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I Am a Finalist!

Just wanted to blog quickly about some exciting news I learned today. My short story "DIVE" is among the 60 finalists of the 17 Magazine Fiction Contest on Figment. I wrote and entered the 470-word story about a girl whose sister drowns in the ocean back in December, not sure what to expect, except an adventure. Because of all the hearts it's received since then, it's come as far as this.

I feel a little overwhelmed with the love and support shown by the Figment community to me and my work. DIVE is not perfect. Every time I read it I find a new fault with it. But I like it, and it makes me incredibly happy to see that other people do, too. That I was able to evoke emotions in my readers. For me, this is no small thing.

No matter who wins (the $5,000, I might add with a cough), I'm glad for the chance to participate. And for those of you who are interested in joining future writing contests on Figment (and they have a lot), you can start on my page (and maybe give a heart to any current contest entries you see? Hint, hint.)

Yay for writing! Yay for contests!

Love you all, and have a super Happy Thursday!

Best Part of Today: THE SUNSHINE.
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4 epic comments:

YOU DID? Oh my goodness, Twin, that's so great!! I hope you win. ^_^ *proud of you*


@Twin Yes!! :D Thank you. *hugs*

@Danaka Yes I am! :)


I just stopped by your blog from the 21 Minus blog tour and noticed this post. Thanks for the link. I was wondering when they were going to tell us the Finalists.

Congratulations on moving onto the next stage. ^^


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