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Fall Break

Happy Monday!!

This week is one of the beautiful things in a high school -- or really any -- student's life: fall break.

While you might think I'd be utilizing every free minute to write, I'm currently on break. Yep, I'm not writing. If you don't already know, I'm doing this for two simple reasons:

  1. Total burnout. (Whilst revising Blink, this happened.)
  2. NaNo is next month. Ever heard of "conserving energy"?


So I'm using my fall break to just chill. And so far it's been great.

Your turn! What's up this week? When's your fall break? Or are you already out of school/college? (You lucky thing, you!)

That's the end of my mini-update. And I totally posted this without adding my fill-out. Sorry if you receive TM via email! I'm afraid you had only 3/4 of the post. :P

Best Part of Today: Erm... fall break?
Currently Craving: Pineapple.
Music Pick: "Skydive" by Jason Reeves
I'm Reading: "David Copperfield" by Charles Dickens 
WIP: Fire [on hold!] (11,261 words) + Planning/plotting/developing To Save Them (a.k.a NaNo Novel)

9 epic comments:

Fall break? I've never heard of that O.O No schools anywhere around me have a fall break, like we get off for Thanksgiving but that's it until Christmas. Lucky you!


Really?? That just sucks! :( It must be regional. *shrug* I've just taken it for granted.


Heh, I wonder if I get fall break here at SFA.... *doesn't think so*

Heck, I'm not even sure what the Thanksgiving break is like. O_o


@Maggie maybe *starts looking into states that will give me a fall break* *applies to colleges there*

@Constance Because you don't get any school breaks :( (that took me a second to remember haha) Come to Ohio! I can promise you a Thanksgiving break filled with yummy food :)


Haha, yeah, no fall break here, just four days for Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, and one week for Spring. Our school district's pretty stingy with their breaks. =P This week I plan to finish polishing the first half of Amanda's book-thing. I just went over all my editing articles to refresh them in my mind, and's turning out to be more work than expected. The first couple pages got over-edited in certain aspects, so I wasn't feeling the character. I'm sure it'll get better as I go, though(that's how it usually happens). =)


Maggie! Haha, my fall break starts this Thusday and lasts until next Tuesday. Our district used to have a whole week of fall break (back when I was in middle school) but they randomly changed it one year because apparently we Texans were slackers that needed more days in school. >_>

Yay for relaxing! You totally deserve it. Have fun~


@Renee Wow. I'm starting to feel spoiled! XD Good luck with that!! *hugs*

@Lyla LYLA! :D I'm confused... changed one week to one year? O_o But by the facial expression, I'm guessing it's not a good change. And I'm sorry.

Thank you! :) I think I will.


I had my break in September (I suppose you could call it the Spring break), and my next break isn't until Christmas (usually mid December, but b/c I'm in university, it starts at the end of November!).

No fall break = only three holidays? Harsh.

Have a good fall break!


I've never even heard of a "fall break." What is this, "fall break?!?" ='( Anyway, I'm out of school, so it doesn't really matter. I just feel cheated of those days I could've had free when I still attended public school.

What's up this week? Polishing. Well, yesterday, Renee' was still(*cough* IS still) on the first chapter for polishing, so I ended up finishing Son of Neptune, drawing a world map, drawing a sweet recurve bow, and drawing a country map. I'm finishing up the country map today--it looks pretty good, so far. ^_^


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