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Merry Christmas!

It may just be my favorite day of the year. I still haven't quite decided between today and tomorrow.

It's Christmas Eve!

Tonight is a magical night for families around the world, including mine, and possibly yours. As I write this I have spice cookies baking in the oven. Christmas music plays in the background. Everything around me is festive and sparkling.

I hope that your day has been wonderful, and continues to be so all through the night and tomorrow. If you celebrate, than here is wishing you a very, very Merry Christmas!

I'm off to finish making these cookies.

2 epic comments:

Merry Christmas, Twin! I can't decide either. This year, it's definitely Christmas Eve, because this year we're doing all our Christmas day things ON Christmas Eve. (long story) But I do love the holiday, once it rolls around. ^^


Merry Christmas! That picture is gorgeous, btw. I might steal it to be my desktop for the day. ^_^


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