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Describing Yourself

For whatever reason I've been filling out a number of "About Me"s the past few days. It lead me to think about the art (because it really is an art!) of About Me writing. It can be ridiculously hard to write a one-liner about yourself. Or even a whole paragraph.

Maybe that's just me. Maybe it's easy for you. Maybe it's something you never thought about.

For me, it isn't too hard anymore. It was the first time I ever wrote one (for Facebook). I just sat there staring and tweaking and then tweaking some more. Nowadays, I know myself much better, and I've had a some practice. I can quickly give you a mini-411 on me.

Hi. I'm Lizzy*. I like to write, read, dance, take pictures, and play guitar. I'm learning French. I love tea, chocolate and music. Email me sometime!

That took me about a minute to type, and just a second longer to make italic. *smile* Now, I could fuss with it plenty (I'm not just learning French-- I LOVE it!), but the fact remains that I have the skill of quickly filling someone in on myself. If that is a skill. It's something I think we as authors -- and perhaps just as people in general -- should learn how to do. Particularly authors. Especially authors.

So it's your turn. In the comments, trying to take as little time and thought as possible, give me a quick 411. I'm interested to see if you struggle or not. And if it REALLY bugs you, you can tweak it beneath your original. But I want to see the quick 411 first.

Three. Two. One. GO!

*Lizzy isn't my real name. So technically, I lied.

Best Part of Today: The banana smoothie I made.
Currently Craving: A good, long day on the lake. In a motorboat. 
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I'm Reading: "Stravaganza: City of Masks" by Mary Hoffman
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9 epic comments:

I'm Constance! I pretty much just write, read, spin poi, eat chocolate, and drink tea. Sometimes I'm rando––Ooh, look, a new book!

Okay, revising that, I'd add,

I'm Constance. Pretty much, I write, read, spin poi, and learn Korean. If I'm really feeling awesome, I'll eat chocolate or drink tea while doing those. Sometimes I'm rando––Ooh, look, a new book!

Also, I realized I can change my About Me depending on who's going to be reading it. I mean, the basics stay, but I might add something about being Catholic, or take out stuff. Just depends. And I could tinker with that one for AGES. Because there are so many other ways to write it.

But anyway. Not craving pineapple* any more?

*I wrote "rain" before I realized what I was doing. Can you tell what *I* am craving? :P


I'm Matt. Author. Australian.

After that I kinda ran out of things to say. So, thinking about it a bit more:

... okay, I'm not sure what else to write! But if I could put it into words, I'd write something about how I spend too much time studying (it's like an illness), my hobbies, and somehow put it all into a witty and funny sentence. I'm feeling very un-funny this morning, so I may have to come back and try again this afternoon! :)


Hi, my name is Amanda, and I write, play guitar, piano, & the vocal chords, and have three goals in life--becoming a bestselling author, owning my own semi-automatic espresso machine, and chasing a train like a hobo. The end. =)

That took me about five minutes, because I got distracted in the middle and went on Twitter. XD On places like Facebook, I'll mention my religion, but for things like Blogger, I don't want to alienate anyone by shouting it from the rooftops, and I'm pretty sure it comes through in my personality/writing, anyway. Sometimes I'll mention that I hail from Alaska. But other than that, I'm pretty happy with it. ^_^

p.s. It used to take me AGES to write out those About Me things. After four years online, I've gotten a much better handle on it. =)


I like both Matt's and TEO's. They make my heart smile muchly. :D

And just cause I can, I'm changing mine again. Found the one I use for a different website, and I like it better. So there. :P (It's basically the same.)

"Hello, I'm Constance! I write, I read, I spin poi. I'm learning Korean, I teach swim lessons, and I'm taking university classes, even though I'm not 18. Feel free to talk to me. ^^"

@Matt Do it. I did. :P

@Amanda EXACTLY. I don't usually mention my religion on anything but FB. I figure it's one of those things people will learn about me if they want to get to know me, like how I slice people up in my spare ti––I mean, how I love butterflies and puppies and pink unicorns. >.>

Also, it doesn't take me long to write them, though they somehow turn out a leetle bit different every time I write them. I think it's my dormant schizophrenia showing through. O_o
(I spelled that right on the first try. I'm amazing. xD)

Also, entirely-too-talkative-when-I-should-be-sleeping post comments FTW!


My name is Gabbi! I write, read, and sing. A lot. And despite my love for vampires, I don't bite, so it's alright to talk to me sometime :D

I've been writing About Me's since, like, third or fourth grade when Myspace became a huge sensation, so I've got a lot of practice.


Hi, my name's Renée, and I write, edit, sing, play guitar and piano, and daydream. I'm interested in pretty much every creative/academic subject. Oh, and I'm a twin. ^_^

There. Lol, I'm always tempted to put a *Hi Renée* after introducing myself. XD I mentioned my wide range of studies because I was counting them the other day, and there're over fifteen categories. I think I'll turn into a lifetime scholar. O_o And I usually acknowledge being a twin, because people tend to think it's interesting, even if I don't. =D

@Amanda & Constance -- Yes, I leave out religion for those reasons, too, except for on FB. =)


@Constance That's pretty good! :D I like how you left out (forgot?) Korean the first time. *smiles* And at first I thought you meant you wrote "pineapple rain" ... and I was confused. Then I got it. #slowday

@Matt That's kinda sad... Surely there's more to you than those 3 things. I know there is. *grins* But that's why I had you guys try. It can be hard. Especially if you're having an un-funny morning.

@Amanda That was lovely! *grins* I can tell you've practiced. And I don't mention my religion in these things, either, because of what you said. But I will mention it on Facebook or somewhere more personal like that.

@Gabbi That's awesome! It's funny, too! I would like to write a short little thing about me like that, but I feel like there's too much me... and I think I won't do myself justice if I don't mention all the "important bits" ... *sighs* But that was great! :) And I never had a MySpace...

@Renee Yay!! I love the bit about daydreaming. :P And every creative/academic subject... WOW! Is your future bright or what? O_O You could do anything, really. And it IS interesting that you're a twin.


Hi, I'm Authoress! That's totally not my real name. I'm passionate about Renaissance music, whole foods, the piano, and WRITING STORIES. You know that red hat that's become my trademark? I hate it! I hate red things. Unless it's Christmas, which is one of my all-time favorites things.

I have tiny feet and hands and a big mouth.

And I love my husband. :)

(That was off the cuff. I didn't edit at all. I promise! :D)


@Authoress That's awesome!! But then again, what isn't that you do? :P *coughs* And Christmas is basically one of my all-time-favorite things, too. ^^ I should have put that in mine.

Thank you for reading!!


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