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50k, Finally!

And, I am done too!!

I want to be clear, though. Technically, I finished my novel before Twin did hers. I just... didn't hit 50k. I got about 47k, so I have been struggling to get that up to 50k for the past few days by beefing up stuff.

Finally I gave up and just wrote two scenes from the possible Book 2 to finish off the last 2k that hated my guts.

I'm so excited to be done. My story is crazy awful (This was me, trying to go through and beef scenes: O_O This is terrible. This is terrible. Oooh, that's not so... nevermind, that's painful too. I wrote this?!), but that's okay, because I still love it. And now that I've spent a month writing it, I get to spend the next few months editing! Oh goodie! Um. Sorta?

Regardless. I'm happy. Plus, I get normality back now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over. I mean, I love my family to death, I truly do, but there many of them. O_o

AND I can knit again! Well. Without feeling guilty that I'm knitting instead of writing. *cough*

I hope you all have as wonderful a day as I'm having! <3

Twin Moment of the Day: We both hate the little (1) that pops up when there are new messages in our gmail inboxes. Though, for me, it's more like, (29). >.>
On my Mind: Singing "I'm done, I'm done, oh yeah, I'm done!" to a little tune in my head.
Listening to: "Take Me As I Am" by Heather Dale
Grateful for: Being DONE. And the peace and quiet that follows the storm that most classify as "family". (I do love them, really!)
Wanting to: Sleep. Forever.
Writing: Nothing. Defiance sits, waiting for editing, at a lovely 48k!

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Wooohooo!! *claps for you* And I'm sure it's not THAT terrible. All things considered, it IS a NaNo novel -- all about quantity, not quality! And also, it's a first draft. So any really painful things are automatically excused.

I'm having the opposite response to Thanksgiving being over. I miss my extended family! Though to be fair, we didn't have QUITE as many over as you did... *coughs*

Loves you!!!


Fair enough.

I miss them now! Now that I'm over relief that I get quiet again. xD But yeah, there were a lot. And it wasn't even ALL my family, just most of immediate family; no extended family. O_o *has big clan*


That's awesome! Well done!!


*cough* I'm expecting a relatively clean version of that MS by Feb 3rd, I believe. Start gettin' nervous. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! XD


@Matt--thanks!! =D

@Amanda--...I haven't forgotten. I'm letting it sit until I finish my library books(aka, 2 weeks). I'll get nervous then. :P But this "relatively clean" stuff? O_o How about "lil bit less crappy"?


Well, 'lil bit less crappy' and 'relatively clean' can mean the same thing, because 'relatively' is relative. XD Just as long as you've gone over it and made it the best you can by yourself, haha. =)


Yes'm. We can do that. We hope. (That is a royal "we")


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