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Poll -- For Writers: Do YOU like Grammar?

Let's get one thing straight about me: I've never, ever liked grammar. Yes, I know just how important it is. I've heard stories and seen with my own eyes just how far back lack of grammar knowledge can set you as a writer. Thus, this post is not to say don't learn grammar. I'm simply wondering how many writers share this opinion. How common is grammar-hate amongst the people whom you'd think would love and use it most?

That being said, I figured there's no better way to find this out than a poll.

Bear with me! I know these are very vague answers and there are all different levels of grammar feelings. Everything from passionately detest it to (*cough*insanely) adore it. Just pick the one that describes you best.

EDIT: Well, the poll is finished. CLICK HERE to see the results. I think most writers agree that they like grammar. I have to say that my friend Andre summed it all up here. Grammar is necessary and wonderful and I like how it works and what it does for a book. However, I don't like the learning process of it and how it becomes like Algebra at times. All the memorizing and the terminology and the diagrams translated in my brain to BAD. Thoughts? Just comment on this post. I'd love to hear.

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I wrote a response to this, but then I realized that I need a Novelteen post for tomorrow and my response could be fleshed out and used as one, so my response is there. XD


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