Twin Moment

Writers. Twins. Biologically unrelated. Laughing at
ourselves (and each other), listening to amazing
music, and living life epically. We present, our blog.
Prepare to be astounded.


Umm. I did it again. *hides* I failed to post 3 times in one week. Enough's enough! I'm switching it to 2 times a week. Once I can consistently meet that goal, I'll up it to 3.

My only excuse is that hey... it was Spring Break week! I had a lot of relaxing to do.

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!

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You are aware that this doesn't count as a post? :p


Hey, don't feel too bad. It's really just a matter of getting into the habit of it -- and if you start with 2 and get comfortable with it, you can move to 3, then maybe 4. It's hard to churn out posts...I'm doing the A-Z blogging challenge and am finding that out myself, lol.


@Taryn Darnit! I was counting on this. :P

@Laura W. Thank you for that. I feel a little better. You're right! I just haven't hit my stride. I also admit to struggling for post content, and opting for the easy way out-- procrastination. It hasn't served me well. (What a shock, right?)


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