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Rock On! (a.k.a Childhood Dreams)

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a rockstar when I grew up.

Okay, I actually wanted to be a lot of things. A dancer, a mommy, an actress, a writer. But there was a specific season of my life where I was dead serious about it: I wanted to be a rock star! I wanted to play a pink electric guitar (that changed a little later to electric blue, after I saw one in a music store) and I wanted to sing and-- well, rock out! It appealed to me somehow.

Now, "all grown up" as I am, I still love rock music. I play the guitar. (Er, well, I have a guitar!) If I had the time one day I'd still very much love to learn to play (and own) a blue electric guitar! But I don't still want to be an all out rockstar.

I think it's part of being a kid; having dreams and aspirations. We've all had them. Some of them came in seasons, and faded as we matured and changed. (Actress? No thanks!) Some of them stayed steadfast, and are still in place today as goals. (Writer? Dancer? Mommy? Count me in!) And some of them faded into the background, yet still exist, living on in our hearts until one day we pick them up again. Or, at least, I hope we pick them up again.

My question to you today -- I'm dying to know! -- what were your childhood dreams? What did you want to be when you grew up? What are your dreams today compared to then? And which dreams have you fulfilled and which are yet to be fulfilled?

Hope you're all having an awesome Thursday!

I am. Today was my last chem class until after fall break. Wooohooo!

Best Part of Today: The gentle rain. (Or the amazing cookie from my chem teacher... She's the best!)
Currently Craving: Hot chocolate!!!
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Love OneRepublic! I shared the rockstar dream. I actually still want to have a little music career--I bought a nice acoustic electric guitar a year & a half ago to do worship at my church, which I'm currently doing. I eventually want to do an indie kind of thing, recording songs I've written, as well as covers, and putting them on little albums on iTunes(with Renee', o' course. You can't really sing the harmony when the melody isn't there...). Shall do that in college, when I'll have access to recording equipment(my college has a music recording major ^_^).

Also, I always wanted to be a teacher--even in preschool, I'd set stuffed animals and my cats up in front of our blackboard(we had one in the hallway to draw on), and I'd teach them the alphabet and simple math. And I'm planning on being a middle school English teacher. =)

The only dream I don't know how I'm going to realize is wanting to be in a musical/acting. I've never had the chance to be in a drama type thing, outside of elementary school plays. I can even sing Broadway style, and I just want to do it once! But I don't think my college has musicals... =/ Lastly, I always wanted to make videos, like my dad, but the dream was always just for recreation purposes, which now would mean uploading on youtube. =) I guess the only goal I have that I actually want to be known for is writing! I'm quite happy to be an indie in everything else. ^_^


I've been trying to cut down on my comment length. I obviously failed this time. You know you missed my novella comments.... ^_~*

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I was on the rock star boat as well. Only, I knew I failed at the guitar so I wanted to be the lead singer.

But besides that, I wanted to (of course) be a writer and I still do. Since I'm too lazy to repeat what I already said before, I'm going to post my link to my RTW post because it kinda goes with the whole childhood dream thing:


@Amanda That's truly awesome!! I'll buy your music when you have it on iTunes. :D

Ah! I forgot! I used to want to be a teacher too! But that faded as I got older. :\ I still want to *teach*, just not school. I want to teach ballet. <3

I also used to want to make movies-- professionally. But then it just became a matter of what was MOST important to me, and that got bumped to the bottom. I still love videography, and movie making and movies in general, but it's just not one of my big pursuits. What kind of films does your dad do?

LOL!!! I don't mind. I asked, and you gave a great answer! :P And now I'm just writing you a novella back.

@Lyla Really?? Haha, that's awesome! I couldn't decide between lead singer and guitarist, because they were both awesome, and so I figured I could do both. *giggles* But really, NOW, I think I'd be happier just playing the guitar in the background.

*clicks link*


I wanted to be a teacher :) At one point I remember wanting to be a vet but that faded the minute I realized you have to do more than just hold and play with the furry little animals. I still want to be a teacher though I'm either going to be an intervention specialist or an English teacher *hasn't decided* And I always wrote and loved writing and wanted to be an author around the time I realized that it was actually a job.


@Sarah LOL!!! I know. I learned pretty quickly that being a vet wasn't all holding and playing with furry little animals, because we had a cat, and she had an operation. I think we got her fixed? I don't really remember. I was younger. But it was really sad when she came home with a shaved spot in her fur and a big scar. :(

Yay for teachers!! :D You'll make a great teacher.

Hehehe. YES! Isn't it awesome how you can tell stories for a living?? :D


My answer is very similar to Amanda's--what did you expect? XP Only, my dream of being a teacher died(I only ever wanted to be a teacher because my mom's a teacher and I love learning). Lol, I remember teaching the stuffed animals, and the cats when they would hold still. We never got far beyond the alphabet--it turned into play-acting a story when we discovered our students had troubles of their own. ^_^

Oh, and I once had a burning desire to be a jockey, because I'm small and the few times I rode were fun, but I grew out of it real quick when I realized how unsustainable and dangerous that would be.

I also shared in the rockstar dream, and have accepted my indie fate with Amanda. =P In our band plans, I would play the bass, Amanda the guitar, and our friend Becky the keyboard, but it never worked out that way--I still don't know how to play the bass, and I'm working on electric guitar and keyboard right now. C'est la vie. =)

The sustained aspirations: I've always wanted to be a storyteller, and I've always wanted to act--musicals, plays, movies, whatever. I have a pretty good memory for lines. If not live-action, then I still really want to be a voice actress at least once. I have a lot of voices/accents/randomness. ("I do voices." - Robin Williams, Mrs. Doubtfire XD)

Our dad does freelance cinematography/videography/photography for people who want to hire him--anything from the news, to the Iditarod, to movies. He worked on both movies that've been shot up here recently. (The bad and the good, LOL.)

And…that is the end of my novella concerning childhood dreams and parental vocations. Toodle-oo. ^_~*


Wait, there's MORE. O_O I forgot about editing, my current aspiration that I've had for four years now. (How in the world did I forget about that? It's in my title! Well, I did. Anyway.) I also forgot that I held onto being a mechanical engineer for about five months before I realized my want to learn how things work and fix them was just my love of learning and my internal editor yelling at me to let it out. (And…that was a major run-on sentence without any commas--I challenge you to read it all in one breath. XD) Heh. ^_^ Let's just say I'm an indecisive person.

And THAT is the end of my novella. Cheerio. (<--had to use a different send-off to avoid repetitiveness.) (Hmm…just realized I've used a lot of parentheses in recent memory.) (Maybe it's because I'm suddenly hyper for no reason.) (Maybe it's because I'm going insane.) Okay, bye. <3 ^_^


@Renee Woah! Awesomeness!

A jockey? Really?? That's so random! :D I love horses.

Wow! I'm seeing a theme here. What is it about rockstars? You and Amanda have potential! And it's just a bonus that you happen to be twins. XD

LOL! I JUST watched Mrs. Doubtfire recently-- that's weird timing! XD People who "do voices" are so talented. It seems like such a fun job!

That's awesome! I love movie people. Of all sorts. People who film, direct, act, and do grunt work. I basically love movie making, and movie sets, and the excitement of it all. I love movies. *sighs*


@Maggie--What Renée said, lol(she beat me on the novella thing. O_O). He does all parts of film-making besides acting. Lights, sound, ect., as well as photography. Oh, and I also do voices--forgot about my voice-acting dream! haha. I think that would be INCREDIBLY FUN. I feel like I could do several different characters, and no one would know any of them were me, because they're so diverse. XD

Also. LOVE MRS. DOUBTFIRE. One of my all-time favorite movies. ^_^


I wanted to be a vet until I realized it required being in the vicinity of blood. Failing that, I wanted to be a Texas Ranger––one that lives out in the forest (my hermit tendencies are not new) or live on a completely self-sustained farm with lots of goats and cockatiels. xD Writing/story-telling didn't enter the picture until I realized that boks didn't appear out of thin air at the age of 13. :P

And, since my sisters have been on stage frequently, I always wanted to do that, too. I still do, sorta. If I can get over the fear. O_o

Funnily enough, I never wanted to be a rockstar. Heck, I didn't realize music existed until I was 13(I think 13 was a very enlightening age for me...), and it took me another year after that to learn of anything besides country––in my defense, I was just listening to what was available.

But now I just want to write and teach English overseas. I hope these aspirations stick. :)


@Constance Hehehe, I love the vet theme! XD Texas Ranger-- woohoo! That actually sounds kinda fun. Minus the hermit part. XD

You will yet. I'll help you get over the fear, and then you'll simply SHINE on stage! :)

Yikes! 13 WAS an enlightening age for you! O_O I'm so glad you discovered music. Life isn't quite life without music. (*cough* Mine isn't, at least...)

I hope that aspiration sticks too. It's an awesome one! <3


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