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Knitting + (Read: =) Procrastination

So, some of you might now I've been learning to knit. Project #1: fingerless gloves. So I found a pattern, I bought super pretty yarn, and I set to work.
Well, I'm done.

Excuse the weird placing-in-front-of-the-face-ness. My hair is chlorine-y. I was merely trying to spare you all.

And I'm too lazy to go get the camera so I can take pictures that don't require me to be in the pictures.

Anyway. There they are. I love the yarn color, but––and don't tell anyone, it's a deep dark secret––they are not the same. The first one made was too loose, so I went down a size for the next... and I accidentally made it longer. #fail

But I still loves them. Cause I made them. I shall treasure them forever. Even if eventually forever means from a distance, when they hide away in my closet.

I'm ready to make something else. Any suggestions? No? Another pair of gloves it is... (A different pattern, of course.)

In other news (it's been a while, after all), I totally am honing my procrastination skills. Not only am I avoiding doing my Latin homework (due 9 am tomorrow), I am also avoiding my English paper (due 1 pm tomorrow). Oh yes. I've got skills. Not to mention I'm avoiding lunch. I'm feeling VERY lazy today.

...The hunger is actually winning out, so I must be off.

But tell me! Do any of y'all doing creative things? Besides writing. (knitting, crocheting, drawing, making artistic piles out of rocks... etc)

Twin Moment of the Day... I've actually not talked to Twin today, so I've got nothing.
On My Mind... The nine things I need to do TODAY. O_O
Listening to... "Hallelujah" by Big Bang
Grateful for... gummy worms.
Wanting to... Eat kimbap. (Dang it, I have to make it first. O_o)
Writing... Selfish

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Latin is awesome.

So is chlorine-y hair.


THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! *so proud*

So. When do I get mine??

Hehe. Jk. (half)

But those are amazing!!!

I would say more gloves, or a scarf next. A big, fuzzy, red scarf. *imagines*

I'm grateful for gummy worms too. And "Hallelujah" is awesome. <3 But then again, so are Big Bang.

Um. Hobbies besides writing. Yes. I take and edit pictures (duhhh...) and I play the guitar in spare time. Those aren't very hobby-ish. Oh, I make (used to make??) dolls. I haven't made one since I made Jodi's. I guess you could call that a hobby.


You should make me a warm maroon and cream hat or scarf with cool designs. Well...maybe wait until your fifth project for that--don't want to make things too complicated to fast. XD

As for hobbies...singing, guitar, piano, drawing(pencil, pen, oil pastels), painting(acrylic), photography & editing of said photographs, songwriting, graphics, if that counts. I made the banner on my blog, and I really like doing that sort of thing. That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's more. Some of these I do much more than others, but I've done all of them at some point, and plan to do all again in the future. =)


Lol, I actually do have some rocks I like to arrange when they fall from their previous piling--they're shale and random rust/cream ones with some granite mixed in. =D My real hobbies include all of Amanda's except drawing, and I plan to take that up soon (and knitting). Oh, and I used to do cross-stitching on flights, but I don't really know how to do it anymore, and I'm not sure TSA would allow the needles required. O_o

Your gloves are a *very* good first attempt at knitting. WAY better than mine, lol. (I made a scarf six years ago for Home Ec on a circular-plastic-thing, because I didn't have a straight-plastic-thing, and it still won't relax its curved shape. =/)


Oh, and I enjoy baking and whittling when they're called for. I once combined songwriting and whittling and made up a song about whittling. It may or may not have been to the tune of "Whistle While You Work".



And I am so proud of you! Even if they ARE different sizes! XOXOXO


I beg to differ about the chlorine-y hair, though. It doesn't make my heart smile.

Twin, your hobby is being awesome. Clearly.

@Amanda Lol! I'll get back to you on that. xD You and Renée have so many hobbies. O_O *in awe*

@Renée Yeah, I'm doubting the TSA would allow any sort of needles. I might want to look that up...
What is the "Whistle While You Work" tune? *feels like I should know this...*

@Authoress/everyone *beams* Thanks. I did work hard on them. *^_^*


So cool! Ever since I read a book called "The Friday Night Knitting Club" I've wanted to learn to knit. Well, no...I've always wanted to learn, but that book made me obsessed with the idea. I keep daydreaming myself as a champion knitter.

You should make a scarf next.


@Constance -- Lol, it's the song Snow White sings while she's cleaning up the dwarves' cottage.


Way better than my first attempt would have been. Mine would have probably turned into a big knot of yarn!

As for me, I have a ton of hobbies. Singing, thatre, ricking out, baking, cooking, writing (obviiusly), reading, writing songs, photography, editing pictures, creeping people out......



@Brittany--Do it. Learn. :) I'm making a pair of fingerless gloves/arm warmers for Maggie. But a scarf is on the agenda sooner or later... If you see any pretty ones you should send me the link. :)

@Renée––Oh... Right... *does not remember it* >.>

@Gabbi––You don't know that. I mean, it's possible. That's how these started out... until I realized that it was just NOT supposed to look like that, and took it all out... I shoulda taken photos. xD
Lol! I love how "creeping people out" is a hobby. *snickers*


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