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21 Minus Blog Tour!

Hey, guys!! For those that don't know, I'm Constance. Welcome to Twin Moment, a (delighted) participant of 21 Minus! (Hehe. I am so excited about this, you have no idea.) 21 Minus is a blog tour comprised of a bunch of uber-cool bloggers who are 21 or younger. There is a giveaway to be had––with so many amazing prizes I'm going cross-eyed––over here at Anna Waggener's blog. Check it out! (**Don't forget to write down that one-word answer to question #6, you'll need it for the giveaway!) But first, here is an interview Maggie and I did with the entertaining Ella at Musings in Ink:

1. If you could write your life like a novel, what would the jacket flap say?
Well, what do you know! This was actually a writing prompt I did a few days ago, in which I took whatever significant detail I could find in my life and gathered it into a blurb:

Fifteen year old Ella lives a hidden life.

In fact, her name isn’t even Ella. Raised in a society where math and science are encouraged and the arts squashed into a bloody pulp*, Ella takes on a pen name and finds refuge in her writing, an unrecognized form of creativity that many people in her school view with eye rollings and scoffs. In order to avoid embarrassment and possible emotional-wrecking humiliation**, Ella works in secret, driven to beat the odds and prove her worth to a rejecting public. But with this goal comes three things: unexpected friendship, theoretical enemies, and a daunting deadline that will decide the rest of her future.

Inspirational and heart wrenching***, It’s Really Not What You Think It Is will make readers sympathize with this young writer and egg her on as she approaches the most crucial period of her teenage life: high school graduation, and what comes afterwards.

* Actually, although no one really cares about the writing, there are just so many people who love drama and music. I mean there's nothing wrong with that at all...but still.
** Most likely not.
*** All right, I have to admit; I highly doubt it will be like this.

2. Have you ever written sushi into a story?
No, I haven't... o.o
Hey...that's actually a pretty good idea. Hmmm.

3. As a failing multitasker, I'd love to know––what is your secret to writing multiple WIPs at a time?
Lots of scheduling and brainstorming, where I try to squeeze as many ideas as I can onto paper about all of the WIPs. A whopping amount of writing-during-class in a secretive fashion (where you do the whole, "hunched over your notebook" routine, peering suspiciously at the people around you). And, of course, being inspired and open to writing down ideas, and planning, and connecting them to the various WIPs. All of these help motivate me to take on multiple projects at a time. When I realize I have something to work towards, some goal to achieve (like putting all of those said ideas into proper story-format), I write.

4. What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
Ah, well...I really do not like shallow in, "Oh, my gosh, that guy is soooo hot, he must be amazing." Or, even worse, "Ugh, that girl's so ugly. Man, I'm definitely not talking to her." I love writing. I also love the whole "Don't judge a book by its cover" phrase.

I am also extremely sensitive to guys who act like jerks because they think it's "cool". I'm still in high school, so I witness plenty of that every day. It just...sets me off.
That's it, really. ^-^

5. When did you decide books were the bomb?
Probably when I was way younger, and my dad would read my sister and I the Magic Tree House books as a bed time story. Then I got into Harry Potter...and everything else just followed.

6. If you had to describe your latest WiP in one word, what would it be?
(first word that popped into my head ^-^)

7. Lastly, if you could have one superpower, and ONLY one, what would it be and why?
Ahhh...this is a hard one...but I would probably choose invisibility. I'd get to go anywhere I want, whenever I want to, and no one would know. Like, if I can't fall asleep at night or something, I could go outside and take a walk, and I wouldn't even have to worry about getting mugged or attacked because--hey--no one would be able to see me. 
It would be a fairly peaceful life, I think.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to check out the interview Maggie and I did, it's over at Mariah Irvin's blog.

15 epic comments:

Firstly, I have to say, I love this blog! The layout and header just drew me in, so nice work! :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview. The answers to the story-of-your-life question and the sushi question made me laugh :P And I'm right there with you, Ella, on your pet peeves! I hate jerk guys; it makes the rest of us look bad!

All the best for your writing :)


Hi Constance! It's so nice to finally meet you! And I loved your questions. They were pretty entertaining as well :]


Haha, those were the best questions I've seen so far! :) The answers weren't too shabby either - good job, both of you. And I ADORED The Magic Tree house books when I was a kid. :D


Oh, that story-of-your-life question! I laughed. ^_^ And assassins! Sounds exciting! =D

Great questions, Constance. =)


Hahaha OMG I have written sushi into a story. The main character in my WIP dumps her boyfriend at a sushi restaurant. (Maybe you could write about a sushi-eating, chopstick-wielding assassin...)

I am impressed that you can write at school. Whenever I try, I freak out with "eeek people are looking at me!" and put my notebook away...


It's really hard to write multiple WiPs at a time, but it can be fun, too!

Also, Constance, I'm glad I got to interview you and Maggie!


First off - I absolutely LOVE your artwork on your blog. Secondly, such a great interview! You asked really good questions and the answers were sometimes really hilarious!! Keep it up!


I still love that blurb on your life, Ella.

I write at school during NaNoWriMo, though I feel weird that I'm sitting in the middle of all these people, writing, especially when someone tries to lean over to see what I'm doing...


@Nick- Hehe, thanks! When we picked it, this one really drew us in. It felt magical. =D

@Ella- I'm so glad you liked them! I laughed at your answers, they were brilliant. ^^ It was wonderful interviewing you!

@Amanda- Hah, thanks. Maggie and I split them, each picking three questions to ask. She asked the story-of-your-life one. She's such a genius, isn't she? *grins*

@Mariah- I loved your questions! I think I squealed when I read them. I was pretty excited. XD

@Emily- Thank you!!


@Constance—Oh, I'm so sorry. *Grandma Like WHOA reference* XD I just assumed it was you, since you were the name at the beginning. Why Maggie taking no cred, huh?? =P

Great questions, Constmaggiance! XD


@Amanda- There! Now it says "Maggie and I." I just assumed everyone would, you know, READ MY MIND and know Maggie was involved since it's her blog too. It was the most logical idea. xD


I want to add all MY thank-you's to everyone's lovely comments on the layout and the questions. Wasn't Ella just awesome with her answers? :D


Good job! I love the Magic Treehouse books....they were educational without sacrificing entertainment. And, of course, Harry Potter ;).

And @Maggie, congrats on being a finalist in that contest!


I love, love, love the jacket flap question! So unique!

And score for writing secretly in class!


@Constance and Maggie: Thank you ^-^ And hi Maggie!
@Nick: Jerk guys are everywhere these days :]
@Amanda: Everyone else has these deep and thoughtful one-worded answers and I chose "assassins". Not my best choice, I think, but I'm glad you think it's exciting!
@Laura: Chopsticks as weapons? You have just given me an idea :]
@Brooke: Thank you, and I know what you mean. Hence the "hunched over" action I initiate, I suppose...
@Anna: Aw, thanks! And thank you for this amazing blog tour ^-^


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