? I'm editing my book still, but I'm really getting it this time. My characters are present on the page(not censored or faked, which has been a problem for me), and the emotions are all there, and the writing is up to par. It just takes focus to keep going, but I'm hoping to be able to send it out to certain beta peoples by the end of this month/early June. ^_^


Yay! Happy Birthday! We love you lots! :)


I feel disconnected too. I didn't even know you had a birthday. It's totally belated of me to wish you a happy birthday, but Happy Birthday Maggie!! Your nostalgia is contagious. :]

And: LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat!


@Amanda Foody Thanks! Oh goodness. I'm in the same almost-graduated boat! GOOD LUCK on those finals!

@Lyla I so understand! YES! My checking account has been the biggest 'yay' of being 18 so far. :)

@Amanda Thank you again. ^^ Isn't it though?? And she did the same thing for me-- packing with old knitting materials. So the first thing I thought of when I opened it was how far she's come! *waits for her to read all this*

That's AWESOME!!! Just know that those certain betas are impatient and excited. ^^

@Mad Thank you, Mad! Love you, too!!

@Brittany I owe you a lengthy email! Know that I'm getting there. Eventually. *nervous look at unread emails*

Thank you. :) Isn't it adorable!?


I...did not see that coming. O_o I am glad that you love them enough to share pictures with the world, though...I think? XD

And technically, you haven't crossed from teenhood to adulthood, because you're still a teen until you're 20. :P


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