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Am I a real reader?

So for those of you who don't know already, I'm on Goodreads. Yep, that link goes to my page, so feel free to head over and add me as a friend. It's painless. All you'll have to do is answer a simple question. Hint: It involves super powers.

Anyway, Goodreads has a 2012 book challenge that I decided to take part in. I set myself the wimpy goal of 30 books before the year's out. It's early April, okay? And I've read a whopping 5 books out of the 30. In 4 months!?

What's my deal??

I have only a couple things in my defense. One, school. That's always life-sucking (and soul-sucking). Two, my job. Many of my weekend evenings go into money-making. Three, writing. If I have some bookish time to spare-- hey! Might as well spend it creating a story of my own.

All that leaves little to no time for me to read. But still. You'd think that, were I dedicated enough, I'd still get it done. Be dedicated. Show some determination. (After all... how am I finding time to watch videos like this?)

I'm disappointed in myself. And I guess that's at the root of this post.

I've always considered myself a reader. Since I ate books like food as a child, and still love few things better than diving headfirst into a fantastical world, it made sense. But then I get on Goodreads and see people who read hundreds of books. HUNDREDS. And they're still reading hundreds. On top of being moms or published authors or full-time college students.

And I feel like such a slacker. I don't feel like a reader anymore. Not a real one.

Whatever real means.

So help me out here. What do you think defines a real reader? How many books should you read, and how consistently should you "be reading" to qualify? And do I qualify, with my measly 5 books this year? (Don't answer that last one.) (Just kidding. Answer it.)

By the way, I'm sure that number will up in the summer. I'll hit 30 books yet. I'm sure of it.

I'd better.


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Real readers are people who love stories and believe literature is worthwhile.

Voracious readers are those who make time to read.

It sounds like you're real, but not voracious. There's nothing wrong with that.

Personally, I don't have a problem with this, because I'm a ridiculously fast reader. Still, as Teen Eyes becomes more successful, my writing becomes more of a job, and my internship more responsibility, I find myself reading less than I would like. For once, I have a TBR pile, and it's 9 books high. I still read ~15 books a month, but it's a lot less than the ~25/month I read last year.

Real readers make sure there is time, however little. Amongst sports, school, writing, jobs, internships, what have you. They recognize the value of what they aren't doing and feel guilt for missing out.


First, why are you watching videos about cows? About GD, I can understand, but...COWS? Really, Twin? O_o

I used to do NOTHING but read. Seriously, nothing. In the past few years, I've started to read less, and, like you, have probably only read a few books in 2012 so far. I'm not terribly happy about it, but I agree with Taryn––being a real reader is about loving the stories. I am a real reader. I am not a voracious reader anymore, sadly.

I don't think there is a certain number of books you "should read" in a certain amount of time, though. And personally I think you should read as often as possible, just so you don't go and forget the story, but again, it's something that is really case-by-case.

My sorta-solution to reading less is learning to read faster (Taryn-fast! XD). (I am actually reading a speed-reading book right now. Pretty interesting stuff, really.) I am hoping if I could read faster, than I would read more. Maybe I am wrong, but it's a useful skill regardless, so. *shrugs*


Your questions have got me stumped. I've sat here for about five minutes pondering "what is a reader" and I keep changing my answer. But I guess a reader is:
- Someone who enjoys reading
- Someone who is always currently reading something.
- Someone who makes time to read everyday (or at least nearly everyday.

And Taryn: 15 books?! What do you do, laminate the pages so you can read while you swim??


@Taryn I agree with you! You've made me feel much better. You definitely are a fast reader, that's for sure!

@Constance I'm not. My older bro introduced it to me. It was just an example... if I have time to watch something like that, why don't I have time to read? It was a point. :P Get it?

And I'm sorry you don't get to read as much. =( But I totally understand. See, I never did JUST READ, and do nothing else. I'd have days where that's all I'd do, but in general, there was a lot of other stuff I did with my time growing up where I probably could have been reading. *shrug* So maybe I've just never been a voracious reader?

Good luck learning to speed-read! ^^

@Matt I think you're right! Though I definitely don't meet the third criteria. XD

LOL at the last line! I'd like to know, too, Taryn. XD


@Maggie- Yeah, I get it. Still, slightly appalling. :P

Maybe. I was, definitely. And thank you! ^_^


You? A real reader?

Is this a serious question? You my friend love books, therefore you are clearly a reader. I can bet the piece of pizza I'm eating right now that if you could only take 3 things with you on an island 1 of them would be a book. Or 2 of them, but we can't admit that out loud without sounding crazy.


I'm a very picky reader, so if a new book I want to read isn't out…I don't read. I generally wait for some sort of preview, like the Look Inside thing on Amazon, before I decide to read something, and weigh the reviews heavily. I've just been let down too much, I guess. I'll reread my favorites if I'm really hankering to read something. I don't apologize for my lack of voraciousness, because I'm a literary snob. =P I read good things sparingly, but with much gusto. XD


Also, I don't think I can be denied the title of a 'Real Reader', because I'm working through Emma. EMMA. For pleasure, and also bragging rights. =P Reading Jane Austen, I believe, grants any the title of real reader. ^_^


@Brittany Thank you, Brittany. *beams and sparkles* Now I want a piece of pizza. And I agree, I probably shouldn't admit that I'd have a book with me on a desert island. Ooops. I did anyway.

@Amanda That's not a bad thing to be! There's so much crap out there, and books are expensive, you might as well know that what you're buying is going to be GOOD! That's another reason I'm always behind on reading... money, and the fact that my library doesn't have ANY new, popular releases! *facepalm*

Well, I guess I'm cleared, too! I've read 3 of Jane Austen's novels now, the most recent being Mansfield Park (which is part of the reason I've only read 5 books this year... that one took FOREVER to finish!) Good for you for reading Emma!


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