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Knitting! 3 in 1

So I've been sitting on some pictures for a while, of the last two knitting projects I finished––some fingerless mitts & a hat, both for two AWESOME people.
I was gonna wait to post the pictures until I'd actually sent off the gifts, but, uh, I haven't yet, and I know I'll forget if I wait any longer. I figured the finishing of my latest project was as good a time as any to share. Now, in order of project, we have... (Maggie, I know you're reading this. Close your eyes for the first two pics so it's still a surprise!)

Maggie's fingerless mitts
...Aren't quite long enough to be arm warmers
Yup. I definitely didn't make them long enough to be arm warmers(which was the original plan). And the cabling was a fail. But they're still pretty and full of LOTS of love. <3<3<3 (Excuse the mushy moment, y'all.)
Project #2 was Taryn's hat.

Too short? Yeah, I thought so too.

I did it twice. The first time it was too short––I didn't compensate for using a thinner yarn than called for. In my defense, it was the only yellow I could find. Taryn specifically wanted yellow. (Strange girl...) The second one is a bit long, but the edge can be folded up, so I was satisfied. I almost don't want to send it to Taryn, despite it being bright yellow. The yarn is UBER soft. <3

And project #3, which I finished all of an hour ago, is a snood and/or a baggy beret. The pattern called for a thicker yarn, but I wanted it to look a little bit more lacy, so I went for a 2 ply (instead of a 10 ply). I 'm really happy with it. ^_^ I have lots of extra yarn; I think I'll make a scarf to go with it.

As a snood.
As a baggy beret.
You can't see it here, but it has sparkly silver woven in the yarn. *sparkles at the sparkles*
Also, as a side note, I think the snood should win an award for the world's weirdest name for an article of clothing/accessory. I mean, really?? Snood? What kind of name is that?!

Oh, and GUYS. I finally thought of a name for my NaNo novel. (Some of you know how that was plaguing me. xD) Thanks for the help, André!

Twin Moment of the Day: I haven't talked to her AT ALL today. ;(
On my Mind: Food!
Listening to: "Gus: The Theater Cat" from Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats musical.
Grateful for: Cooler weather
Wanting to: Go do some character development
Writing: Prepping Defiance for NaNo

11 epic comments:

OMG these are so awesome. :D And you look so pretty. In all the pics. <3 Haha.

...what IS a snood? o_o; *korean brain fails to comprehend*

And YAY FOR FINDING A TITLE FOR YOUR WIP! :D I haven't found a final one for mine yet. So far, the WIP title is Point Blank. Subject to change, yo.

Happy knitting and writing~


Oooh…PRETTIES!!! 8D They make me want to take up knitting—seems like it'd be a relaxing thing to do, like, in a big chair…in front of a fireplace…with a cat on a rug at my feet. Classic. XD And I love the lace look for the beret/snood. Excelente. ^_^


Aw, thanks! *^_^*

A snood is basically a hairnet, but not the uber thin cafeteria type. They've been around for ages; even back in the Renaissance period.
Mine is a little thicker (and that's AFTER I used a thinner yarn so it wouldn't be. O_o) so it looks a little more like a beret. Snoods are... just... longer. Long enough that you can tuck all your hair in. That's the biggest different between it and any other type of hat.
And, lol, I doubt most people know, Korean or not. xD

Point Blank is a good title. :) And yeah, my titles are always subject to change. But I like to HAVE one, you know? I hate referring to my book as "the book" or "the WIP" just cause I have nothing else to call it.

Thanks! You too, on the writing. ^_^

*cringes at blogpost-length comment*


@Renée ^_^ You should. It is relaxing. I don't do it with the cat or rug or fireplace. Instead I have a dog, computer(I like to watch things while I knit) and a carpet. But by golly, I'll get those someday! Stereotypical knitting situations FTW!
Thanks! It could have been more obvious, but this way I can actually get away with it as a beret if I really want to.


LOVES ALL OF THEM. =D Especially the hat, though I really don't understand the bright yellow...I like maroon and the corresponding shades of green. ^_^ And the snood is adorable(especially how it has the lacy-look.). The only definition of "snood" I previously knew of was a game I play on the computer, lol. XD

And...and what about the title I helped you come up with? ='( *teehee*


@Teo Thanks. :) Yeah, neither do I. But I hope it makes Taryn happy. Lol, what kind of computer game was it? xD
Ahem. I respectfully decline it. I like Defiance better. It'll fit on the cover better. :P


So, I know your post is about your knitting, but I love your book shelf on the wall just below the ceiling. That boo shelf = WIN. I've made up my mind that I will have one of them one day!

Great knitting! For the record, I like the yellow colour. It looks nice and sunny!

And congratulations on the title!


@Constance--lol, fair enough. I like Defiance, too. The title itself is compelling, even without knowing the storyline, which, I do. Which, I love, btw. ^_^

Snood? Umm...I shall take a screenshot and send you a picture. So that you may bask in the magnificence of Snood, my former addiction. XD


@Matt - Yes. I LOVE my bookshelves. They are what I love best about the room. :) We actually put that shelf up, too. It was pretty easy!

Thanks. And I'm glad you like the yellow. I don't hate it. I just prefer cold colors more, and of the hot colors, yellow comes in just before some oranges. Basically, just not my favorite. But I can appreciate its cheerfulness. :)

@Teo - Isn't it, though? It fascinates me, and I'm the one that knows the most about the story. xD *sparkles that you like the storyline* Let's hope it turns out as good as it is in my head, yes? :P


Is that what it's called, a snood? I've been calling it a baggy head thingy for years. But then, of course, when I go to the store and ask for a baggy head thingy, no one knows what I'm talking about, so I have to start gesturing with my hands until finally someone say "ooohh!" So thank you for clearing that up for me. :]

All of your knitting projects are so pretty! How long did each one take?


@Brittany - *grins* Yeah. So now you don't have to go in and ask for a baggy head thingy anymore. xD
Um... The gloves took... and the hat took... but the snood only... I dunno! A few days, tops. But I spent hours every day. The snood wasn't that long ago. I'll try to keep track and add that for my next project. :)


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