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Tagged! We're it!

Okay, procrastination time over! Amanda over on her totally awesome blog tagged me (us?) and I've been putting, doing this, since.

Rules are simple. I'm supposed to tag 5 people and give you 10 fun facts. But let's have a little honest moment; I'm not really a tag-you're-it sort of person. I'll give you 5 fun facts, and a handful of my favorite blogs, but there's no obligation to continue.

Does that make me a bad sport?

Maybe when Constance is next on, she'll give you the other 5 fun facts, and some of her favorite blogs. I don't want to hog the fun facts or anything. 

Without further ado!

1. I often wear mismatched socks. Not particularly because I want to or anything. I just have an incredible talent for loosing socks. Because we all loose socks occasionally...*

2. I lost my first front tooth via sidewalk faceplant while riding my bike. Graceful is my middle name. Huh. I coulda sworn it was Elisabeth...

3. I read just about every single Hardy Boys book there is. When all is said and done, you have to admit, they're endlessly more exciting than Nancy Drew!

4. I detest celery. With every fiber in my body. 

5. I may or may not have locked my babysitter out of the house. You would.

[Here's some lovely space for Constance's 5. If you so choose, Twin dear!] MAGGIE. You were supposed to write them FOR me. Hmph.


6. I lived in the Philippines for a year when I was 10, but I'm the only person in my family that hasn't been to Canada. (It's a sore spot. -_-)

7. I once slept in my swimming pool while it was floating around in my back yard (after a flood). It was Epic.

8. I owned a squirrel once. His name was Fred. I have picture proof if anyone wants it.

9. ...I was once obsessed with Twilight. >. > There were even fanfictions.

10. I played tennis when I was in public school for seventh grade. I was really bad. Like, bottom-of-the-list bad.

And now for my favorite blogs. I like Matt'sAmanda'sAuthoress'sTaryn'sLyla's, and quite a few more! Though, honestly, I don't read them half as much as I'd like. I agree with all these. ^_^

I'm learning.

* This is what happens when you don't do mine for me, Twin. Learn your lesson. 사랑해**, Constance
P.S. It was really fun. I might do it again. Hehehe.

** For you non-Korean speakers, that is "I love you". For the one Korean-speaker, don't hate me if I got it wrong. O_O

3 epic comments:

Yay! You did it! =) On number four--I actually love celery. I like it with ranch, I like it with italian, I like it sliced up in a soup. I like it a lot. ^_^ Of course, I pretty much love all vegetables aside from bell peppers. Those I detest with the deepest of loathings.

On nine...fanfictions...that's pretty bad. I had an obsession stage, but I never wrote fanfic(I wrote *cough*Warrior cats fanfic*cough*). I have a morbid desire to read one of yours now! O_O Anyway, I'm glad you've recovered and joined the sane, Constance. I'm truly proud of you. XD Also, I love tennis! It's one of the few sports I enjoy. =)


Wow, tagged by 2 awesome teens!! *swoony giggles*

You locked your babysitter out of the house? REALLY??

Constance -- you had a SQUIRREL??

And I thought I knew you both...


@Amanda Yeah, it was sad. :P I'm glad I've moved past it. And the only way you will ever see any of them is if you pay me substantial amounts of... something.
I'm jealous. I wish I was good at tennis. It's fun. I'm just... bad. O_o

@Authoress Well, see... the cat brought him in. We couldn't just let him DIE. He was so cute... I can't resist the cute... >.>


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