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Another Blog Award!!

Last time, Maggie Twin got to pass on the awesome Liebster award. Now it's my turn to pass on the Roaring Lion Blog Award, presented to us by Gracie.

Isn't it pretty? She made it. I mean, yeah, it looks like it's... yawning... which... isn't very fierce... But it is clearly a lion, and sometimes yawns sound like roars! (They certainly do when they're coming from my brother...)

Anyway. I digress.

Gracie said "Twin Moment" is... "...a blog by two teens (Lizzy* and Constance) who are cool.  Their blog layout is awesome, they like classical music, and they're really sweet. :)"


*beams* Granted, Twin listens to more classical than I do, but I won't turn down wonderful music in any form.

Now. To pass it on. Hmmm.

1. Truth, Justice, and Other Stuff by Amanda. Seriously. I love this blog. It never fails to make me chuckle... and she's sort of pretty darn smart; always says something worth hearing. Not to mention, she's also got a twin! ...Though... hers is real. :P

2. Lyla Lee(or is it Lyla Writes?) is by a fellow Texan, Lyla(or Naseoul). I haven't been following her very long, but her blog is on my short list of blogs to check frequently. It takes a lot to get on that list. Now, she's gotten three blog awards recently, but I think she deserves this one too.

3. I can't forget Gracie! I Am Writer... Hear Me Roar! has three things going for it. First, she's a writer. Second, she's funny (I like funny; can you tell?). And third, LIONS. BABY LIONS, even. Need I say more?! Oh, and she's uber creative. I mean, I wouldn't think to just make my own blog award to give out... would you? So yeah, basically, awesome.

There are a TON more amazing blogs out there... but it's 1 AM and it's been a week since I got some decent sleep. So. If you want to read any more, scroll down and check out the Blogs We Like section on right. It's not an all-encompassing list of blogs we love, but it's a start.

So! Rules for this Roaring Lion award are as follows:

1. When you receive the award, post the picture! It's a very pretty lion that could either be yawning or roaring or both. Instant winner.
2. Pass on the award. I don't care how many people, as long as you do it. :) 
3. In case you haven't figured it out, if you receive the Roaring Lion Blog Award it means that you are awesome.

So. That's that. Thanks again, Gracie. ^^
Night, all!

Twin Moment of the Day... We'd both like some change.
On My Mind... My bed has a load of clean clothes on it; I'm contemplating sleeping on the floor.
Listening to... my growling stomach.
Grateful for... the RAIN! And the dropping temperatures. We're down to 90s and 80s, people!! :D
Wanting to... sleep.
Writing... Selfish

7 epic comments:

Thanks, Constance! And thanks for having me on your list of blogs to check frequently. Reading that made feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

...And wow, you posted this at 1 AM our time. I was sleeping. O_O


@Lyla Constance doesn't sleep. And I didn't know you had a blog! *runs to check it out*

And my general comment is that Gracie is funny and I love the award. ^^


*protests* I DO sleep! I just... I like night time... So I sleep... less... >.>

@Lyla Tehehe. Well, it's true. ^_^


Haha, thanks for the comments and thanks for passing it on!


Thanks for the yawning lion--I mean, the roaring lion award! XD


That award just may be the cutest thing I have seen all day. And I own a cute cat.


@Ruthanne Isn't it, though? Super cute! ^_^


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