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Dude, This is Serious

So some of you might have noticed, via Twitterverse, that I am plotting my next story, which is actually sort of a sequel/sort of a companion to my NaNo novel, Defiance. (Yays all around!)

Well.* There is kinda sorta this thing I've been toying with writing. Let's call it the Issue.

Now, I want to preface this: I have thought about writing Issue novels(those'd be the ones that deal with serious stuff) for a while, because when I pick up Issue books, they always make me think, and I love books that make me think. They may not make me laugh, and I frequently say that books that make me laugh are my favorite...But I don't think that's true. I love comedy, definitely. But I think that Issue books dealing with suicide, teen pregnancy, drugs, slavery(or the like), etc––those are important too. Because when society brushes important issues under the rug, it only makes things worse. So, yes, I have been thinking about writing this Issue, among others, a while.

And with this book, I finally have that opportunity (And by opportunity, I mean if I didn't, it would only be because I'm too wimpy, because there is an Issue-sized spot for it in the plotline, begging to be filled). My first reaction?

Oh, crap.

I mean, come on! Big Issues. Those are the things you don't want to mess up. So instead of plotting, I have been worrying over it. Googling, trying to find blog posts or articles on it. That led to a whole lot o' nothing. Seriously. Hours. *cough* (It's fascinating, and it sucks away your soul. Don't ever click the links. You'll never get out.)

Anyway. Eventually, I did what any Momma's Girl teen would. I asked my mom about it. (Yeah, I know. I'm one of those rare teens that not only likes their parents, but also *gasp* talks to them. About everything. Secrecy? What's that?)

Side note: moms are really quite smart. Whodathunk? Well, anyway. She listened as I explained my concerns, and she talked with me about it. That's all I really needed, as it usually is (just ask Maggie).

Don't shy away from writing the hard stuff. It won't be easy, and some people won't approve, but that doesn't change anything. The issues still exist, and people should still speak out about them. Cause, dude, this is serious stuff.


And guess what? On a completely different note...I am so excited for January! *insert gleeful jumping here* More on that when it's a more cemented thing. ^_^

*I want it to be known, I typoed that at first as "vell" and was so tempted to leave it and just go for a...V's accent. You know the one. It's sad I'm not even sure what accent it's supposed to be. If only I knew an Epic One or a Wise One, to beseech their help and draw on their expertise...

Twin Moment of the Day: We are both veeeery excited about January. 
On my Mind: Rolling my R's. I'm getting better, but still, not so much.
Listening to: "Innocence" by Avril Lavigne
Grateful for: Mommy
Wanting to: Skip Dead Week and Finals and get straight to Winter Break
Writing: Nothing. Plotting book #2, and Defiance sits, waiting for editing, at a lovely 48k!

6 epic comments:

Yes, Issue books are some of my favorites, too. ^_^ I mean, I haven't read many, but I loved them all. Speak is a personal favorite—I did a paper on it once(read: one-st). The writing is awesome, the character depth is awesome, the traveling through devastation to recovery is awesome. I love Laurie Halse Anderson. =)

Anyvay, ze accent you are looking for iss German/Russian/maybe Swedish/general European. But German is the most common "V" accent(they don't even have a W sound O_o), besides Russian. ^_~*


I love issue books too. I have one "coming up", meaning it's in my write-this-when-you're-completely-ready bag. (I've talked to you about Logan, yes?)

But I'm so proud of you for talking to your mummy and realizing you can do it! *waits for you to get on chat* *is curious*


@Renée- I have been wanting to read Speak for YEARS. I may make that a personal quest now.
I thought it was something in there! But I wasn't sure. Thankee kindly for the expertise. ^_^

@Twin–Yes...I think so...Possibly? *feels like I know the name, but can't recall what you refer to* And thank you. It took me five minutes of mulling with her staring at me before I could gather up the courage to actually speak. :P
You expect me to get on chat at 6:30? HA. That is FUNNY. Fun-ee. Though, actually, I might have been on in the hour of seven, but I overslept. >.>


@Twin It doesn't have a name, but it'd be Logan's story. ;P Hmph. I didn't really expect you to... I was thinking in later terms when I wrote that. Of course, now that I'm on & available to chat you're in class. *sighs*


I really understand what you mean by having issues with something in your novel. I'm dealing with that in my world building. Yeah for moms who can solve Issues.


@Christina- Agreed. Thanks for reading! =)


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