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Taryn's visiting!

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Okay, first I'd like to start off with a big, round apology. I've been such a bad blogger for the past-- what? two weeks? And I'm sorry. Each time I tried to think of something, nothing came to mind. Like, at all.

It's all tied in to my I'm-17-and-suddenly-absolutely-nothing-is-clear-in-my-life (which includes many of my own personal opinions, thus robbing virtually all my blog post ideas). I won't burden you with a list of excuses, I'll just move quietly on to the point of this post.

*clears throat*

By this time tomorrow, I will be talking to Taryn Albright FACE TO FACE.

Long story short, Taryn is among my favorite people I've met online since Authoress asked me to help out with Write On!, and she just happens to attend a college four hours away from me. Even more luckily, she just happened to get a ride with a friend to my town. So, way sooner than I'd ever have dreamed, I GET TO MEET HER!

I'll take this moment to squeal and clap and toss confetti in the air, since that just about sums up what's going on in my head.

Let the countdown begin!!

And just because it's been a while, how are YOU? Anything exciting in your life this weekend? Do share. I'm all ears.

Best Part of Today: The nip in the air. Hurry up, fall!
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11 epic comments:

Yay! I'm so excited for you two! Have fun~

As for me, well. This week has been horribly busy. I was sick all last week so all the work I was supposed to have done then lumped together this week and yeah. And as for weekend plans...I'm looking forward to FINALLY finishing up Crime and Punishment over the weekend...since I have a test on it on Monday, lol.


@Lyla Thank you!! I think we really will. :D

And I'm sorry. That doesn't sound very fun... busy isn't always good! Good luck finishing Crime and Pubishment, and double good luck on the test! <3


@Lyla I LOVED C&P!!! One of my favorite HS reads. So much awesome.

Re: my weekend

Idk. My weekend should be pretty cool. I'm going on a swim team campout, and there's also this boy, and I think something's starting, which is always fun.




Also, we must make your twin extremely jealous. It will be fun. I promise.



Hmm...exciting weekend? Nope, not me. I'm not going to a young adults camp with access to a zipline. Because I don't love ziplines, not at all. PSYCH. I am. And I do. XD

And I've already got a lot of yellow leaves on my birch trees, and on the ground, so I'd say autumn is most certainly up here. =)


@Taryn YES!!! I'm so excited. 'Kay, that word totally doesn't even do my feelings justice. I'm like... BURSTING! And YES. Pictures. Though I'll feel sad if we make my Twin jealous... I think we already have. *sad look at Twin*

@Amanda Oooh! Speaking of jealous!! Can you send some of those leaves this way?? Fall is taking FOREVER. (Though it IS chilly tonight! I pulled out my long PJ pants! :D)


@Twin O_O How did I miss you working on a different novel?!

@Taryn I am already jealous. Please don't go out of your way to make it worse.

And both of you! Pictures. Lots of pictures. *waits expectantly*

As for my weekend... WELL. Since this girl I talk to almost every day is busy for some reason or other, I'll probably have to come up with things to fill the hours... Like read the first half of a certain epic person's MS, or start knitting some fingerless gloves, or maybe even write. Or maybe I'll just sit and stare at the wall mournfully. I'll have to get back to you on that one.


Yes, the I'm-17-and-suddenly-absolutely-nothing-is-clear-in-my-life is a very familiar feeling--I'm sure you'll figure it out, though. =)

Anyways...have fun, you two! ...Without us. You know, no big deal. It-it's fine. ='( =P

As for weekend plans, mine are the same as Amanda's if my eyes decide to cooperate and heal. If not, well...I'm gonna go to camp anyway and pray for a miracle. XD


@Constance--OOH! Ooh! Do I, do I get a vote??? I pick door number one! XD

@Renee'--That's right. And it would've been more fun if you hadn't shared. 8(


@Twin AWWW! *HUGS* We will take pictures. And I shall make sure to talk to you at some point. Maybe I'll call? *HUGS* But reading a certain epic person's first half of manuscript isn't a bad idea at all. :D That's where I'm headed as soon as I finish Brigid's. :)

@Renee Oh no! What's wrong with your eyes?? *prays for healing, too* And thank you! I hope I figure it out, too.


@Maggie -- Thanks. =) I've had pink eye for the past...eight days now. O_o <-- This smiley does somewhat represent my eyes right now and my emotional turmoil over this fact. =P


8D You like Icon For Hire! I LOVE them! Saw them in concert at Lifelight Music Festival 10 days after their CD came out. XD They rock, don't they?

Anyway, I know what you mean with the whole '17' thing. Suddenly, my future feels very uncertain. XD

As for what I'm doing this weekend... Writing. Writing. And maybe some writing. ;)


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