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Timed Writing

So, today has been a full day for me. I started by waking up late, and nearly DIED, since today is Midterms Day for two classes. O_O But I made it to both, and I think I did pretty good. Following that up with being almost done with reading an MS someone sent me (not to mention the knitting I shall do tonight), today's a day of Things Getting Done!

Buuuut anyway. Someone should poke me when I start getting sidetracked. *pokes self*

My second midterm was for English, and we had to write a timed essay. It made me think of NaNo (also "timed", for those that have been living under rocks like the guys from that Geico commercial).

What is so magical about timed writing, eh? It's used frequently in our society, for both happy reasons (NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!) and tests (...midterms...). I see where both are coming from; for NaNo, you hope the tight deadline will produce results, despite their probable crappiness. For tests, the prof is hoping a deadline will force you to use your brain, and that such a test will show your level of... something. Okay, so maybe I don't get it in the test case.

Ahem. But what I do get is this: the two different uses of the same method have the same magical non-fail solution! And that is...? Come on, guys, say it with me! Yup. Pre-prep. Doing as much as you can beforehand so you spend less time later staring blankly at the page. What does this involve? Outlining. In fiction's case, world/character/plot building. In essays, thinking your thesis statement and all your arguments through till they're as tough as nails. You do whatever you can to be as ready as possible to start throwing your words on the page, to form thoughts and pictures, when the timer starts.

Can you think of any other instances where you've had to do timed writing? How about what you do to prep for such a task? Hope y'all are having a fantastic fall in your part of the world. ^_^

Twin Moment of the Day: We loves us some Dad time.
On my Mind: The MS I'm reading. I almost missed my midterm because I lost track while reading it. >.>
Listening to: "Suddenly" by Bo-Kyung Kim. Seriously, I have this song on repeat I love it so much.
Grateful for: No more midterms!
Wanting to: Do many things, like knit, read, or go poke a random stranger.
Writing: Selfish [on hold for NaNo prep]

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I suppose teachers give tests time limits so that students can prove that they already have the knowledge, and they can access it at will, not after several days? ...yeah, I don't really know what I'm talking about. I'm a writer, I'm allowed to make stuff up :)

As for timed writing, there's tests, but not a lot of time writing for my actual writing. I guess I have self-imposed deadlines when I have to get the words out before I have to go to class, or go to bed, or [insert something else here].


I love timed writing! Makes me work like crazy--too bad I don't do it very often. I also like having races with my friend, to see who can write the most words in a given time period, say, 10-20 minutes. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. I usually do, though, haha. I'm pretty competitive...*understatement*. XD

And heyyy...that MS you're reading would happen to be my MS, would it...would it? *waits anxiously for your reply & goes back to polishing(& if you're Renée reading this, I went back to cleaning the house, okay? Okay.)*


Oh, and as for timed tests, I mean, teachers have other things they need to do besides giving a test, I bet, lol. As a future middle school English teacher of America, my students are getting a reasonable amount of time to complete the test, and then I'm getting on with my lesson. I don't have time for kids to sit there and agonize over their answers, I have stuff to teach! XD (This also may or may not come from my insider position as the daughter of an elementary school teacher. ^_~*)


@Matt - Yeah, I give myself deadlines, too. I was thinking more of impossible amounts in short times (Like 50,000 in 30 days. xD)

@Teo - Oooh, yeah, love word wars. Didn't even think to mention those! They've been out-of-sight-out-of-mind since André's been gone, and he was always the one to war with me. We should war sometime! :) I would probably lose, but still. :P
And it is. I'm about to start writing you an email about it––which, as you already know, you shan't get till I get one––sometimes between now and bedtime... possibly tomorrow? *has lots of words about it*
Oh, insider info. AWESOME. xD


I prep for timed writing by dreaming about what's going to happen in detail, and then maybe writing a synopsis of sorts—paragraphs of telling what's going to happen, so I can keep my writing directed.

Otherwise, my answer is about the same as Amanda's, only I don't win our races, as I'm not a fast typer, lol. As for timed tests…yeah, I'm a lot slower than her at them, too. I use the majority of the time allowed(& once I didn't finish the last question! O_O), because I'm methodical like that. =D I don't blame timed tests, I just wish I were faster. ^_^

@Amanda — Good. Good Amanda. *pats head*

@Constance — So…you're thinking about the MS…I'M SO EXCITED!!! 8D This gives me motivation to continue with the endless nitpicking—I'm almost done polishing Ch 2. ^_^


@Renée - That's how I used to prep for writing! Random paragraphs of synopsis. :P I like the beat sheet more now––though I still always have a randoms page for when I'm just not sure where to categorize info.

I am! I was REALLY into it at the end, and there was much denial when I got to the last page and couldn't scroll down anymore. *tragified*
Please do! You're wonderful. Nitpick. Do it. Get it done! :D Meanwhilst, I shall go write that emai––actually, I'll go get food, have some family time, THEN write that email. :P


*hugs* FINALLY. A Twin post! *happy*

Well, I'm kinda neither here nor there. As far as school goes, when something is timed it actually helps hold me accountable. If I'm holding myself accountable (i.e. I should finish that english test during the week sometime...) it's MUCH more likely NOT to get done, vs. my biology teacher from class says "This biology test is due next Tuesday!" Then I'll get it done, and happily, because I DO like organization and I DO like to get things done.

Then when it comes to writing, it's kind of a different story. It's easy for me to resent something if I have to finish it 'by a date' when it's creative. It's easy to feel either stressed out because I want it to be good, or to just rush through it and end up with crap. (*cough* NaNo *cough*) The only reason I set deadlines for myself is practice for when I have an agent and all. Deadlines will become quite regular, and I might as well practice now, eh?


Hey, Maggie, it hasn't been THAT long... has it...?

I love your response. It's sort of a twin moment. xD
I never resent deadlines. I really do work better with them. Though I might be all vocal and wish their painful death, really, I loves them. :P


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