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The Lucky 7 Meme!

So, I'm not crazy about blog awards––I love them, I think the idea is awesome, but as far as actually doing them, not so much. But Lyla tagged me in this "Lucky 7 Meme" one, which involves finding 7 lines from page 77 of your WIP. I was curious, so I found the lines. And since I did it anyway, I figured I would share it. I'm going to be cheatsy and not tag 7 other people, though. *cheatsy*

So! Here are the 7 lines from page 77 of Defiance:

"Broken. You are broken," Zierin's smug tone murmured in her head. "You let this happen, and it's gone and broken you."
"No," Lexa protested, stumbling to the ground and cradling her hand. "No, no, I'm not."
"Oh, but you are, Lexa love. Sure, I'll give you your defiance in the quiet of abandoned corners. But in front of anyone? You're like one of the humans' little lambs, going where you're told."
 She rubbed her skirt across her knuckles desperately, doing nothing but making them burn and spreading red everywhere.

Heh. The little voice in Lexa's head isn't being very nice.

Have a lovely day!

Twin Moment of the Day: Good weather is happifying!
On my Mind: To-do list I am avoiding
Listening to: Birdies outside. They are tweeting like CRAZY. (Hah. Tweeting.)
Grateful for: Spring Break!!
Wanting: Breakfast...*glances at clock* Make that lunch.
Writing: Defiance! (40,620)

3 epic comments:

Oooh, I like it*. ^_^ I just saw 'solus' in there and wondered if it should be 'solace'? B/c solus is a word, but it's an adjective, 'alone or unaccompanied', and the way you have your sentence makes it need to be a noun. So I think 'solace' is meant. =)

*I said 'like' to not sound overexuberant, b/c I'm tired. But I LOVES it. =D


Oh goodness, I'm so intrigued. Why aren't you done yet? Why‽ ='(

It's okay. If I had Defiance to read I'd procrastinate editing, and I don't think Amanda would be happy with me. =D


@Amanda- Yes...I didn't mean solace, because the MEANING of "solus" was what I was looking for. But I was exhausted at the time, so I failed to remember it was an adjective. #fail *changes to better, noun-ish word*

I'm glad you both think Defiance so great. It's a nice balance for the times when I read back and cringe at what I wrote. XD


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