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Major *facepalm* & Writer Sadism

So some of you might have seen this over on Noveltee(n) already, but since it's pretty silent around here because of NaNo, I'm double-posting it. But, first...

I am a terrible person. O_O I have school, 4 exams to take in two months, a song(in Korean) to memorize, and novel to finish writing before the 30th, and guess what I go and do?! I get 8 books from the library.

Plus I can't for the life of me figure out how to make all the fonts in this post the same... O_o Today is not my brightest day, to say the least. [Maggie: Twin to the rescue! *fixes fonts*]

But I'll live. Probably.

Anyway! On to the next bit.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that writers are really just sadists.

Okay, maybe only some. But it is pretty common, when one overhears writers talking about their work, to hear the writer gleefully discussing maiming or emotionally scarring their characters, or killing people off, etc.

But I'm thinking it's not actually the hurting the characters that the writer delights in (okay, maybe a little) but rather what the hurting will lead to. As S.E. Sinkhorn says over on her blog*:

"Try it. Take away something your character loves dearly. Cut away their family. Steal their significant other. Annihilate their best friend. Destroy their freakin' world. Then let them change. Let them grow. Let them become someone with a different outlook on the same past. Let them be stronger for it. And let the story continue."

What doesn't kill your characters  make them stronger. If you kill the character's whole family, they will probably be devastated. If you throw their life in a mud puddle and stomp on it with soccer cleats, they will suffer. But they will get over it, and become better characters. Because that is what people do.

So really, it is a truth not-so-universally acknowledged, that writers love their characters so flipping much that they are willing to put them through the pain that will make them better, stronger people.

*Nooo, I didn't just choose a blog topic that would fit that link because that link is about Doctor Who, why do you ask?

Twin Moment of the Day: Well, it's not really a TM, but I did get "Between Shades of Gray" from the library.
On my Mind: Where is all my time?!
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4 epic comments:

Ahhh, it's true! And you have a point. (Or maybe it's an excuse? :P) I absolutely LOVE putting my characters through the roughest time possible, though I admit to some weakness when it comes to killing off characters I've grown attached to... *shifty eyes*

*coughs* Anyhow. That facepalm pic is pretty epic. And I need one of those time turner's too. Make sure to let me know where you got it when you get one! :P


LOL that's pretty much how I feel about life, as well. GOSH DARN IT, if only we were all full-time writers that could just sit around and WRITE AND READ.

Oooh, which Korean song? And why do you have to memorize it?

I totally agree with this post, especially Steph's post on it. "Sadism," when used properly is a REALLY great way to get out character development. The question is, though, what is "properly"? Hmm..

lol. I killed off my male MC's best friend in the first chapter. I don't even... >_>


*needs time turner* I think you already know my feelings on this subject. *retreats to NaNo/polishing hole.* XD


@Maggie- I like to at least pretend that it's a point, not an excuse. Let me have my delusions.
Yeah, um, I'll let you know JUST as soon as I find one. :P

@Lyla- I WISH. *fantasizes*
"Suddenly" by Kim Bokyung, from the City Hunter OST. And because Twin and I made a deal. I'm learning a Korean song, she's learning a French one.
I chose it cause it's a bit slower. And pretty. Veeeery pretty.
Ah, yes. "Properly". The great question. xD

@Amanda- Indeed. Our conversation is what gave me the idea. I was just waiting till Tuesday so I could use it for Noveltee(n). xD


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