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My thoughts aren't deep like Twin's.

I've been thinking about traveling today. I was depressed the past few days, and when I'm depressed, eventually my mind turns to travel; I want to leave Texas, visit somewhere new and exciting.

I'm not depressed anymore, but I'm still pondering travel. I'm 16. There's no way my mom would let me go traveling on my own. But I still can't think about anything else besides buying a car. I mean, I'm not the type that would just up and leave, but I am a daydreamer. I can't help but think about getting away.

I don't think this is just me. Deep down, a lot of people have wanderlust. It's in the blood, and sometimes the need to follow the wanderlust becomes pretty strong.

That's one of the main reasons I write. If I can't go see the places and things I long to see, the next best thing is to write about them.

What about you? What do you find so inspiring that it influences other parts of your life?

Okay, maybe that was sort of deep, if somewhat disconnected.

Twin Moment of the Day... (some days this may not be filled out; it happens)
On My Mind... Other places
Listening to... /watching The Book of Eli
Wanting to... Travel
Writing... CotL, brainstorming/"plotting"

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Oh Twin. It's the story of my life. Throughout the year, at some point or another, I'll want to travel particularly bad. Sometimes it's just in the background, there bot not really an issue. Sometimes it's an ache. So I totally understand.

*likes this post a lot*

*really relates*


Haha, I think I'm the same as Lizzy: "*likes this post a lot*, *really relates*". :D I also love to travel and see and experience new cultures and stuff like that. But I've also learned that there are lots of cool experiences to be had, even right in my own city. ;)


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