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CotL & Ertob

This is going to be wonderfully disconnected, and not just because it is midnight.

Okay. Mostly because it is midnight.

I'm writing this because my body can't decide if it wants to sleep more than my brain wants to write, so I'm giving them a chance to war.
Yeah. That didn't make much sense to me, either.

I haven't actually started writing City of the Lost yet, but while I was writing up this, I totally came up with how to start. So I'm pretty excited. I still can't decide whether I should stick with what I'm familiar with (1st person POV) or try something new (3rd person POV). I feel like this is one of those stories that works either way, so it's totally up to what I'm in the mood for. I'm leaning towards 3rd, because it shall be new and exciting. But I just don't know...

On the road trip front, I found a friend to drag along with me! Her condition? We go to Wyoming. *insert blank look here, with a touch of astonished confusion* Wyoming? Really? I'm sure it's a gorgeous place, but it's sort of... out of the way, considering the rest of our destination picks are in New England or on the way. *shakes head* Mayhap I can convince her to go to Wyoming with me another time. If not... Well, I'll make her drive most of the way. xD

Also, the road trip now has a name: Epic Road Trip o' 2013. Shortened to ERTo13, or Ertob.

Sleep is winning out, for sure. It has nothing to do with the fact that I migrated into a laying-on-my-side position. *shifty look*

Anyway. Sleep won the war. I'll write tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it so much! :)
Sleep well, y'all.

Twin Moment of the Day... We're both the tallest girl in our immediate family! *bright smile*
On My Mind... Why the friend that IS willing to roadtrip with me is so random that she wants to go to Wyoming, of all places.
Listening to... "A Boy Like That" from "West Side Story"
Wanting to... Sleep. And write.
Writing... CotL, brainstorming/"plotting"

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This is epic and wonderful and YOU. *snorts at Wyoming* Though it IS beautiful. :)

*likes Twin moment*

*likes how sleep won*

*likes sleep*

*likes this post*


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