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Pullover Hoodies

Happy Tuesday!

It's been particularly chilly in my corner of the planet lately (er... does the planet haver corners?) and it's had me thinking about one of my recent obsessions. Maybe obsessions is too strong of a word, but I know for a fact that all I want to be wearing this winter is pullover hoodies.


[Add any photos here of graphic pullovers, generally showing upbeat messages like "LOVE"]

Ahh! HEAVEN! If I could reach my hand into my computer and pull each of those hoodies out, I so would. (Including the imagined graphic pullovers).

I think it's very possible that all I will buy for myself, clothing-wise, this autumn/winter will be pullover hoodies. I also think it's possible that's all I'll wear all winter!

That and winter hats.

And my fingerless mitts.

So. Your turn. Favorite things to wear? Little obsessions/can't-live-withouts?

Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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10 epic comments:

I've never really liked pullover hoodies, because they always make my hair so staticy, but I got one recently that I'm rather fond of. It's a nice bright green, slim, and has two atoms on it that say, "I lost an electron!" "Are you positive?" XD

My favorite things to wear would have to be my vast collection of Indian-style (and otherwise) scarves, peacoats, and dark blue jeans. I also love button-up shirts with rolled sleeves, anything from plaid to floral...and my guy's T-shirts. And vans and converse and flats. I pretty much do casual and semi-formal with little in-between. =D


Haha! That's funny, in a nerdy sorta way. XD I don't like wearing button-ups, because they aren't ME, but I do appreciate them! *nods*

Converse are the ultimate shoe. *coughs* I kinda adore them. And jeans are definitely my pants of choice. *nods*


I love my guy T-shirts! I have an awesome Captain America one that I wore to the movie premiere. =D But basically what Renee' said--scarves, peacoats, dark blue jeans, button-up shirts(plaid, floral, ect.), Converse, and flats. Actually, I have one pair of shoes with an inch heel that I absolutely adore*, and I'd prefer all my shoes to have a 1-2 inch heel, but I never see shoes like that when I go looking. =/

*After I typed up my comment, I noticed you said 'adore' for Converse, so I thought to change mine to 'love', but 'adore' is the perfect I left it. ^_^


@Amanda T-shirts rock! I have a hunger games t-shirt that I'm all ready to wear to the HG premiere! *sooo pumped*

I love how you guys say just about the same thing. :D And scarves are fun! I forgot to say something to Renee's comment.

Hah! Adore is perfect. It describes my feelings.


I love pull-over hoodies. :D TM.

Otherwise, I like jackets in general. Jeans are my pants of choice... I mostly wear flip-flops, but if I had a pair of boots, I'd wear and love them. Oh, and I love scarves. And some hats.


I must say... I hope you are wearing pants along with those pull-over hoodies. XD

My default outfit is jeans, t-shirts, etc. But I have newly discovered earrings. Dangly earrings. Wings, and keys, and all kinds of dangly earrings. *-*


OOH! Dangly earrings. DEFINITELY. ^_^


Um, YES. Usually jeans. But pants all the same. XD

Ooooh! Totally. I LOVE earrings. Especially hoops. I have a hoops addiction. But dangly are the best!


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