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Study, study, study!

It's that (dreaded) time of year. MIDTERMS! Okay, who am I to talk? I have one midterm on my horizon. Yes, I'm having an extremely light senior year.

However, I may or may not be very grade-conscious. (There's a guilty cough in there.) Maybe even a tad shy of obsessed. I really want to make sure I wrap up this year with an A, and to do that I'm going to have to throw writing time out the window and put my nose to the grindstone.

Bleh. Doable, but bleh.

The thing I hate about midterms and finals is the fact that you have to review everything you've learned all year. Lucky for me, my chem teacher's the nicest around (remember? she gives us cookies!) and she provides awesome study guides with basically all we need to know. Couldn't be simpler!

So, that's how I'll be spending this cold, rainy Wednesday.

What about you? And just in case it might help me, what are your study tactics? I like Quizlet.

Have a great day!

Best Part of Today: Leading my pony* through snow flurries.
Currently Craving: Hot tea.
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I'm Reading: "Gulliver's Travles" (Umm... haven't touched it all week.)
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*Sadly, he's not really mine. I just get attached.

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You did it! And I'm sure you did FABULOUSLY. Cause I know things. ^_^

My study tactics? Uh... You don't want mine as reference, cause I'm pretty sure they would do nothing for anybody. This is gonna sound bad(who am I kidding, it IS bad), but I don't study much. I mean, I might review a bit, but I simply can't make myself sit there longer than I've already spent sitting in classes. So my methodology? I pay attention in class. Really good attention. And I might crack open my book/notes right before my test.
Yes. Shameful, I know.

Now, if it's something I'm studying for on my own, that's different. I treat it like a class, so the studying is all just a part of class.

My mind works weird.


That sounds like an awesome chem class—makes me wish I'd taken one! =D I can't wait for next semester, and getting back into the groove of learning and college classes. ^_^

As for study tactics…I don't really have any. I'm lazy. I take notes in class, complete the homework, and glance over the notes before the test, or, if I'm feeling nervous, a little the night before. So…my method is about as helpful as Constance's. XD


@Renée––that IS my method. xD Are y'all starting college classes this spring semester?


@Twin O_O And you still do well on your tests! How do you DO that!? And think, if you really studied, how much better you'd do!

For things like needing to know what the First Law of Thermodynamics is, just paying attention in class isn't enough for me. I must memorize it word for word, or I'd just fail the class.

@Renee *admires* Man! Now I'm feeling dumb, like I need to memorize or something, while others can still pass by only glancing at their notes. O_o Though it does make me feel better that I never had to study for Algebra. Like I said, Chemistry is a lot of definitions and stuff that I need to know.

And I'm glad you're excited to start classes! That's not your average response to the looming prospect of enormous workloads.


@Constance — Yes! If all goes according to plan, anyway. Still haven't signed up for classes…or registered. We need to get on that, heh. =D

@Maggie — You shouldn't feel dumb! Constance is, like, the only other person I've met who can get by on this method. Other than Amanda, of course(she usually beats me on tests, so my goal is always to do better than her—nothing like a little competition to aid the memory). XP

It also helps that my math/science classes allow notecards for theorems and formulas. I mean, I don't usually use them, it just keeps me calm, knowing I possess a resource. Panic deteriorates my memory, so I need to be calm during a test(which is why I hate timed tests, because I work slowly). I think the main thing is having homework—repetition is a big part of how I learn, so I really like classes that give out homework, even if I do leave assignments till the last minute. XD

And…yes. I'm only going to take a couple classes, so my workload won't be strenuous, just enough to fully engage my brain. Learning is my favorite! ^_^ If I had a choice, I'd probably be taking classes my whole life, like, one a semester.


@Maggie- I do well on SOME of my tests. It really just depends. My method isn't necessarily good all the time. :P

@Renée- Ooh, cool! You and Amanda can't just slack around the house anymore, lol. xD


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