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NaNo Check-In #1

We're on Day 4 of NaNoWriMo '11, and I think it's safe to say, just getting started. Here are updates from the desks of the both of us! Enjoy! And please, do share in the comments how you're doing so far.


So far, so good! Actually, I had a bit of a rough day today. It was all good for the first 3 days -- a kind of honeymoon period because I was still fueled by excitement -- and then I hit my first wall. None of my subplots were interesting enough to carry the story forward successfully. RED ALERT!

Now, I know what you're thinking. NaNo is all about quantity, not quality! Which is true. This ain't quality stuff I'm writing. But I do need a story if I ever want to hit 50k. After an unsuccessful walk with my sister to try to coax my brain into Brilliant Idea Mode, the solution finally came to me whilst I was boiling a pot of water. Figures.

I'm excited to see where this takes me. 


Day 1 was awesome! Day 2...Well, let's just say I kinda sorta didn't get any writing done. Ahem. Day 3 saw me trying––and failing––to catch back up. Today, though, has been wonderful! I've already hit my quota, and I'm well on my way to getting back up to where I'm supposed to be.

And man, I am LOVING my story. I spent a month thinking about the characters for this, and how'd they'd interact, and worldbuilding, so now that I'm actually writing, it's just so... easy. I don't have to think about how things should be, aside from a few almost-uses of modern phrases that just wouldn't fit in a fantasy. Even on the slower scenes, I'm enjoying writing it. I hope it stays like this the whole time!

Happy writing, y'all. :)

5 epic comments:

@ Maggie: boiling water? Why do the moments of clarity always come when we're not looking for them? When we actually sit down at the computer and say "Okay, hit me with it. I'm ready." It's like the characters go into hiding and there's only crickets in your head? Then when you're walking down the cereal aisle, or, in your case, boiling water, BAM there it is.

I think I'm going to go boil a pot of water.

@ Constance: You're off to a really great start! I hope it stays that way for you too. Your positive attitude is infectious. :] I'll smile as I boil water, this should up my chances of having a breakthrough on my story(not a NaNo story).


@Brittany - Thanks! And good luck with your inspiration whilst water-boiling! :D


Hmmm... I could have sworn I already commented on this... *going crazy*

Good luck with the subplot, Maggie!

Constance: I know you've already caught up, so well done!


@Brittany Hah, I know, right?? That's ALWAYS when I get my inspiration! Well, not boiling water specifically... but while doing the mundane tasks. The every day things. *sighs* Thus is the life of a writer, I suppose!

LOL! Have fun boiling. Lemme know if it works as well for you as it did for me. XD

@Matt Thank you!! It's turning out better than I hoped.


@Maggie: I filled a cup with water and put it in the microwave. Then I waited. Nothing happened. I got really desperate and put a teabag in the cup and watched it brew. It didn't work. But I did find something that worked: Christmas music. After two hours of "Jingle Bells," "Rocking around the Christmas tree," and the like, I figured it out. :] It works, so I'm sticking with it.


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