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Revisions, here I come!

I've never been more excited to revise!

Yesterday I got all my ducks in a row with Blink. I figured out what needs to change, what I have to do to achieve these changes, and then proceeded to do a lot of research. To say the least, it was depressing (if you read my tweet than you know it involved missing children and contagious diseases...) and left me feeling sad for the rest of the evening. Well, at least until I started watching Firefly.


Anyway, today's the day I would say officially begins the revisions. I'm pumped and ready to dive in. I don't really have a specific direction, but I know there will probably be index cards, pen-wielding, and much typing and deleting.

Sounds fun, right?

Oh, and I'm armed with chocolate and tea. That just makes it loads better. So does the rain outside. I'd say today is shaping up to be a perfect day.

So, tell me about you! What are you working on? What are you revising or drafting or editing or querying?

I'm all ears.

Best Part of Today: My chocolate. Or the rain. Or the revisions. Maybe all three.
Currently Craving: Pineapple. (I see a recurring theme here...)
Music Pick: "Je Me Perds" by Jena Lee (Oui, c'est en français! And I even bothered to find a "ç" to write that..)
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Blink Revisions

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Even if it wasn't raining, we all know now how to bring it on, now! ( FTW!) ^_^ Sounds like a ton of fun, good luck!

As for my work...I'm still editing. Some of it's turning into revising, too, because some of these scenes need to be rewritten for different reasons. It's going too slow! But I know I'll get it done eventually, so yeah. Just keep on keepin' on. =)


Good luck, Twin. Fighting!! :)

You too, Teo. Also... You have opened up my world with that link. I did NOT know such a magical website existed. It is JUST what I need when craving rain. Besides real rain, that is. *loves* *so much*


@Amanda Hehe! I'm SO glad I found it. SO glad. It was actually through a YouTube comment, of all places. I owe whoever commented a BIG HUG. And chocolate. Or something. And thank you! I might need it...

Aw, you can do it! Hey, maybe if you go slow enough we can query together. *snorts* Actually, that's not likely. I wouldn't make you wait THAT long.

@Twin Thank you!! *HUGS*


I am jealous of your perfect writing conditions right now. :P ;)


It *does* sound like a perfect writing day! Good luck with your revisions!

I just finished a short story last night, so I'm really excited about that. Today, I'm going to return to my WIP, which I've had a break from these past two weeks.


@Gracie You should be. ;) Hehe. JK! But it was awesome.

@Matt It WAS! And thank you. :)

Yay for short stories! Way to go!!


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