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Best Quiz Question Ever (& Other Random Things)

"The Visible Spectrum"
Wow. Long title there!

Today I had the Best Quiz Question Ever. I kid you not, it was as follows:

What are the colors of the rainbow?

Yes. It pretty much made my morning. I love colors, and I love getting easy credit for listing them. (Okay, there was a point to it. I promise.)

As for the Other Random Things, first and foremost tomorrow is an Agent Chat! That's clickable to make it easy for you to register and join me there! (Hey, just doing my Write On! duties by letting you know. Plus it's going to be awesome.)

Also, I'm about 4k away from being halfway done with my NaNo novel. And it's only the 10th! Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

I'm still totally eating Taryn's dust.

Last but not least, I HAVE CHOCOLATE. Chocolate chips, for the win! What? Don't you eat chocolate chips straight out of the bag?

(If the answer isn't yes to that, it needs to be! Trust me, it's delish.)

The purpose of this post, aside from simply updating you about the exciting things in my life, is to offer you a picture of a rainbow as an apology, for the lack of blogging lately. I promise, I'll be back to substantial posts-with-points soon. It's been a bit crazy since NaNo started, and somehow blogging got pushed to the bottom of my list!

Heck, I even forgot to post my From The Trenches on Write On!. I'm gonna have to sneak mine in after Taryn's. (So sorry, Authoress!)

Hope you're all enjoying your Thursdays!

Best Part of Today: Chocolate. My mommy loves me!
Currently Craving: PINEAPPLE. (I'm so predictable.)
Music Pick: "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble
I'm Reading: "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater 
WIP: To Save Them (21,658 words)

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RAINBOWS! My niece was was almost named Rainbow. Now it's just Rain... or Rain Dancer? :P

I think I should do something about your pineapple craving. *ponders*


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