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What You Put In, Comes Out

It's Day 1 of my first week of blogging-at-least-3-times. To tell you the truth, I'm pumped! And I have something on the tip of my fingers for you guys today. A concept I've been thinking about, and learning to use as a strategy to get things done in my life.

What you put in, comes out.

In other words, the more time and energy and focus that you put in to something, the better the product when you're finished. This applies to just about anything you want to do in life. A job, school, writing, and housework are just a few. Because I've had entirely too much Chemistry in my life, I can't help but write out this chemical-reaction-inspired equation as a visual aid:

(For those of you who don't know or remember, the + just means "plus", and → means 'yields')

positivity + will power + time + energy + perseverance success + completion + satisfaction

Like the pretty colors?

If you can use this method in any area of your life where things need to get DONE, I feel I can safely guarantee you'll have plenty of success, completion, and satisfaction. Try it! I'm off to apply this to my schoolwork. And to have some more of the interesting coconut-milk-based soy-free dairy-free chocolate 'ice cream' stuff I took a gamble and bought. 

(It's not too bad.) 

(But it's kind of wrong without the dairy.)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Best Part of Today: The sunshine!
Currently Craving: One word--CUPCAKE!!!
Music Pick: "Green" by Afro Celt 
I'm Reading: "Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen 
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7 epic comments:

Very nice equation. I just wish I had more time and energy... and a bit more will power to put into my school work, particularly at this time of year (second semester, senior year). But rather than studying for my physics test, this makes me want to write more!


@Amanda Thank you! =) I'm trying to muster up the energy and willpower to put into my schoolwork, too. Senioritis sucks. I SO understand! I would say study for your physics test a little, and then treat yourself to some writing.


I wish it were that simple, lol. If "random occurrences of fate" and "outside commitments" or actually just "life" don't interfere, it usually is. :)


@Laurathewise Ahh, yes. Unfortunately, life DOES happen. That's why I stuck 'perseverance' in there, so when random occurrences of fate do decide to get in the way, you're ready. Thanks for reading!


I need to use that. I'm not exactly the most self-controlled person or anything, so I really need to work at it, especially with school. *to self* Why do I not want to read this short story?


I have made ice cream like that. Not as good. At all. If you want it to be healthier (though, ice cream? It's a super food.) use kiefer-cultured cream. That is good for you, and is just makes the ice cream a bit tangy.

And I am probably focusing on the wrong part of the post. XD The rest is good. That is how it works and you are a brilliant, amazing Twin. ^_^


@Danaka I so understand. Thanks for reading! =)

@Twin Oh really? It would help if I had an ice cream maker first. XD Though honestly, if I DID have the opportunity to make ice cream, I don't think I'd use kiefer-cultured cream. *thinks that sounds terrible*

Thanks, Twin. :) *hugs*


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