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Hunger Games Trailer!

It's finally here!!

After missing the live version on Good Morning America, I scoured the web until I found it. May I present, the Hunger Games trailer.

March can't come fast enough.

5 epic comments:

I... I just can't decide what makes this so full of awesome, but it is. It. IS. *watches* *again and again and again*


*ditto* Except Gale's face and Peeta's hair. But otherwise—AWESOMENESS. =D


You are a step ahead of me. I just sent you an email with a link to this trailer. HOLY SNAPS!! Every time I watch it, it gets better!! This has made my day. I can't stop smiling...and it kind of hurts.


@Brittany LOL! I found it just minutes after I sent you that last email. I KNOW, RIGHT? Same. Here.


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