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Caught Between Two Worlds

Ah, that title sounds tragic.

It's not.

Let me explain! Don't just run off. Goodness.

I started college classes, right? I'm doing them through dual enrollment (also known as dual credit).

So far, I'd say the classes are wonderful. I really would. They're fun and I like my professors, for the most part.

...Problem is, I'm only 16. I've never been crazy social, and that age difference (Yes, at its least it's an overwhelming 2 years *eye roll*) between me and all of my classmates is... daunting, despite it not being that much of a gap. Basically, I don't talk to people, and I just feel totally out of place.

At the end of the day, I don't feel in place with people closer to my age, either. Most of the time my friends are a little older than me... and so this year they all went off to college. I'm one of a few people that is neither college-age nor junior high-age. And it's lonely.

But! I have all sorts of wonderful people online. *cough* Twin, Canadian, Taryn, TEO, etc. *cough* So it's not tragic. It's just a fact. I'm sort of caught between two worlds. And I don't actually mind.

Anyone else feel like they're caught between two worlds, because of age/school, or otherwise?

In other news, the writing is... not going as fabulously as one could hope. Classes started this week, so I was oomph-less at the end of the days. But I'm already getting into a groove, so that should change. I still love my story. *hugs*

Aaand tell me how you're writing is going!! ^_^

Twin Moment of the Day... Neither of us like or understand American football's existence.
On My Mind... Why aren't my Jedi mind powers bringing the rain clouds to East Texas? Why??
Listening to... nothing, unless you count a squeaky fan.
Grateful for... AC. So much. So much love for the AC. *coos at it*
Wanting to... eat some picante sauce-cream cheese dip. It's basically yummy incarnate. ^^
Writing... Selfish (:

5 epic comments:

Hmm...I used to only have friends that were younger than me(or *cough* acted younger than me), as many as 5 years younger, but now I have a couple who are like 3 to 5 years older. Idk, I don't know a lot of people my age...except Renee' & Taryn, lol. Taryn's exactly five days older than me, and Renee' is like 45 seconds older. So it's going to be more me leaving my friends behind when I go off to college, b/c they're all already out of college, or still in high school. I guess I'm a study in extremes, lol.

But I hear you about that age difference. It kind of ended any friendships I could've had in class, b/c they found out I was a junior in high school and I was automatically not cool enough for their association. It also didn't help that it was a physics class and lab, which means all the others were at least sophomores, if not juniors in college. One guy tried to hit on Renee' and I by saying he knew we were sisters b/c we had the same nose(great start! *rolls eyes*), then found out we were underage and promptly ended the conversation and left us alone.


Also! Your Twin Moment of the Day can become a quadruplet moment, b/c Renee' and I don't like or get it, either. ^_^


First, I want to say to Amanda that a) I really, really like you! b) I really really lik-- Oh, I said that. Well, b) I totally thought you were the "older" twin! O_O I wonder why. And c) I had no idea that they'd have such a problem with high school students! :O

Which brings me to my comment about this post in general. Twin, I'm sorry you feel so out of place! :( That's no fun at all. But I'm glad you don't mind, because if you minded that'd be tragic. I'm so thankful you have internet!

My very best friends in life have been younger than me, interestingly enough. But at the same time I've had some dear, dear friends that are OLDER. As in, 20s... and sometimes late teens. I don't have very many -- or any, right now -- friends that are actually MY age. O_o I never really thought about why... and I'm too tired to do that now.

But all this to say, I don't remember ever feeling like my age got in the way socially. Normally people think I'm older than I am anyway (I started attending Sr. High youth group when I was still technically Jr. High age... no one knew!) and I tend to enjoy talking to more mature people... which sounds both snobby and weird considering my best friends are younger.



So yeah. I kinda like you Twin. *hugs*


I really really like you, too! ^_^ Most people do think I'm the older twin, because I'm just a natural born leader, I guess. =P But really, I tend to be the vocal one, as vocal as either of us are, so people assume this form of semi-taking charge makes me older. That's my best explanation for it. *shrugs*

And I lol'ed at you joining your Sr. High youth group early and no one noticing--I look so young that most people still think I'm 14 or 15(when I'm currently 18.5 years of age), so that wouldn't have worked for me, lol. Though I would have preferred it--I definitely enjoy talking to more mature people. I can't really say all my younger friends qualify as more mature--it depends. I can have endless, random battles of wit with one of them, and another is pretty much my sister--she's the one who's half a year older than me but probably a year younger in maturity, lol. And the friend five years younger than me reminds me a lot of myself at that age, and we always have great conversations. =) So life's just weird with the people I've been surrounded by. ^_^


@Amanda: Most of my friends are... 18, actually. They all up and left me a few weeks ago for college. :P

Yeah... That's what I'm afraid of. What if I do befriend someone, and then they find out I'm only 16...? But, at least my classes are actually freshmen-level, theoretically.

Hey. At least he left you alone after that. xD Poor boy, thinking that THAT pick-up line will work.

*high fives* Nice. It's actually one of those things I don't dare say out loud any more... if I say it on campus, who knows what may happen to me? O_O

And yes, I thought you were the older twin too.... But in my case, this isn't surprising. A frequently mistake siblings; I know a family that has two girls two years apart and I thought the 16-yr-old was older than the 18-yr-old when I met them. Sometimes I think I'm really bad at figuring out ages. O_o

@Twin: Yes. It would be tragic. Thank goodness!

*points to self* Hello! I'm Constance, your Twin. I am only a few months younger than you. ;P

I can see that. When I first saw you, I thought you looked older than you are.
People think I'm older than I am, too. I frequently get that I look 18. But I know that I'm not, and that just... it makes me feel out of place, despite the knowledge that most of the people around me can't even tell my real age.

I like you too. :D *hugs*


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