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A Day in The Life of Constance

My day has been crowded. I thought I'd share. Note: this is uncensored*. Read at your own risk.

*That means it contains all my thoughts––that I can remember––from the day that don't have to do with Secrety Things.

7:40––Alarm 1 goes off. I roll out of bed, let my dog Roper out of my room, grab my phone, shut the alarm off, and collapse back into bed, stuffing my phone under my pillow.

7:47––Alarm 2 goes off. I crawl out of bed, pulling off my sleep socks so they don't get Roper hair on them, and stumble to the kitchen. Thoughts aren't really coherent, but, as they usually go around this early in the AM, they are along the vein of: I hate mornings.

7:48––Seeing no food in the kitchen, I go to find my mommy, curl up beside her, and let her come to the conclusion that I want food. It doesn't take long. Morning Constance is rather predictable.

8:00––I get dressed, proceed to get ready for class.

9:00––Latin. My friend-in-Latin, Michael, is a jerk and draws on my paper in pen because I accidentally say he's going to fail his final. (What I meant was more like, well, you may fail, but hey, I'll probably fail too!) At least it was blue pen.

9:24––LATIN SONGS. We listen to Latin Christmas carols and Latin drinking songs. Highlight of my Latin class for the whole semester? The music major guy in the row behind me singing along, word-for-word, with the last drinking song. The main chorus has a lot of "bibo" and "bibet" in it––the Latin word for "drink." I crack up, cause all I can think of is frogs.

10:00––I spend the next several hours trying to sign up for next semester's classes, getting "old lady advice" from a young college student at the student center where my mom works.

1:00––English class. An hour of my English professor trying to teach a class of football jocks. Most of her references and jokes go over their usual.

2:00ish––I talk to Maggie Twin a while. We discuss what I would call her mother if I met her in RL. "Empress" is discussed. I think that actually trying to call someone that without it stemming from sarcasm would be.........really hard.

3:32––Mom asks me to go get Justin. I go to the wrong place, sit for about 15 minutes(eating pistachios and throwing the shells out the van's skylight to see how good my aim is at that angle). Finally figure it out, and spend the next 40 minutes getting him, taking him home. Probably scared the poor boy, because, as Mother phrases it later, I was "radiating unhappiness."

4:24––I go to get Mom. I see my cop––that'd be the one that pulled me over Thursday night. I won't be forgetting him anytime soon––on the way. I tell Mom so when I get her, and she decides that I should bake him cookies, so that next time he pulls me over he's less likely to give me a ticket. I frostily tell her there will be no next time, thank you very much.

8:46––I puppy-dog-eyes Mom into going to get me whipping cream so I can make whipped cream to go with some homemade hot chocolate.

9:21––Hot chocolate is done and the most delicious thing ever.

10:29––I decide I should blog, and all I come up with is rambling about my day. I come to the conclusion that no one will read it, and anyone that does deserves a reward. I also realize I am way too hyperaware of time, because all those times are the actual times, simply from memory. I am a titch weirded out by the fact. I also decide that one day...One day, I will write a blog post during the day, and it will sound almost normal.

Yeah...and that's a pretty normal day for me. Minus the pistachio bit.
How was your day? Anything exciting happen? Feel free to ramble as long as I did.

4 epic comments:

Whoa. You must have a great numeric memory. I don't and if I attempted to do something like this, I'd just simply go: Uh...I did this-and-this around 1 PM...or was it 2...? @_@

This week was...O_O as usual, only more so than others, since I had a bunch of last-minute projects and tests (as in, the teachers all waited until this week to assign them and have them due by this week so they could get some last-minute grades in for the semester). So 3-4 hours of sleep on average every day. I have mid-terms next week so I guess that's...exciting in a horrifying way. Although, actually, I'd be lying if I said I was dreading them, since they're the only thing that's keeping from the glorious wonder that is winter break.

Aside from that, a bunch of my friends got accepted early decision (which means you HAVE to go to that college, no matter what) to a lot of schools this week (ie: Columbia, Northwestern, UPenn). So LOTS of excitement for them. :) I'm kinda jealous because they're DONE with college app/"OMG I'M NOT GOING TO GET INTO ANYWHERE AND I WON'T KNOW FOR SURE UNTIL APRIL. FFFFF" stress...while I'm...not. LOL.

Sadly got nothing done in terms of writing since the end of November except add a few more songs to my WIP's soundtrack and a little bit of character development here and there. I'm basically back to the drawing board again because I decided after NaNoWriMo was over that I'd start over again because I wasn't liking where the story was going.

Hope you have a great weekend, Constance and thanks for sharing a day in your life! :)


I didn't know that 2:00ish was a legit exact time. *makes note* Sounds like something from my memory. XD

Anyway…*remembers seeing a reward offered somewhere for reading it all* Reward? Hmm…? What about that reward? XP


Ahhh, I LOVED this. XD Especially the pistachio bit! And the hot chocolate. Don't even get me started. I want some hot chocolate SO BADLY. Christmas, please come!


@Lyla- I don't know. I'm not terribly good at remembering any other numbers. xD

Man. I hope your midterms go awesome! I know I'll be happy when finals are done with and I can just bask in the wonder that is winter break. I've been ready for it since Thanksgiving. ^_^

@Amanda- Well, I knew that I was talking to Maggie after 2, but I simply couldn't remember what time that part of the conversation was.

You get on sometime and we'll discuss it.

@Twin– You should have some! I can send you the link for the stuff I made. *actually has that recipe saved* ^^


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