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Happy Thanksgiving!

A wee bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Today's all about family, food and thankfulness. Thus, I'm going to post a few things I'm particularly thankful for this year. Even if you don't live in the U.S., feel free to post yours in the comments anyway!

I'm thankful for:

  • My awesome family.
  • My awesome friends.
  • A warm house.
  • The ability to write.
  • Having reached 50k in my NaNo novel.
  • Stories in general.
  • Beautiful sunshine.
  • Being alive.
  • Hot tea.
  • Pumpkin pie.
  • Internet. Yes, even though it's responsible for 99% of the distraction in my life. (Okay, slight exaggeration.)
  • My country.

The list actually goes on and on, but I'll spare you the details.

Your turn!

2 epic comments:

I'm thankful for:
1) Jesus <3
2) My life
3) My family/people who will take me in and let me shower and wash clothes when the running water quits working completely
4) My friends (in RL & on the interwebs)
5) My freedom/country
6) The ability to write/edit XD
7) BOOKS (all my loves!)
8) TEA & COFFEE (more loves!)
9) My wonderful cats =D
10) My relative monetary stability
11) Diversity (for bringing accents into the world and making it an all-around better place)
12) My computer (on which I do everything)
13) The internet (for connecting me to friends, family, and information)
14) My space heater (for making my room the warmest place in the house)
15) All of my winter clothing

'Tis a good, long list. ^_^


I'm thankful for, in no particular order, just as I think of them...

*My family
*All my epic friends
*Finishing my NaNo novel
*All the awesome board games I've played while family's been here
*Actually, creativity in general
*God/Jesus (HECK YES)

The list goes on, but if I wrote them all, I could be here for hours. xD


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