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Love of Language

As I wait for my Peach Pizzaz tea to cool, and think about whether or not I should eat food, I've decided something: I want to own a Ragdoll cat & a Sheltie. Actually, that's not accurate. I've known that for a while. I've just re-decided it.

I've also decided that I have entirely too many languages I want to learn. Right now I'm studying Korean. I'm not very far, but it's really interesting. I watch Korean tv shows sometimes (with Eng subs), and I love it when I hear them say something and I'm like, "OH, I UNDERSTOOD THAT!!!" It makes my day.
But I want to learn several other languages, too. Irish and Esperanto are at the top of that list––obscure choices that I'll never get a chance to practice––but the list encompasses French, German, Japanese, and maybe even Spanish or Russian.

So I think language-learning might become my new hobby. I mean, maybe not. It's no picnic, as studying Korean has taught me, but it's pretty darn fun.

Anyone here know any of those languages? *smiles at Twin and her French*

Twin Moment of the Day... We both have only two cousins! (That doesn't count removed/second cousins)
On My Mind... Foreign languages, the learning of
Listening to... Flogging Molly's "Drunken Lullabies" and thunder (YAY! RAIN! *looks out window* ...Oh. It's gone. Curses. Yay, thunder... -_-)
Wanting to... Meet someone who has invented a device that can make me learn a language in a week. :P
Writing... CotL, brainstorming/"plotting"

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Language is awesome. My problem is that I've always hated learning grammar. Even in English, I've always had great grammar because I read so much, but I was absolutely terrible at it in school because it made it like...math or something. It was evil. XD So I'd love to KNOW other languages, but learning them is just...blehhh. It drives me insane.

But I DO know French, even if my grammar is beyond atrocious. Growing up in Canada helped with that. (The knowing French, not the grammar. Well...actually, it probably helped my grammar failage, too, come to think of it. XD)


I love learning languages, but you're right, it's so hard!! The most efficient way to learn a language would be to go live where someone speaks that language, but even that it's a slow and effortful process!


Twin, I love this post and you. And yes, language learning is tough! But I love it. *cough* Actually, having failed to learn Spanish and Latin, let's say I love it if I LOVE THE LANGUAGE. :P

@Andre I couldn't have said it better. I've always hated grammar. My mother has badgered me to no end, asking how I can be a writer and hate grammar. It happens. Grammar and math were pretty equal on my hate list in the past few years. I've paid for that, too.

@Gracie Yes! Totally. The BEST way to become fluent is to surround yourself. *waits for someone to hand her a house in France* *coughs* Yes. It's expensive to become fluent, I guess.


Yeah, Lizzy, loving the language does help. xD

I don't like grammar. Which is really contrary, since all the things I want to do include grammar. :P

@Gracie That too. Definitely. I would love to just move overseas to all the different countries and learn the languages. *cough*like Korea*cough*


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