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To Read or...To Read More

SO. A whole semester. Whew. Let's just forget that unfortunate lack of my ever posting existed, yes? Great. I'm glad you are all so understanding.

In the time since I last posted, I have finished the summer semester, taken up sewing, and sent some of my favorite people birthday presents(like Maggie's hat and my friend André's Toothless)! I am also one of the chat hostesses for Write On! now. (Chats. Fridays. Come. You know you want to.) Oh, and I sorta went to Canada. No big deal. Just another country. That I've wanted to go to for YEARS. (Niagara Falls is BEAUTIFUL, GUYS. Majestic, even.)

I've also realized a tragedy. I used to read ALL the time. It was...basically all I ever did. It's finally come to my attention that that is no longer so. I've read a woefully low number of books in 2012 so far. I mean to fix that. My new goal is at least one book every two weeks. That still sounds slow to me, but it's a start. It's better than this not-really-reading thing. I AM A READER, DARNIT. (So this might've also been inspired because of a comment my brother made that miffed me. *cough*)

I want to blame a rule my mom made a few years ago about having to read one book for her for every book I read for me for my lack of reading lots, but...I can't. I've just had a shift in priorities. I discovered the internet had more to do beyond Facebook. (That's right. I discovered Twitter and blogs and Goodreads and Hulu and Netflix and Korean TV shows.) I started dual credit classes. *shrugs* It was sorta just a cumulation of things.

But! I will revive my readerly reputation. (Maybe I'll even tell you 'bout my readings.) Because how on earth can I claim to be a writer when I'm hardly a reader?

Do any of y'all read less than you used to? More? If so, why the change? Also, if you haven't, read Maggie's post (and the comments) on basically the same topic––except...less random. Hee. I love my Twin, guys. She's a smart'n. (She will also dislike that I used "smart'n" because it's so very Southern-accented of me. *grins*)

Twin Moment of the Day: OH DEAR I DON'T HAVE ONE. O_O
Reading: "The Iron Thorn" by Caitlin Kittredge
Listening to: "Poison & Wine" by The Civil Wars
Grateful for: AC. It's only May, y'all. 90+ weather is just WRONG––even for Texas.
Wanting: Lunch that is more than ice cream (Not that I don't approve whole-heartedly of homemade ice cream as a meal. It is a superfood, you know.)
Writing: Defiance...

4 epic comments:

This is a lovely little gosh-it's-been-forever-WHAT'S-UP-CONSTANCE? ...fixer...solution...thing. Yeah. I love it. :D

And don't be silly, Twin. You're still a reader! Life happens. I do understand. Yeah, like I posted about.

And I'm choosing to ignore smart'n. :P

I LOVES YOU, TWIN!! I'm glad you're back to blogging! :)


Well, thanks. I certainly hope so. ^^

Ignore it all you want, it's still there. For ALL to see. XD

*hugs* I LOVES YOU TOO. <3 But don't get your hopes too high...It could be another century before I blog again. :P


Yay, Constance's back!!

I read a whole lot less than I used to a few years ago. I place it on Year 12 and university. I used to read a book a week, but now... I'm frequently too tired to read before I go to bed. It sucks.


@Matt-Yeah...*cough* >_>

We should BOTH make it a point to read more! I'd suggest a race, but I shy away from competitiveness most of the time. :P


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