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A Request

So, y'all. I need some help. I have a survey I made for English that I need 30 people to take... I would love you forever and shower you with chocolate if you would fill it out. I honestly wouldn't ask if I didn't have to, but the alternative is going up to random strangers on campus... O_O At least I know y'all don't bite––often.

Anyway. It's just a survey about whether people read vs. watch TV, and it's only ten questions...

If you don't want to do it, don't! I won't hate you. If you do, just give one answer to each question in the comments, or email me at

I would REALLY appreciate it. Anything to avoid talking to those weird college students...

I hope you are all having a wonderful November! ^_^

5 epic comments:

I apologize in advance for any craziness in my answers. This is me on less than four hours of sleep (and 5ish for the rest of the days this week).

1.) I ish female. Yes, indeed.
2.) 13-19, yo.
3.) Not sure how to classify, I guess?
5.) Sci Fi/Fantasy is where it's at.
6.) Library.
7.) Nope. Everyone else I know is all about the TV while I don't even have cable, lol.
8.) Nope. I've lived in FL and CA before. Still read more than watch TV.
9.) Availability of genres. If I only have a book on dentistry or something boring like that, I'll prob watch something instead.
10.)Not sure what you mean by "resources," but if "resources" can be, like, more books, the answer is "ABSOLUTELY!"

...I'll go hibernate in my cave, now.


1) Female
3) City
5) Hmmm... romance
6) Library
7) Nope
8) No
9) No
10) Yes

Hope that helps!


1) Female
2) 13-19
3) Small town :'(
4) READ! :D
5) Sci-fi/Fantasy
6) Library.
7) No.
8) No.
9) No.
10) Uh...I pretty much spend the majority of my time reading, so....unlikely.


Thank you guys SO MUCH. I wish I could send you all giant boxes of chocolate... My eternal love will have to do instead. Thank you! :D


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