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HI. This is me, posting, NOT a bajillion years after the last time I posted!! I am so proud of myself, hehehe.

Anyway. A few nights ago I had a breakthrough. Two, actually.

First, one of my MCs in Defiance, Varesa. She's supposed to be really awkward. Slightly comical, even. I've been having trouble bringing out that part of her character while writing. There were moments when I thought I had nailed it, only to be disappointed because it would fade again.

Until it occurred to me...I should try to write her like I think when I'm hyper. I am not awkward––I hope...––but I do have a completely random thought process, and it's ten times worse when I'm hyper. If I could channel a bit of that into Varesa, maybe it would work?

YES. It did. I didn't really make her random, so much, but somehow, SOMETHING finally clicked. It was beautiful. I still need to get to know her more, but I'm on the right track. It is happifying.

The second win of the evening come from me procrastinating (SEE, good things DO come from procrastination!). I was googling an actor from an old show I used to love, and instead, I found this picture of a boy. A boy that, given a few shades of auburn in his hair, is my other MC's love interest. I have been trying and trying to find a proper picture for him, because I love having pictures of my characters. If I can't find one, I usually let it go. But with Thane, I couldn't. I would find pictures that had one aspect of him, and they would catch my attention, but they weren't quite right. I needed to find the right one. (It was sort of becoming an obsession.)

And boy, is this one great. I can forgive the hair being off, because the hair is wrong on basically all the photos I find, since I always seem to have unusual aspects. But the rest? Perfect. It has made me a very happy girl, finally having a photo to glare at when Thane isn't getting along.

So, two tiny things––things that have varying degrees of visible importance to the eventual completion of the book––are all it takes to make me feel like I won the lottery of my life. But even if they are small, they are important. It's the little things that keep me excited about writing this story. The little things that remind me that I love it when I want to throw it off the nearest bridge.

What little things keep you in love with your story?

On a side note, I saw The Hunger Games movie last night. Ooooh my GOODNESS. If you've seen it, did you like it?? (No spoilers :P) And if you haven' should do that. Nowish.

Twin Moment of the Day: Hunger Games movie. We loves it. (That is presumptuous of me, since she hasn't seen it yet so I *could* be wrong. But I seriously doubt I am.)
On my Mind: Latin homework.
Listening to: Someone is sweeping in the other room.
Grateful for: Sleep. Sleep is nice sometimes.
Wanting: The weekend!
Writing: Defiance! (41,830)

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AHHH The Hunger Games was so good!!! It was a really good movie. Helps that Suzanne Collins is a screenwriter and she worked on the script. I thought Jennifer Laurence was a perfect Katniss; she really had the subtlety required to play a reserved character. Great movie. I cried when a certain minor character died (and so did the rest of the theater; people were in various stages of breakdown from sniffles to sobbing lol).

I like how little things can help you figure out story details. And how putting some of yourself into your character makes it easier to write -- seems like a no-brainer, but there you go. :)


I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE HUNGER GAMES!!! But I don't get to until, like, next weekend. =(

And I want to see your picture of Thane! I can never find any pictures that match my characters. I've found a grand total of one, and she's a minor character that's only around for like three chapters. =/ I'm really happy that you've had a breakthrough, so I can read it. ^_^


@Laura- Yes! I agree with everything you said. Although, in our theater, me and my friend were the only one reacting to anything, so we were the only ones upset on that scene! (And these people are hardcore fans that would go to the midnight premiere? O_o *doubts their sincerity*) I really loved movie-Katniss; I never really liked book-Katniss, so I was surprised at how much I liked her. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress. ^_^

Yes! I know you aren't supposed to project yourself into your characters so they are basically what you wish you were, or some such, but a bit here or there helps if the character just isn't connecting.

@Amanda- I am sorry for you. :( BUT YOU WILL LOVE IT. And if you don't I will come up there and make you watch it with me until you do. XD

Oh, okay! I will email it to you later.
Lol. You're a sneaky one, aren't you? Very subtle with your hints. :P


WOAH. This is an important moment. You actually said you're grateful for SLEEP! O_O *stares* *blinks* *wonders that those impossible words don't fade*

All sarcasm aside, I'm SO happy you've had your two breakthroughs! Especially the one about Thane. I know how hard it can be to find character pictures. I've dedicated HOURS to it, literally, and come up empty-handed. May I see this lucky picture??

And your assumption was right. I LOVED Hunger Games, and second that, if you're reading this and haven't yet, GO SEE IT. Or see it at some point. *nods eagerly*


@Maggie- Um, I would like to point out that was the morning after the Hunger Games premiere so I WAS up until 3. And the night before I was up until 2:30 and got up early. So I was majorly behind on my sleep. Don't get any ideas about me and sleep. :P

Yes you may! I will send it to you now, when I send it to Amanda––since I forgot to before. XD


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