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Appreciating Spring

The (completely un-edited) sky yesterday. BREATHTAKING!

Happy Spring, everyone! I know, I know, it's been spring for a couple days now. But it's never too late to spread the cheer, right?

I wanted to talk about a few things that I'm hoping to change in the future, as well as what's been up, and I figured my latest favorite picture (<= it's right over there...) would compliment it all perfectly. Or at least lend its beauty for your enjoyment.

Firstly, I saw Hunger Games last night. Yes, I did go on opening day, and stood in a line that was sadly empty of fan-gear-clad-people-less (I stood out proudly in my Hunger Games T-shirt), but had no shortage of braids. All I can say without spoiling it for you is that YOU SHOULD SEE IT. I agree with Suzanne Collins that the book and movie complement and enhance each other. It's one of the most well-done book-to-screen adaptions I've seen, possibly ever. Aside from Peeta's brown eyes, I don't have much to complain about.

Secondly, and kind of back on the subject of blogging and being late, I'd like to commit to blogging at least 3 times a week. It struck me the other day talking to Taryn that some people are actually really dedicated to their blogs, and that most of my posts are apologies for NOT blogging. I want this to change. So, starting Monday, you'll hear from me more often. If it ever becomes too much, just tell me to stop. Or you could just not comment. Eventually, I'll get the hint.

Finally, I've been in a very stressful place in my life lately that's made online things of all sorts trickier. Writing, Write On!-ing, Tweet-ing, and Facebook-ing are all being pushed to the bottom of my priority list as my graduation creeps up on me, and as I struggle to get all my credits in a row, and get that diploma. And when I say struggle, I mean struggle. There's a lot to do, on top of trying to adjust to a new work schedule, and unfortunately, the creative things will just have to wait. There will be time in the summer.

SO, that being said, if I've been a bit of a no-show for lots of things (including this blog, for that matter) you know why. It's not an excuse, but it's a reason. I've got to go out with a bang. (And by bang, I mean an "A")

I've by no means covered all the "changes" I meant to talk about, but I'll have to save it for one of my 3 posts this coming week.

Until then, thanks for reading, and have a Happy Saturday!

Best Part of Today: I don't even know. Root beer Zevia?
Currently Craving: A CUPCAKE.
Music Pick: "Secrets" by OneRepublic
I'm Reading: "Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen (STILL! But loving it.)
WIP: Blink re-writes (26,803 words)

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Hahaha, I keep hearing people going, 'Spring! Spring is here!' A little of our snow is melting, but there's still a ton, so…yes. I'll believe it when I see it. XD

Good luck getting that diploma! FIGHTING! (Constance has started a 'thing.' =P)


I stand by my previous statement that spring started March 1st. *stubborn*

Ha. Twin, you should know, if I don't comment, it's not because I don't have the heart to tell you to not blog as much, like you suggest, but more that I am just bad at commenting right after reading the post. The tab often sits open a few days. *glances guiltily at Amanda's latest post's tab* Of course I am reading every single one, though, even if I don't comment. ^_^

You can do it. You can get that diploma. I have absolute faith in you. Focus on your school, and don't stress about online stuff. In MY case, at least, if you aren't on often, and I have a hankerin' to talk to you (Yes, I did just watch Serenity. You know you wish you had too. :P) then I will call you and leave you a completely silly pointless voicemail, or talk at your chatbox for a while. *grin*

@Amanda- TECHNICALLY, South Koreans started that 'thing'. I just brought it to your attention. You are welcome. xD


I know how hard school can be. I'm in a similar place myself, with a to-do list about a mile long and a textbook or two to read through. :(
Ironically, I also went to THG premiere and overslept as a result, pressing my snooze button and eventually just turning off my alarm while still dead asleep, and missing my morning classes. I felt horrible afterward, but at least it was my birthday. Yay. I'm 20. But enough about me!


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