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Love _____

I realized it's been 7-Twin posts since I actually did something around here... *cough*

First, I have realized I love world building. It's so much fun! Creating a world, having people poke it till it slumps, and re-inflating it to awesomeness (I'd say perfection, but that could come back to bite me). Sooo much FUN.

But anyway. Aside from an excited frenzy of NaNo prep (which Twin totally already covered, but, still. Who's excited??), let's get down to the meat.

I just read two very interesting blog posts about love triangles and love "teeter-totters". First thing that came to mind––after appreciating the brilliance of both posts––was how there was one scenario missing: the love lines.

                                                                   <3's                  <3's
Greg ––––––> Sally ––––––> Carl

This is a painfully familiar situation, actually. You have Sally, the MC, and Greg, her best friend/other guy she's not interested in Like That, and Carl, the true love interest. Sometimes the author will spice it up by throwing in a lil bit of doubting on Sally's side over Greg––"Maybe I do love him...?"––that makes it seem like a love triangle. But really, they are just friends/acquaintances, and always will be––in Sally's mind (Greg's a different story).

And then there are love circles, which you NEVER see. 

                                                                            v–––Carl <–––^
                                                                     Tammie   O  Sally
                                                                          v–––> Greg––^

(Excuse how bad that diagram is. O_o)

I have to say, if I saw this in a book, I'd buy the book purely because I would be tickled. Seriously. That much unrequited love? Ah, angst FTW!

Anyway. Have any other love shapes you know of you'd like to share? I'd love to be enlightened. ^_^ And have a FANTASTIC Saturday.

Twin Moment of the Day: Uh... we're both getting ready for NaNo?
On my Mind: NANO!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Listening to: "Lucky Me" by Chris Brown
Grateful for: Sleep-in Saturdays
Wanting to: Get back to plotting/world building
Writing: Selfish [on hold for NaNo prep]

From my fill-out, can you tell what's taken over MY life? :P

5 epic comments:

Ahh! So true. I especially love: boy --> girl --> boy (that's my scenario in Blink, actually). Or vice versa. Girl --> boy --> girl, which is even sadder to me, because I can relate to being girl <3 boy who <3 some other girl. It's lame. :P

Anyway. Love circles feel like too much. I'd like to see one well done, but it wouldn't make or break a book-buying decision. ^^

And Lucky Me's an awesome song.


I actually drew up a diagram a couple weeks ago, to see how many love situations I had. Most of them are lines--I think there's only one triangle, because true triangles, with truly equal choices, are rather rare, in real life. And even that triangle is kind of messy around the edges. Kind of like love! =P Thinking about it...might actually be a weird, half triangle, half teeter-totter. They're both equally suited, but she only likes one for the majority of the time. But she does choose who's better for her in the end. Wait! There's two teeter-totter/triangle things! This is getting complicated... O_o

lol, I would have a love circle, but there's one link missing that just makes it an extra long line. =/ I want one now, just for the sake of having one, but it's not to be. =P In the end, I think a love circle might stretch disbelief just a little too much for me, haha.


Lol, I think I've only ever seen love circles in soap operas. =D (Not that I...not that I watch any....) If I'm remembering correctly, all the love I've planned is straightforward. Maybe I should work on that. In the meantime, I think Amanda has more than enough complexity for the both of us.

Me: So, Amanda, I'm confused--what would you classify Character X's situation as?
Amanda: X is an octopus.


I love that all three of you shot down my circle idea. xD *tempted to do it just to be contrary, despite high unbelievability factor*

@Twin Yeah, I know, right? I can totally relate too. Whoa is our life. ;P

@Teo Wow, lol. xD *goes to read more to see these in action*

@Renée Seriously. You need a nickname.
Nooo, of COURSE you don't watch any. (You're secret is safe with me...)
*cracks up* Ah, we love Amanda. :D


@Constance--Yay! lol, I'm starting to worry about my writing's compelling-ness, since it takes a promise of love triangles for you to read more. ^_~*

And also--reading this blog post got me thinking about unrequited love, in addition to a situation Renee' & I had with this one boy(he liked both of us alternately, but we both had him very firmly friend-zoned...), and I came up with a short story that made me cry. Well, tear up. Renee' teared up, too! And I wrote it, so it's pretty crazy that I got that emotional! I'm not even PMSing, I don't know what's happening to me! O_O

p.s. If you would like to read what you partially inspired, it's posted here:


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